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Married Again Thursday 24th June 2022 Zee World updates

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On Married Again 24th June 2022: Married Again 24 June 2022

Scene 1:
Location: Yash’s residence.
Radha is in tears at how it all turned out. However pankaj is very adamant that he would have to get the punishemnt and they would have to avenge their father’s insult. Gayatri and pankaj ask yash, to smear akash and radha’s face with coal, not feeling sorry for them as they deserve it. Buaji too instigates him to go on and taint radha’s face. Yash says that more than akash, radha is at fault that she led her son on the wrong path and demands to know the reason. He says that he considers mother as the reincarnation of god. But he says that he is a taint on mother’s name and cant call her by that name. Pankaj asks yash not to lecture them as they arent worth it. He asks yash to smear radha’s face, but arti stops his hand. yash asks arti not to stop him, as he wont bear anyone insulting his father. Arti complies, and he taints akash’s face by doing tilak with coal. arti thinks to herself that ideally yash would have been in this place, had radha not exchanged babies and that yash didnt do right by doing this to his own brother. Pankaj however smears his complete face and give him a shoe necklace aroung his neck, and taunt him with insults. while his sons are taking their revenge, Suraj goes inside.

Suarj goes inside and tells somebody on the phone, that it was indeed a jon well done with dexterity. The person on the other end, tells him that even the MLA wasnt able to find out the difference between the real and the forged report. after congratulating him for his work, suraj cancels the phone. He goes over to the almirah and takes out the real reports that confirmed akash as his own son.

Suraj burns the original results, which had confirmed that akash was indeed suraj’s son, and throws the burning pieces in the trash can. He says that he was after all a human, and he made his mistake. But all the fame that he aquired over the years, he couldnt have seen it going into vain, by this one mistake springing up from the past. Therefore, he had to take this step to forge the test results.

Outside yash and his brothers are mocking akash and his failure, and making merry by dancing around him. While akash is tied to a post, suraj comes outside to see his sons avenging his insult, while radha and arti watch in silence. Yash senses something burning and comes inside to find the test results burning in the waste bin. He puts out the fire and the half burned pieces fly around. Yash, however accidentally, steps on a half burnt piece, and picks it up to find that its the test results and is surprised to ses this. He is shocked to find that akash is in fact suarj’s son, and that radha was right after all. He refuses to believe it. arti enters the room and finds yash with the burnt reports. Yash looks up at arti and remembers arti taking radha’s side last night. He tells arti that noone should know about this. Arti is confused as to what is she saying. Yash is adamant on this stance. Arti says that she cant believe that he’s talking like this and asks him to think of the mother who brought up this child for the past 30 years, and that she deserves to have fatherly love for her child, and denying that would be sheer iunjustice. He says that its not just justice at stake, but also suraj’s whole career and reputation as he wont be able to bear this, and neither would gayatri. He says that what radha faced was not right, but she’s not weak, as she had the courage to pull through for 30 years, but his parenst wont be able to bear this. As for akash, yash promsies that he would give his share too to him, and wont keep anything for himself.

Arti says to yash that he might sympathise and give everything to akash, but will he be able to give that to aksh, which he has been grieving for the past 30 years, i.e. the love of a father and his own identity. Yash sits on the bed shocked and speechless. arti says that money isnt everything, and that he knows it better than her and she doesnt feel good hearing this from yash, as he always favours the truth and despises lies. He accepts adding that when the family’s happiness and reputation is at stake, he is okay with maigning. He says that he might be considered a cheat, but he wont let his family’s happiness ruin, even at the cost of his own principles ruining. He says that whatever he is today is due to suarj, and therefore, today he has to be with suraj. If he didnt do this also for suraj’s sake, then yash says that he wont be able to apologize himself forever as he cant see suarj living a life of disgrace, his mother dying every minute and his brothers suffocating with this truth. He says that they would never let suarj know that they know the truth and hopes that arti is with him on this. Arti thinks to herslf that she cant be with yash on this matter as that would deny a mother her rightful share. And even yash who considers the world of his parents, wont ever know who gave birth to him, i.e. radha. She is determined that she would tells yash the truth about his mother. The screen freezes on her face.

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