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Married Again Tuesday 1st June 2022 Zee World updates

Married Again 1st June 2022: Married Again 1st June 2022

Location: In the court
Arti asks the judge to reconsider his descision but he doesnt hear anything and leaves. The kids arrive and yash tells ansh of the court descision. ansh is scared to be there with prashant alone, but yash convinces him that even shobha and dubeyji would be there. the girls are told that they would stay with yash and arti only. They wish ansh bye and then ansh comes upto arti who tells him to take care of himself and be nice to his grandparents. Ansh happily approcahes prashant while he gives an evil look to arti who is disgusted.

Location: Prashant’s and yash’s house
Arti is comforted by shobha and asked to come inside when prashant stops them. He reminds yash and arti of the court’s orders and asks them to leave. shobha says that he wouldnt let ansh out of his sight and not to be scared for ansh, since he would live his entire life with her and yash only. Prashant goes inside with ansh and shobha too leaves.


Yash says that she understands her pain but its not right for her to be here, and therefore asks her to leave while he stays back. He asks arti to tell the girls that soon ansh would join them. After she leaves, prashant approcahes yash.

While arti cant sleep due to tension about ansh, he is having a happy time as prashant pampers him with all the love in the world. yash too sits on the stairs watching him and prashant while prashant has an evil look in his eyes.

Location: In the court premises.
Arti is happy to find ansh having returned with yash. while arti goes to look for the bathroom for ansh to pee, yash finding that ansh is coughing, goes to get his medicines. While he is gone, ansh strays away from there. He slips and dilshad who’s there at the court, finds him and picks him up. yash arrives and dilshad reprimands him for being irresponsible and leaves. Yash and arti are perplexed.

They enter the court, and find dilshad sitting there as a member of jury panel. they are disturbed to see this. The judge comes and says that ansh has equal attention and love towards each of his parents, hence the court couldnt come at a descision. Therefore, the court says that they would decide it with a game. The judge explains that both of both of them would have to dress up as bears and come near ansh. The person who is capable of making ansh feel safe in their presence and not intimidated, would get the custody of the child. He also clarifies that whoever breaks the rules, during the 4 minutes duration of the game, by revealing his face or identity to the child, would lose ansh forever and the other person would get the custody of ansh. As both prashant and yash leave for dress change, arti prays to the goddess that she has full faith in her that she would never let evil win over good and would restore ansh back to her and yash.
In the premises, ansh is playing with the live cartoon characters. Suddenly ansh finds himself alone in the room with flickering lights, he calls out to arti and is all the more scared to find two bears attacking him. He doesnt know what to do and pisses in scare. while prashant holds ansh and finds him wet, throws him away in disgust. But yash throws off his mask, and runs to ansh to calm him from his fear. The game is over.
As they come outside, prashant is victorious that by rule, he has won the custody but dilshad intervenes to say that even after being a step father, he gave immense love to arti’s son. And therefore ansh should be given to yash. The court too agrees and dismisses prashant’s plea. He gives arti and yash ansh’s custody. they are very happy to hear this.
Outside, yash tries to ask suraj to forgive him and hug him as its a big day and big achievement for him today. But suraj snubs him saying that he didnt come for that, but to see arti lose her son and being in pain. He says that he just came as he wanted arti to lose the case and leaves from there. Gayatri tries to pacify the situation saying that yash should try to forget suraj’s statements, and better still, should go with the kids to mangalpur for some days. So that, in their absenec, suraj might start missing the kids and relise his mistake after all and come to take them back to bhopal. yash agrees while hearing about this from a distance, prashant is filled with vengeance that yash might have taken ansh from him but he would destroy him and arti in mangalpur.

Location: At the local dhaba in mangalpur
Asad and zoya enter their room and zoya is very awkward to find it decorated like a honeymoon suite. Zoya is scared to find asad with a hammer, but he says that he needs to break off their handcuffs. Zoya finally agrees.

The panchayat members coax their room no from the attendant, referring to asad and zoya as the city couple and go up. While asad and zoya are trying to get rid of the handicuffs in the confines of their room, the angry panchayat members approach a room in anger and rage. They smash the door open and are shocked to find arti and yash there. The hooligans ask arti and yash if they have seen a lady dressed as a bride with a guy, running this way. They and the kids are shocked to be encountered with such people and dont know what to say. Zoya is in hiding, in her room anticipating their next move. arti sees aasd and zoya from her window but she misleads the villagers that she saw them going from there in a car.

After they have left, arti and yash ask asad and zoya why they were after them. Asad says that its all been a misundersatnding. While asad feeds zoya, arti and yash mistake it for their love and comment on them much to asad and zoya’s frustration. Ansh gives them a scare when he says that he would tell them about asad and zoya. But they are relieved when he says that asad and zoya didnt wash their hands before eating. Seeing ansh engaged with yash, arti asks when asad and zoya are planning for kid much to add to their awkwardness. yash and arti ask them to rest without any tensions and they disperse to their rooms.

While yash and arti share a romantic time together in the evening, zoya too falls in asad’s arms, after finding wounds on her wrists due to the handcuffs and they too share a romantic eyelock. Prashant sees arti cozy with yash and is frustrated with vengeance. He cooks up an evil plan in his mind. He thinks that they have made a major mistake snatching ansh from him, as tomorrow they would have to pay heavily for this mistake as he would destroy their lives now.

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