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Married Again Wednesday 23rd June 2022 Zee World updates

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On Married Again 23rd June 2022: Married Again 23 June 2022

Scene 1:
Location: Yash’s residence.
The whole scindia family is busy in praying before Lord Shiva, while radha nd her family are busy in a small scale puja of their own. Suraj gives the flame to yash and he and arti together do the arti, while akash does it in his hut. arti looks up at yash in tension. Radha too is in tension. Yash places the puja thali on the mantle after finishing with the arti. After that, the cultural programmes begin sparking off the festivities, with the scindia brothers having taken bhaang and dancing away, while the scindia family watches in glee. Radha too watches yash dancing with his brothers. The brothers get their wives also to join them in the dance. akash looks at them scornfully. Arti and yash share a romantic embrace, much to arti who’s at discomfort due to her tension. Arti watches as yash enjoys with the rest of the family.

Pankaj and prateik start taunting akash with their dances, mich to his rage and ishita’s discomfort. Meanwhile ishita’s father’s car stops at the gate. Ishita stops akash from getting instigated by yash and his brothers’ provocation.

Ishita’s father comes in, bringing with him the DNA reports, telling the media that he would get justice for his daughter, who’s not the wife of an ordinary driver, but of the heir of Suraj scindia and suraj’s reality would come out in front of everyone. As radha begins to do the tilak, ishita’s father stops her saying that he would today do the tilak of his son in law. The whole family is waiting in anticipation as he takes out the report from the envelope. He takes akash outside in the lawn.

Yash tells pankaj that the DNA reprots would be true and would also reveal how true their father is. Pankaj says that soon the MLA is going to be highly disappointed. Both the families come face to face in front of the media, and ishita’s father tells Suraj to do the tilak, and not make him open the envelope and insult him openly. He tells suraj to accept akash as his son, as deep within, he too knows the truth, and that the media would insult them bad when they get to knwo whats inside the envelope. yash however stands up for suraj, saying that his dad is very truthful and that he should read the results so that everyone should know the truth, and media should report how low people can stoop for cheap publicity. arti thinks that yash’s faith would be shattered thye minute the envelope opnes. Ishita’s father opens the envelope with great pride as if he’s sure that suraj’s deep dark secrets would come out, but he is shocked out of his wits when he sees the reports and finds them negative. Akash is confused seeing his reaction. Yash asks him to read it out aloud as the media is waiting. The media too starts questioning the MLA.

Ishita’s father tells the media that the DNA reports were negative and that suraj is not the father of akash. While arti is shocked as to how thios happened, and akash is distraught and the whole of yash’s family is overjoyed, radha thinks that suraj did manage to use his power and status to influence the test results and get it done in his favour. when the media asks for a byte from suraj, he says that truth always triumphs. When asked the reason of the mother-son duo pulling this on him, suraj says that he would leave it on them to answer that. Ishita’s father reprimands akash for maligning suraj’s insult for the sake of money. He asks ishita to come along, who denies saying that she’s his wife and her whole life is now with him only. While ishita’s father leaves in haste, the media reports everything. Prateik too comments that the MLA fell on his feet in his overconfidence.

Gayatri comes to suraj and says that suraj might forgive her, but she wont be able to forgive herself for ever doubting him. Suraj says that the matrimonial relationship is based on faith and they should try never to break their faith. Pankaj and prateik begin to taunt akash who tries to save face. They ask Ramu, their servant to get the things that they have got for honouring their guests.
Suraj says that given the background that she hails from, only such a low level stunt could be expected from her. He tells radha to take her illegitimate son and leave the house, before his sons takes it on themselves to throw them out of the hosue, and avenge their father’s insult. arti is pained to hear this. the screen freezes on her face.

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