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Meet In Love Friday 17th June 2022 Zee World updates

Written by TALIBAN

On Meet In Love Friday 17th June 2022: Meet In Love Friday 17 June 2022, Meet walks out of house. Chav says finally Meet is in yrap. Masum says she is standing near trap, mom yold her not to go on jib but still she went now I’ll trap her and calls Babita says you were saying you want yo donate something in NGO with brother so I called everyone, you also come fast. Babita says you did this good and listen as Meet to be presentable and take care of guests. Masum says call dad too it will be good if whole family is here. Babita says okay I’ll let him know and ask her driver to take hime. Masum says now she is in trap and today will be her last day in Ahlawat house.

Babita greets Devika and says I’m sorry for getting late and ask Masum what about thete hospitality. Masum says don’t worry. Meet Ahlawat walks in. Babita says to Meet Ahlawat she is Devika and her NGO helps women in need and Devikaji he is Meet Ahlawat. Devikaji says so because of his marriage you are giving donation and ask where is your daughter in law. Babita says she might preparing for snacks and asks Meet Ahlawat to sign check. Meet Ahlawat says okay and ask servent to bring check. Babita gets call and says its urgent I need to answer it. Chavi give signal to Masum to come inside. Masum give her signals to not to come and go back and bring snacks. Chavi keeps snacks and Devikaji congratulate Chavi and says here is gift for you and ask Masum to take a picture. Meet Ahlawat says yo Devika its a misunderstanding she is not my wife she is Chavi Masum’s sister in law. Devikaji says I’m sorry. Babita disconnect her cal and says to Masum I asked you to appoint Meet for hospitality why did you ask Chavi. Masum says I looked for her but couldn’t find so asked Chavi for hospitality as it is also important.

Raj walks in and greets Devika how’s you. Devikaji greets him back and congratulate him for his son marriage. Raj says did you meet our daughter in law she is such a good child and ask Masum to call Meet. Devikaji says but your son name is Meet. Raj says our daughter in law name is also Meet. Raj ask Masum to call Meet. Masum gets up and think everything us going according to plan now I have to go to her room and creat mess that Meet is not in her room.
Ragini walks down the stairs. Babita says Masum come here Ragini will call Meet and ask her to call her down. Masum walks back thinking whoever go to call Meet, but news will come down that Ahlawat’s family daughter in law is not here.

Meet says to Ram Lakhan you two are big ustaad and came here to meet me. Ram Lakhan says we were missing you so came to meet and we were told by Amma that you are now wife cannot come out of house and have to listen everything but I don’t understand how did they listen you. Meet says today I came without telling them don’t know was it right or wrong. Lakhan says I didn’t understand anything. Ram says I don’t understand why you have to listen to someone else, we should do what we love. Meet says when yoi have to take everyone with you ,you have to listen but sometimes you have to listen to yourself.

Ragini searching for Meet says she is not in washroom. Sunaina walks in and ask did you find her Babita is asking for her again. Ragini says give me your phone and calls her says she is not answering her call don’t know where she is, is she out of house. Sunaina says is Babita learn about this then she will make fuss out of it. Ragini says I know Sunaina.

Meet in market takes package from someone and goes.

Everyone in hall looking for Meet. Devikaji says I’m getting late so I’m leaving will meet your daughter in law some other day. Raj says wait she will here in no time and ask Babita to bring her. Babita says why me, my guest are here, if I’ll go to call her only then she will that much ego. Meet Ahlawat says what I’ll bring her. Devikaji says please try to understand I’m getting late sorry and leave. Masum says this is too much guest came to our house and was waiting for her to meet but now what kind of impression she must have gone, that Ahlawat’s family daughter in law have ao much ego that she didn’t came to meet, she will now talk to people and disrespect Ahlawat’s famil. Babita says this girl don’t have any right to insult us in front of everyone, now can’t we deserve a small greet from her side to iur guest, don’t know what ego she have and says to Raj is this your responsible daughter in law. Raj says right now we don’t know her reason to not to come down there could be chance that she is not well, Ragini has gone to look her she will come and let us know, see Ragini is here and ask what happen. Ragini says Meet is not in house. Babita not in house then where she is. Ragini says I called her but she didn’t pick. Sunaina says I’ll look for her outside. Masum says there are possibilities that she might have gone to her house without telling anyone. Raj ask Meet Ahlawat to call her house and says don’t ask directly there are chances she might be not there and Anubha gets in tension. Babita says can’t you see we are in tension. Meet Ahlawat says mom please and call Anubha.

