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Married Again Tuesday 22nd June 2022 Zee World updates

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On Married Again 22nd June 2022: Married Again 22 June 2022

Scene 1:
Location: At the Peer Baba’s mazaar
Arti pleads her to tell the truth. Radha says that sinc eshe is sworn by her son, she says that she cant say no and admits that yash is her and suraj’s son. She tells arti the entire truth as that would involve going way into the past

radha says that she was born in a poor family, but her parents were very keen on her education. In her university, radha met suraj, who was a trustee then, and that she was inspired by him and his personality, and that eventually changed into friendship and then love. she says that she crossed all limits of decency in love, but she got to know that suraj was married and had a son too. She says that she had forgotten everything, and was willing to move on with her life, by leaving from there. But then, she got to know that she was pregnant and that changed everything. She says that she couldnt devoid her child from the rights of his life and the love of his father. she says that she met suraj and pleaded him to accept his son. But that he insulted her by cxalling her a DHANDHEWAALI and giving her money, he asked her to get an abortion, as that would have tainted the image that he had in the society. But she says that she couldnt kill him, as she was his mother after all. It was very difficult for her to live, as an unwed mother, with the taunts and ill words, but never thought bad for her child. She had only one complaint from the god, for denying his child a fatherly love. But then things changed, and she got to know that gayatri is pregnant with her second child. She says that Yash was born on 1st October and gayatri gave birth to Akash on 2nd october. She remembers how she had gone to gayatri’s ward and switched the children. She says that when suraj went to meet gayarti, he said that suraj had said that this child would be Yash Suraj Pratap scindia.

Arti says that she might have succeeded in getting yash, her son, his rightful place, but in its wake he snatched gayatri’s son, akash’s rights on the family. Radha is speechless. she admits her mistake saying, that she couldnt think anything other than her child’s benefit. She says that she never ket akash feel any lacking, except for fatherly love and that keeps her in guilt all the time. And when suraj was insulting akash, she felt for the first time, that he should get his rightful place in the society. And after seeing that akash gets that, she would leave

Arti asks why did she then try to murder him. She says that she never tried. she tells the truth that the knife was to keep him away from bad and ill omen, and also about the chhole, that she made for him out of motherly love, but she didnt know about the lizard in it. She says that she got her punishemtn, that yash hates his own mother, but she is very thankful to arti that she saved yash from the poison that day. She asks arti to promise that she shouldnt ever tell yash or anyone else about this, since that would change all kinds of equations of the existing relations. Despite arti’s pleadings, radha takes a swear from her that she wont ever say anything about this to anyone, and leaves as she finds yash waking back up again.

As yash wakes up, he tells arti that he felt somebody of his own, like a mother, who had come here and saved him. Arti says that someone from the other village came. yash asks why did that lady not stay. Before artio can answer, pankaj arrives with a doctor, who starts checking him up. The doctor says that pulse rate is normal, and gives him an injection, just in case for safety. Yash again asks about the lady. arti says maa. Yash asks if gayatri came. Arti says that she must have been a mother who saved yash’s life. the doctor gives some medicines for yash, just in case. Pankaj asks

Pankaj is told on the phone, that the DNA test results would come out in the evening only. yash is alos happy that now they owuld know what they want and who are they. He says that in the Shivratri celebrations, they should be called too, where they would tell radha and akash their true worth.

Arti thinks that she wont let this happen, as its his mother after all, and that she would have to bring out the truth on Maha shivratri.

Scene 2:
Location: Yash’s residence.
Radha seriously reprimands akash for trying to kill yash and becoming a murderer, and stooping down so low. But akash tries to justify his action, by saying that yashand suraj have stooped to lower levels, by insulting them. akash asks why is she suddenly showing so much sympathy for them. radha says that its for humainty’s sake, and that he wshould never again try to hurt the scindia family and yash especially, and if he tried, then she would kill herself. Akash immediately falls on her feet saying that he would never try anyhting like that veer again, if that is what she wants and that he would never go against her wish. radha tries hard to control her tears. Ishita sees all this.

Ishita wonders as to why is radha suddenly so involved and affectionate for the family, that she should be hated by them. she is determined to find out.

yash asks gayatri not to worry and not cry for him anymore. Suraj says that the mother can cry all she wants, but the father being unable to do so, is lways thought of as not feeling anything when the kids are in problems. yash says that love and concern are not a thing, that need words. After exchanging some family chit chats, gayatri asks yash to rest as tomorrow is very exciting, as pankaj points that tomorrow suraj would be released from all the accusations and the mother son duo would be shown the way to the door. after they leave, yash seeing arti in tension, asks her whats the matter.

Arti asks hesitatingly what if radha is true and if akash is in fact suraj’s son. Yash is shocked to hear this. Yash says that radha is lying as suraj cant be lying about this, and that his father cant do something like this. Arti tries to say, that a lady would not insult herself like this, for insulting suraj too. Yash says that even if god came to tell him the same, that he wont believe it. Yash decides not to talk about this further and goes to sleep, with arti thinking that

The whole scindia family is prepared for shivratri preparation. Yash is involved with the kids, in showing them the idol. Yash sees akash, and there’s hatred in both their eyes’. The kids take the blessings from gayatri maa, and also hear the story about how shiv’s throat is blue due to drinking the poison, that he drank for saving the whole world. Thats why he’s also called NEELKANTH. The kids commenst that SHIVJI is very brave.

Arti tells Lord Shiva, that he might have saved the world by drinking venom, but today similar venom has come to destroy the scindia family today, and that she, being the family’s daughter in law, would have to drink this toady, for the well being of her family and would havwe to bring out the truth in front of the entire family today. The screen freezes on Arti’s tensed face.

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