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Married Again Tuesday 29th June 2022 Zee World updates

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On Married Again 29th June 2022: Married Again 29 June 2022

Scene 1:
Location: Yash’s residence.
The whole family is tensed at gayatri’s question about radha too living with them. Radha refrains from entering saying that sher wont as she would leave. She would
be happy just by seeing her kids happy. yash says that she wont go anywhere and would live with them only. Gayatri asks yash how can she stay. Buaji says that she would stay here, since she is yash’s real son. yash says that now just his mother’s but now he would get his elder mom’s love too. Buaji syas that it would be good for him, but how will two people who have shared the same man, live under the same roof. He is speechless.

Ishita is shown her room by arti asking her to start afresh and move on in her life with akash, and forget about whatever happened in the past. She asks ishita to cheer up as she realises that its difficult for her to be happy considering what happened to her but now that its over she should be able to move on. She tells ishita that she should live these moments to the fullest as they would never return back.

Ishita says that she just has one tiny problem in all of this as she wants something from arti, hoping that she wouldnt refuse her. Arti asks eagerly what does she want from her. Ishita creates suspense in the air, by saying that what she is about to ask from arti, is very difficult for any woman to share with any other woman and that she might feel bad too. Arti is tensed to hear this. But ishita relieves here by saying that she wants a anice saree. arti happily takes her into her room, and shows her to choose any saree that she wishes for. ishita stares longingly after she sees yash and arti’s photos. Arti says that soon ishita’s room would be filled with similar pics of her and akash, and soon he would grow to love her very much. She takes ishita to choose her sari.

Ishita picks out a sari, which tenses arti. when ishita asks the reason, She says that had somebody else asked her, she would have refused since it was given by yash to her. Ishita begins to keep it back, but arti insists that she keeps it considering it as ishita’s wedding gift. Ishita thanks her for it and leaves.

Akash, in the verandah, is still tensed and upset. yash sees this. As prateik crosses by, yash offers to have a party, which is long due. Prateik excitedly sys that he would arrange everything for it and the three brothers would have a blast. akash hears this from a distance. Yash says that not 3 but 4 brothers. Pankaj interrupts saying that he knows why yash is doing all this so that they can bond with akash. Yash asks him to be a sport and agree but pankaj awkwardly says without a reason, that it wont be possible for him. Akash leaves from there in dusgust, but pankaj feels that it was good that he overheard since they wont have to pretend to be welcoming him with an open heart in the family. But on yash’s increased emotional insistence, pankaj finally agrees.

As akash enters his room, he finds ishita all dressed up and is shocked. ishita turns around and he glances at her mesmerised. She approaches akash, saying that she was waiting all this while for him. she says that his eyes have already said it all, but she wants to hear how she is looking, from his lips. He says like a queen, which makes her happy, but then he defies her saying that she doesnt look like one. But unfazed by her insult, ishita goes on to provoke akash to change according to his new lifestyle, and asks him to change his sense of clothing and dress up more like yash. She begins to unbutton his shirt, but he stops her roughly midway, and asks her not to touch him ever or talk about becoming like yash and change his lifestyle as he doesnt want to become like yash. Just then there’s a knock on the door. As ishita opens the door, Prateik tells ishita that yash is calling for him. Akaash says that he should go and tell yash that he wont come. But ishita tells prateik that akash would definitele come. As she closes the door, akash again hold her tight and says that he wont do things by her wish. Ishita sensually tells him that he has a choice and should not go if he doesnt want to, as that would give him time to be with his newly wed wife, all the while coming closer to him. akash is irritated at her behaviour.

Pankaj and prateik tell yash that looking by the attitude of akash, it doesnt feel like he would come. But yash is confident that he would and its proven to be right as akash joins them at the table. As akash joins them in the lounge, pratiek and pankaj cheers on drinks, and akash gets a chance to insult them saying that they may have tried to be the better one, by accepting and welcoming him, but kept only three glasses for a party of 4 brothers, to insult akash. Prateik is speechless, but yash says that they dont need 4 since he prefers to drink from the bottle and salvages the situation somehow. The scindia brothers get into discussing the past and enjoying and hvaing fun. pankaj and yash begin to start teasing prateik. akash is joined in the conversation by yash’s insistence, seeing that he’s feeling left out, by asking him where he had his first drink. akaash irritatedly says that he doesnt remember since he has nothing fond to remember. he demands yash for a refill, and yash silently complies.

Ishita offers to help in the kitchen, but nothing much is left for her to do. Vidhi says that its all done already. Arti comes in and says that they can have fun, as their husbands are already busy in their own drinking liquor party. Vidhi remembers the last time when yash had failed to talk about his feelings. Arti goes out for some work, while vidhi and ishita chat along, ishita saying that this gives her a chance to know more about the family.

Buaji is talking on the phone, telling how she cant believe that suraj was living a dual life and how bad and sad gayatri would be feeling, to be living under the same roof as radha, by yash and arti’s descision. She cancels the phone, lest somebody should hear her. She turns around to face arti, who stands giving buaji a stoical face. The screen freezes on her face.

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