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On Married Again 9th June 2022: Married Again 9 June 2022

Scene 1:
Location: Yash’s house
Yash gives the divorce papers with the pen to arti. She takes it from him, having made up her mind, and is about to sign the papers when shobha snatches the papers saying that how can they decide to leave each other when they cant live for a second without each other. She says that she understands their pain, but they shouldnt be scared and feel lost and give up on finding ansh or their relationship as they are trying their level best to find ansh. She says that this remarriage tied two families togther and not only with the children be tortured without arti, but they will too. Yash says that he knows that they wont be able to live and he also knows about the sacrifice that they have done in the form of their son and by signing he has insulted her motherly affection and sacrifice and apologizes to the dubeys. He says that just like they care for arti’s happiness, they care for ansh and his condition and safety. And to save ansh, if they have to take this step, he says, then they are ready for it and want their permission. shobha says that sjhe cant and assk dubeyji to explain to them. But dubeyji too is in their favour saying that they had 24 hours and were unable to find ansh and that this is the best possible solution before the kidnapper does something to ansh. arti runs up to shobha and snatching the papers, she signs them and gives them to yash. she leaves with the dubeys in tow.

Suraj asks akash to keep the briefcase in car. As akash starts limping, suraj asks if he is hurt. When akash says no, suraj says that he should come along with him, since he has to go on an important meeting and he should drive him there. As they go off, yash stops them and finds a trail of blood from akash’s left leg. Akash is terrified to see yash. While yash approaches suraj, he says that he knows suraj had tried everything within his reach and is still trying but he wants one more favour from him, and tells him that he and arti have signed the divorce papers. He asks suraj to find a girl to marry yash off after leaving arti. All this while, akash wipes off the blood trail with his feet. Gayatri reprimands yash for doing such an insensible step as he isnt thinking about the daughters who have learned to think of arti as their mother and will he be able to find arti like motherly love from anyone else. But buaji says that the girls will adapt to the new wife just like they did to arti, and they would be rid of this daily drama once and for all. She says that she has a girl in mind who will suit the bill and the girls and gayatri herself will be very happy to get her as a daughter in law. Arti too comes in the room. Yash says that he finds it very good that buaji thinks about the family’s well being so much. But he would never be able to forget arti and even the kids wont be able to forget their mother, arti, and the only reason that he’s terminating his relationship with arti is for ansh’s safety. Buaji asks if she should get the girl to meet them. Yash says that he doesnt need to see the girl, and that they should fix the marriage for tomorrow. As buaji is surprised at this proposal, suraj, unable to take it anymore, leaves. Yash too comes to arti, but doesnt say anything and leaves, with gayatri calling him from behind all the while. Arti is very sad at all this.

Yash and arti are sitting outside upset, unable to even talk to each other. Arti faces yash, with tears rolling down her cheeks. Yash gives his hand, arti grabs it and cries on his shoulders. Arti says that when she gor remarried to him, she kept thinking how would she be able to live her whole life with him, since she was connected to her past. But they never got to know when their past bid farewell o them and then they started thinking of each other as their present and future. She says that she never thought their remarriage would have to see this day. He cups her face in his hands and wipes her tears. She takes his hand in hers as they cry out their heart. As yash begins to go, arti stops him by grabbing his hand. She stands upto him crying and he hugs her tight. Then he pulls arti away from his chest and leaves off. As they go off in opposite directions, the pain of seperation rolls down yash and arti’s eyes. Arti succumbs to the pain and slouches on the ground in grief. The screen freezes on her desperate face.

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