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Meet In Love Friday 1st July 2022 Zee World updates

Written by TALIBAN

On Meet In Love 1st July 2022: Meet In Love 1 July 2022, Meet and Maat Ahlawat arrive at Meet’s house. Robin ask Kunal how’s you and did you got married to that rich girl, with whom you came to party. Kunal says she was fraud, she took everything from me, I don’t wanna take help from dad that’s why I can to you for help and see Meet and Meet Ahlawat. Everyone welcomes them. Kunal thinks this goon is Ahlawat’s family daughter in law how much lie you say Manushi, she said she is drivers daughter and above that Meet Ahlawat’s wife and they are going to Manushi’s house its better to run. Old lady ask to stop. Meet ask what happen tae and calls a boy and ask him to shoot a reel, even neighbour come and everyone start dancing. Robin search for Kunal.
Tae says stop and ask is the reel done and tease Meet Ahlawat from standing far from Meet and ask hiw do you feel after getting married. Meet whisper to Meet Ahlawat says don’t be rude okay. Meet Ahlawat says earlier I was having normal lufe but now its all rollercoaster. Tas says it means you are having fun, says our Meet is so lovely. Meet Ahlawat sees Robin and thinks I saw Manushi first time in his party he might know something about Manushi. Robin says lets go and meet Meet Ahlawat. Meet says where did he went, might be with his friend.

Robin ask Meet Ahlawat what happen to your hand. Meet Ahlawat says nothing its normal and ask do you remember one party where me and Deep were together in farmhouse and there a girl sang song in game, wait I’ll show you photo. Robin while catching phone slips feom his hand but catches it and photo changes, Robin says I give lot’s of party many people come and go but I don’t remember her, sorry. Ram Lakhan walks in to bring Meet Ahlawat says everyone is waiting for you. Robin says go everyone is waiting for you.

Manushi take her luggage and run to her room, says I’ll not go from here its my room. Anubha says to Amma try to understand they are out and I already broke the promise given to Babita because of you, I’m asking for 3-4 days to go from here. Manushi says I’ll not go. Anubha says you shut up and beg Amma ask her to leave. Amma says why would my daughter will live in pain for 2-3days. Meet shouts Mummy. Amma says oh god she is here. Anubha pray to god and says okay live here but she will live in store room. Manushi says am I rat or what I said I’ll live in this room.

Kunal says there is not time to run. Meet get in and call Amma and Anubha and ask Meet Ahlawat to wait here I’ll look for them. Kunal says I’m sorry I heard you I understood what you are try to say, I’ll explain her and ask Manushi to come with me. Manushi come out with him and says what is this. Kunal says your sister is outside and if she see me she will your family that I’m not Parth I’m Kunal it will be mess try to understand and follow what your mom says. Meet calls Anubha and Amma and goes upstairs. Kunal ask Manushi to go with him and they all go to store room.

Amma says what are you doing it this right to leave alone our Manushi with him. Anubha says I also don’t feel good but what we can do, we don’t have different room to hid them. Amma says I have faith in her Manushi will handle and they both go out. Meet come to Anubha and says why are you locking store room. Anubha says because of money he is troubling from many days. Meet says wait I’ll make him run away and get inside store room. Meet walks in and ask hat is this, wheat sack is torned. Anubha says monkey might have done it. Meet says wait I’ll fix it. Amma says wait come son in law is calling us. Meet says wait I’ll fix or they will fall and fix that temporary. Meet hugs Anubha and Amma. Anubha says come let’s go down he is waiting. Meet locks door. Manushi cribs.

Anubha do pooja if Meet and Meet Ahlawat and give her blessings. Anubha says why did you bring gift. Meet says chachiji gave it with love, I was unable to deny her. Manushi looks from window says that’s a costly necklace and falls. Kunal catches her and ask what happen. Manushi says that was very expensive necklace atleast 10 lakh. Kunal look at her necklace. Manushi push him down and mocks Meet says I’m just waiting for the day when I’ll go to my new house because I’m damn sure my in-laws house will be 1000 times more rice then Ahlawat’s and jump to Kunal. Kunal says yes.

Amma ask them to come inside. Meet ask Anubha how’s everything. Anubha says everything is fine and how’s everything in your in-laws house. Amma says son in law must be tiered go we have made your room go and relax. Meet try to take luggage from stairs. Meet Ahlawat take luggage for her upstairs. Anubha says how much he care for Meet she is lucky. Amma says rudely go make tea. Meet see lock on store room. Meet Ahlawat says what happen. Meet says you go I’ll come and start fixing wire of wall lamp. Manushi ask Kunal did you see my phone. Kunal says it might be with you. Manushi says I left my phone in my room and desk and ask Kunal to bring her phone because Meet Ahlawat knows me, but he doesn’t know you please bring my phone. Meet Ahlawat says if I get any information about Manushi it will be easy for me to find her and start searching says this might me Meet’s corner and this one look colorful this might be Manushi’s corner.

Manushi’s phone start ringing Meet Ahlawat walks toward phone but Anubha takes it. Meet says no one was in room so thought of picking it. Anubha says no worries, tgere is so much of work in house I forgot where I kept and was looking for it elsewhere, I want to say something to you, I was afraid on the situation but after seeing you taking her care it felt good and join her hands in front of him. Meet Ahlawat says please don’t joib your hand like this. Meet walks in with tea. Anubha says bring tea inside I’ll go and cook food. Meet says to Meet Ahlawat I know you are new here and don’t want you to get bore but I have to go on my job fir r houryas our delivery staff is low and above that I have joined new or else they will ask me to leave, but I promise you, you won’t face any problem. Meet Ahlawat says go, who stopped you from doing your work. Meet says sure you don’t have any problem. Meet Ahlawat says yes sure I don’t have any problem. Meet give him biscuit to eat, Meet Ahlawat takes from her and says I’ll take and think its right time she will go on job and I can search for Manushi.

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