Anubha greets Meet Ahlawat and ask about her daughter how is she. Meet Ahlawat says everything is okay and fine just call to know how are you and guest are in house will call you back later. Anubha hungs up phone and gets suspicious.
Raj says Meet is responsible girl she cannot do like this. Babita says how much you know about her. Masum says if she is not here there where is she, does she went out to follow her passion, her delivery job. Babita says I told her not to do that job but still she went. Raj says Meet cannot do this. Chavi says sorry to Raj and says while I was practicing her she got call and she became upset after that call.

Manushi come with shopping bag and says I’m so happy after doing this much shopping. Kunal says nice I think so yoi got your credit card but you were saying that your credit card is at home. Manushi says yes it’s at home I did all this shopping from hotels shopping centre and they were saying they will add this in room bill. Kunal gets shocked and thinks she has raised bar of hotel bill but no worries I’ll pay from Meet’s credit card.

Sunaina come Ragini asks where is Meet. Sunaina says I asked guard he told me when Babita left after 20 minutes Meet also went outside. Masum says what after mom left she also left in 20 minutes and says Babita its clear she was waiting for you to leave so that she can resume her delivery job. Babita says to Raj what did you said that she is diamond, today she did a thing for which I strictly said no to her, today she took a step not for doing job but to ditch us, sorry Raj you lost in testing her and ruined my son’s life. Masum says Meet Ahlawat was shouting and saying she is not right girl but dad didn’t listen him. Raj shouts at Masum and says I’m talking yo your mom. Meet Ahlawat walks away. Chavi says wait I’ll look after him. Raj says my gut feeling is still saying is we say no to any work she will not do I know she has different perspective of doing work but if we drew a line she will never cross it. Masum says I don’t understand why you trust her a lot she went to do delivery. Meet come and says I’m here with a bag and package in hand. Babita walks to her and says ask her where did she went and tell her we already knew she didn’t went to her house so there is no room for lie. Raj says I cannot ask her any questions because I still trust her.

Babita says but I need to ask after saying no why did she went on her delivery job, she proved that she still belong to her house not Ahlawat’s family and she have nothing to do with Ahlawat’s house reputation and if a person will disrespect this then I don’t have any space for that person in this house. Meet says but I didn’t disrespected you. Masum says first you disrespected her and now giving emotional speech, we all knew you went on your delivery you are a lier. Duggu walks in with bandagyon his head and says Ustaad Mami is not lier. Everyone in shock and ask what happen to him and everyone ask what happen yo him. Meet says he fall down during recess teacher called Masum dee too but she didn’t picked so teacher called on landline nobody was there so I picked up phone and went school to bring him. Babita says you managed everything rightly went to school took him to doctor, atleast have called us or drop a message. Meet says I’m sorry but I was in hurry so told Mani Kaka and left. Raj ask where is Mani Kaka.

Mani Kaka says I’m here and says to Masum thank god I reach in time I went far away to bring ingredients for your salad. Raj says Meet told you something but what you did. Kaka says yes sir she told that Duggu Kaka got hurt in school so she is going there and nobody was there in house and I went to bring. Masum says okay noe you can go. Raj says to Masum and Babita do you want to say something about this is there any confusion. Meet says this is true that I need to work to support my house but I won’t do anything without your consent.

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