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Married Again Wednesday 2nd June 2022 Zee World updates

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On Married Again 2nd June 2022: Married Again 2nd June 2022

Yash aarti ask asya whether they are sure about seeing the goon and says say yup..yash asks who is it zoya the sarpanch he is behind us and aarti says may be he can be a dhaba person be careful and call, us if you need help….yash and aarti go to their room we then see its python and he says zoya spoiled my game….python says I will teach them lesson see what I do tomorrow…now asya are caught and the goons do drama aarya try to save them but they also get caught…all 4 are helpless the sarpanch says don’t kill them in front of dhaba take them to lonely place…they are ready to take all four but asad says to leave them they r innocent but sarpanch says they are at fault but zoya saves them finally sarpanch says lock them in room and kids are locked in separate rooms and during this process and drama python kidnaps ansh and says now people will see what a father can do when he does not get his sons custody(python no dad will kidnap his own son you say you love him and this is what you do with him)

Zoya sees ansh being kidnapped she tells this to aarti and aarti says did u see who kidnapped him zoya says no aarti now says to goons why did u kidnap my son and the goons says we didn’t we are only interested in asya …aarti again says give me my son and the goons tell kill arya…but they wait for sarpanch…Asya and Aryas hands are tied with rope…aargh sarpanch and python are together they had a deal and they meet in a jungle and python says you wanted asya I wanted to teach arya a lesson mission over… goons are now coming to the place where they have tied asya and aarya.. they finally get freed form ropes and asad says to arya that they should go they have to find ansh arya deny but zoya forces them and arya go….now a fight sequence between asad and goons…(scene shifts to QH not giving details)…now we see yash rescuing payal and palak arya are searching ansh aarti asks yash to give his ph she is trying to on GPS… and yash says you were right I should have given payals watch to ansh aarti says don’t get emotional its not the time… and aarti calls shobha she asks where is prashant and he is not found aarti gets to know that python kidnapped ansh … also zoya sees ansh with python …and tells this to asad… on the other hand aartis doubts are cleared and python is culprit… shobha also says to dubey that python kidnapped ansh why did we let him live here and dubey says we need to help aarti and yash.. arya reach police station to complain they get down from car but suddenly aarti gets a call from unknown no and yash says its python pick it up and aarti picks it up and shouts where is my ansh python laughs loudly and aarti says u hurt a mom heart god will punish u tell me where is ansh an python says u both cat get me and its better u go away .. and if you want your ansh in one piece go away and u know I am a big kamina and dare u got to police and aarti says we wont go to police but now tell me what u want but give my ansh aarti says u want money and python says no janeman your yashs wife and it’s a small thing I want u back I want my wife and son both back… I promise I will keep you happy we will be like we were earlier I will give u all happiness leave yash I promise u will enjoy with me and now yash gets angry eh says how dare u… python says shut up I am not your servant if I take your son far away na u won’t see his face also now he says aarti decide u want yash or ansh… and remember u will have to accept me also u have 15 min and if u don’t give your verdict in my favor u know what I will do…he again says only 15 min….and python now says see what your real dad did I did dabangiri…I could not take out ghee from straight finger so I had to bend it yash remembers his dads word that anything can happen in future and he calls his dad.. and he says I didn’t knew u would fall down so much if you want that people should not make fun of a father and son relation tell me where is ansh I know u knew pythons plan Sp says I dunno about this and yash says u were supporting python in court he has kidnapped ansh and in return he wants aarti u wanted to take out aarti ji from my life na he says I wont let anything happen to my wife and kid I promise…SP now opens Briefcase and we see a gun….and pankaj asks was it a client phone….

Aarti crying sitting on road..yash says we will get ansh.. aarti says I have less time python can do anything I will have to take a decision and yash says what decision and what r u talking aarti says I dunno what do to one side I have ansh and one side u and I am a mom and wife my heart is saying different things I dunno whom should I listen.. if I choose ansh then I will loose u and if I choose u I will loose ansh and yash hugs her aarti says I have decided…aarti says I am sorry yash ji its true I love u but this is also true I love my kid more…aarti says this while looking into yashs eyes…python is laughing crazily and seeing his watch he says 15 minutes over just then aarti calls him and says what did u think are u coming to me or shall i take ansh away.. yash shouts u wont get aarti neither ansh python says ansh is with me u do one think spend your life with your wife and I will take ansh bye and aarti says I am ready to come to u yash says what are u talking your payal palaks mom… aarti says so what but he is my kid I have given birth to him yash says people are right step mom is step mom and aarti says tell me where should I come to meet ansh and python says good come to highway and there is a taxi and it will guide u aarti says I wanna talk to ansh and python makes them hear anshs voice…
Yash says aarti ji I am sorry he says for this drama I dunno what all I said to u I even called u a step mom I am sorry… aarti says don’t say so today if I am a good mom and wife its becoz of you….and she hugs him yash says we have less time lets go…

Aarti and yash in jungle they are helping asad to find zoya who is buried in the mud yash finds a hole which has wet mud covered on it he says she is here and both dig… it ….

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