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Married Again Tuesday 15th June 2022 Zee World updates

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On Married Again 15th June 2022: Married Again 15 June 2022

Scene 1:
Location: Yash’s house
Evereyone is shocked including Arti. Pankaj comes in trying to ask the girl not to do this. Ishita’s father keeps instigating. the kids too come and ask her not to hit their dad, ansh says that it was due to him, therefore he should get shot. Yash hugs the kids nad says that he would have to get the punishemtn for his mistake. While he asks arti to take the kids aside, yash says that Ishita can do whatever she wants. ishita’s father too keeps instigating his child. Suraj tries to talk sense into the girl, saying that they would themselves hand over yash to the police and that she shouldnt take the law in her hands. the girl dramatically points the gun at herself that she is a burden on her parents since they try to marry her off to the first person they get, in lieu of dowry and money. she is about to shoot herself, despite yash telling her not to, but akash stops her midway holding her hand, while she keeps screaming at him for having saved her, since its of no existence to her now, as it would be very difficult for her to get married now. He takes her to the mandap, and plants vermillion on her head, saying that now she isnt alone. He asks the priest to start the marriage while also nudging the girl to commence with the ritual. the girls’ mother too asks her husband to not stop this marriage as its with great guts, that a member of this family has accepted a girl’s hand who is handicapped, while akash thinks he has killed to birds with one stone, thinking that on one hand, he got everyone’s praise and on the other, he got rich too by marrying the MLA’s daughter. Ishita’s father tells his wife that he should go and thank suraj for having preserved the respect of his daughter. but he is shocked when he finds that the person marrying Ishita isnt a member of scindia family, but just their driver. Suraj too harshly says that Akash will be given just punisment for this act. He starst beating him up for this and for trying to forget his own identity and considering himself to be part of scindia family. He is stopped by a lady, who asks her by what rightis he beating up her son. as suarj recognises the lady and knows that its her son, he says that seeing the evident situation, he wouldnt hesitate to say that he isnt to be blamed for this, since his mother too has this quality of coming in, at unwanted situations and seizing the benefit out of it. he accuses herv of being promiscuous and also raises a question mark on her child, akash, that it would surely be indefinite as to whose son is he. The lady asks him to stop as by defiling her and her son, he is defiling himself, since akash’s his son after all. This revelation shocks Suraj as well as the entire family.

Suraj points the gun at the lady and asks her how dare she to put this accusation on him. He tells her that he considers his reputation to be the first and foremost, and he would not let anyone play along with it. he says that she would get the punishment she deserves for the accusation that she has placed on him and that she would have to die. But akash seizes his gun and instead points it at her, while the whole scindia family is shocked. akash says that this is his mother, and that he may have been an honourable man, but he wont bear diosrespect to his mother. as prateik asks him to nput the gun down, akash says that he would put the gun down, once Suraj apologizes to his mother. Suraj says that he would die rather than say sorry. Akash says that then he isnt left with any option and is about to fire the gun, when his mother steps in saying that he wont let him be the murderer of his own father, howsoever vile he might be. Akash says that he cant forget the fact that suraj insulted her. She says that whatever may be t5he case, she wont have him killing suraj and therefore she asks him to put his gun down, and show that even the poor are capable of forgiving others and being a bigger person. Akash turns the gun down. Suarj however spews further venom and goes from there, while akash is controlled by his mother, not to aggravate the situation.

While akash turns to leave, ishita asks akash if he would leave his wife here in the mandap only while he goes off, her father tries to tell her not to do this since he cant have her marry off some poor, low caste driver. She says that she’s his wife now, and has taken the circles around fire with him, and that now she is his wife for ages to come. Her father is shocked to hear this. Her mother too tries to talk sense, but she snubbs them off saying that her respect and dignity is now connected with akash and she would live with him only. Akash leaves, with his mother and his wife, Ishita in tow, while her parents keep watching in helplessness. after they are gone, the guests too leave, while the scindia fmily is depressed. the screen freezes on gayatri’s tensed face.

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