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On Married Again 30th June 2022: Married Again 30 June 2022

Scene 1:
Location: Yash’s residence.
Arti tells buaji that daughters in law are still strangers in this house, but didnt she feel bad, talking about her own brother’s infamy with strangers. Buaji says that she needed to discuss it with someone and hence when she got her old friend’s call, she couldnt resist talking to him. arti says that she could have considered with her own family, instead of a friend. As buaji turns around, she sees gayatri and leaves without saying a word. gayatri, on the other hand, leaves when she sees radha coming.

Arti asks her not to feel bad as gayatri would take time, as any normal lady would to be able to cope with the changed situations, but she definitely would see the true situationa s she isnt a bad person by heart. Radha says that he just wants akash and ishita’s share of happiness and respect for themselves and nothing else. as she goes away, arti thinks that she doesnt want only akash’s and ishita’s but also radha, but also knows that its going to be a tough job.

All the brothers are bonding together over drinks, by deciding who finsihes their drinks bottoms up.

Downstairs, gayatri, looking at the saree of ishita, thinks its arti and asks her to go call the boys for dinner now. as ishita complies saying yes, gayatri is surprised seeing her. But arti tries to put her at ease saying that even ishita is a member of their family. gayatri leaves without saying anything. arti again gives the same advise to ishita as she had given to radha, that she shouldnt feel bad, as gayatri and the others would definitely come around. Ishita says that she hopes that what arti says comes true. Arti says that she and yash together would make her and akash an integral part of the family very soon. Ishita stoically says that she would wait for that day.

Ishita comes on the roof telling that they are being called for dinner. Akash impolitely talks to her saying that she should see that he’s enjoying with his brothers, and that he would come when he wants to. Yash asks him not to talk like that with his wife, but akash stops him midway saying that yash shouldnt say anything, since its because of him, that he had to bear this burden in the first case, referring to ishita, who stands there hurt. He says that had he knows he was Suraj scindia’s son, he would never have married her. Yash is speechless. But he says that ishita is a good girl, and asks him to let bygones be bygones. Akash says what would he do with good girl like her, as he is now trapped at a time when he has hit the jackpot, with a handicapped girl. yash asks him to stop and tells ishita not to feel bad. But when akash doesnt stop, yash shouts at him and shuts him down, saying ishita not to mind, since he’s not in his senses. But ishita asks yash not to say anything to him, since its not his fault, ad he is after telling the truth, and that she is in fact a burden on him, since yash refused to marry her. For her, akash is a god sent, who saved her life and respect in the society when she had been shunned by yash and his family. Saying so, he leaves.

Akash still curses her that she went, but made him sober again by this disruption and asks for another glass to be prepared.

Akash comes down at the dinner table, drunk and behaving absurdly, and sits at suraj’s chair while others are surprised. Yash asks him to leave that chair, but he doesnt listen to anyone and takes them casually, while suarj is standing watching him. Akash enthusiastically starts with the dinner. He gets up to reach out for the items kept at the other end of the table, takes the food and begins. Yash asks him to eat along with the rest. But akash doesnt pay attention to this too saying that he doesnt need company to eat and that everyone should fend for themselves. as suarj finally sits on the other end of the table, yash asks arti to serve him food. akash again begins his commentary about the food, and asks for a lemon. arti has no choice but to leave serving suraj, and go over to give lemon to akash.

Suraj pushes away the plate in disgust saying that he has been watching for a long time, and is disgusted with the way akash is conducting himself at the dinner table. Suraj reprimands akash for not having the proper table manners even for eating with the family together. Akash says thats happened since he isnt habituated to eating with the sophisticated crowd. He says that they should adapt themselves to this, since he wont change for anyone and would stay the same. He says that he cant change since his own father never gave him the chance to be able to have the same lifestyloe as of his family. He reprimands suraj for not thinking about his family or the social status of his love, when he was romancing his mother and when the fruit of that romance came out on the open, he was thinking about self respect and status in the society. He says that he had no fault in being unable to sit and with manners and eat with proper manners, as suraj forced him to live an uncivilised life.

Akash comes to suraj and folds his hands in taunting, saying that suraj made his destiny and destined him to be unfortunate forever. Akash says that suraj was responsible for the fact that he had to live a nameless live of an illegitimate in the slums for over 30 years. Pankaj tells akash that he wouldnt bear such insult to his father. He tells pankaj to ask his God like father, suraj to live one day of akash’s life for once, and then he would understand what he had gone through, and then ask himself as who is the low caste and misbehaved. He says that even life becomes unbearable when a person doesnt know the name of his own father.

He says that today suraj is quiet only for the fact that his respect is at stake, otherwise he would have gotten them killed a long time back. Radha comes upto him and slaps him for his misbehaviour. He still continues saying that he hasnt said anything wrong. radha forcibly takes him away from there, with ishita in tow.

Pankaj asks yash to understand now that he has done a grave mistake in bringing them here and that suraj was right in letting them go with a lumpsum money. He says that akash deservingly belongs in the slums only. Buaji too feigns hurt at this, saying that if akash has the guts to talk like this in front of them, then how would he talk behind their backs, in the society.

Suraj says that he, even while not wanting, gave his consent to yash’s descision, but supporting pankaj says that this crap cant stay in this house. The screen freezes on suraj’s tensed face.

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