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Married Again Thursday 23rd July 2022

Written by TALIBAN

Married Again Thursday 23rd July 2022: Married Again 23 July 2022.

Scene 1:
Location: Hospital in Mumbai
Yash finds ishita, carrying ayu, and taking him away in her car. They see a young girl, her face unseen due to the helmet, runs off on her scooty after ishita. They too get in their car and drive off. As they miss ishita’s car on the road, the same sccoty girl, guides them to the factory, where she saw ishita going. Yash thanks him and takes the car towards the factory.

Scene 2:
Location: In the godown
Ishita gives the baby, to the hooligans, who hang him by the railing. Yash comes in and is shocked to find ishita and the hooligans carrying their baby. The hooligans capture him. He asks ishita to give the baby to them. But ishita says that she would, but only when yash accept her love. Yash refuses to this, citing his undying love for arti. Ishita is disgusted, and says taht she doesnt understand what he finds in arti, as he’s even willing to compromise on the baby because of that. Yash tries to reason with her, saying that this isnt love, and he would never do this to arti. She says determinedly, that because he has refused, she would kill his baby. Yash is shocked as the goons begin to cut the rope keeping the baby tied. Yash, pari and prateik are horrified seeing this. But just then, the same scooty girl, comes in and holds the baby. ishita confronts her demanding to know who is she, and trying to snatch the baby from her, but she jerks ishita away. Prateik catches hold of ishita. Pari takes the baby from that girl, and she leaves. Sensing ishita helpless, yash too breaks off from his ties and gets into a scuffle with the goons too. Finally, he slaps ishita, hard and reprimands her for her crime, and says that this is just her selfishness, and her venomous revenge. Yash says that he cant imagine someone stooping so low. ishita says that she loves him dearly, and if he isnt here, her life is useless. She says that she would take several births if need be to be with him. She finds the knife, and to everyone’s horror, she tries to kill herself, but is stopped by yash, who holds her hand, while prateik asks him to let ishita kill herself. Yash says that she should be handed to the law. the police comes in and takes her away, while she keeps crying out to yash, to hold her lovingly once. After she’s taken away, yash holds ayu, and asks pari and prateik not to tell this to arti, as that would unnecessarily bother her. He then asks about the lady, who helped them, and then vanished. Prateik says that he didnt know her. Yash says that she was a god sent angel, who saved ayu today. They all leave, with ayu.

Scene 3:
Location: Hotel in bhopal.
While all are getting ready for the function, akaash is asked to take the kids along too. arti is tensed and angry at yash for canceeling her calls, when all it would take for him, is to pick up once and say that everything’s alright there. Radha makes her understand that since he hasnt called, it means that everything’s alright, as otherwise he wouldnt have been able to hide it from her. Arti is slightly pacified. Suraj comes in and asks them to hurry up, as they have already called lots of times, and it doesnt look decent. Radha tells suraj that they would all be out in the next 10 minutes. suraj leaves.

The ladies get nostalgic remembering their first steps into the scindia mansion. Vidhi says that she’s excited of meeting the new occupants of their old times, and the marriage is just an excuse to see their lovely home. Arti says that they would miss Bhopal badly, and then to cheer them up, says that Bhopal too would miss them.

Scene 4:
Location: At the event
while yash is getting late for the meetine, they have to go through a strenuous security check, mandatory for all in mumbai. As they wait, the same scooty girl also arrives, and gives her laptop too for the check up. Yash and prateik are unaware about her presence. As the security belt gives the laptop out, yash takes it and goes inside with prateik.

While yash is managing the entire event, the event head comes in and tries to throw her weight around on him.
The event manager reprimands yash, hailing from small town, and says that they are never uptodate with their work, and dont understand the importance of their work. Yash says that he has everything ready, and that the biggest of personalities hail from small towns, who made it big in big cities like mumbai. the lady asks him to get going with his work, and not waste time. After she leaves, yash goes towards his laptop.

Yash, when he opens his laptop case, finds that his laptop is mixed with a girl’s, Divya Malhotra, and thinks that it would be very bad for him, if he doesnt find the laptop soon. Just then the girl, who had helped them earlier, comes in, carrying yash’s laptop. She pats on yash’s back and as yash tunrs around, he recognises her as the same girl who had helped them earlier with ayu’s life.

Scene 5:
Location: Scindia mansion
Yash’s family arrives at what used to be Scindia Mansion.
The family is all nostalgic at seeing their house, now the Jagotia Niwas. akaash and everyone else is very nostalgic seeing their house after a month. The kids too are very sad. But pankaj says that they shouldnt be sad, as their work is now shifted to mumbai, and hence they dont stay here anymore. But just like they made a home out of this house, of bricks and cement, the present people would do the same to this house. Buaji says that just like arti, vidhi and pari came in this house, similarly a new girl would come and have own memories in the house. Arti too prays for the same, for sohan lal’s son, Raj and Sarita, whose function they have come to attend.

Sohan Lal introduces his family, lamenting on the fact that he has 3 daughters who wont do much to keep up their prestige, as they would leave the house soon. Radha says that they give equal weightage to boys and girls, as the world is changing and they should adapt too to the changing times. Sohan’s wife says that she would have understood if radha had three daughters herslf, instead of 4 sons. She says that she just wishes for a grandson now in the next one year. Arti tries to reason with her that marriage isnt only for childbearing, and that firstly there should be a foundation, so that the husband and wife can face all kinds of times together. Sohan’s wife says that she too is saying the same, that with the children the love would grow manifold. Radha teases arti that all Mother in laws arent like her, who understand everything so wisely. arti smiles.

Pankaj asks about the groom. His mother tells them that he has gone out. Sohan ji is disturbed to hear this. His wife says that he has gone out to get ready. arti too agrees that these days, men too take time getting ready. sohan asks about yash, commenting on his luck, to have been lucky to marry twice. Arti doesnt like it. Suraj politely says that he’s in mumbai for some improtant work.

All are very happy that the bride has come to adorn the function. Sohan’s wife requests arti to welcome the bride into the family and this house. She agrees and does so, while all watch in glee. Arti and vidhi tease the bride, sarita that now even guys make their wives wait, but the wait is finally worth it. They tell her that a whole evening of fun has been planned for her. Just then, the cultural programmes begin, with dancing and celebration, in full swing.

Arti overhears a tensed sohan lal talking to his wife, about the disappearance of his son, due to overpampering by his mother, as the bride has already arrived, and their son is nowhere to be seen. His wife grumbles that his relation was made without even consulting with him, and that its indefinite now whether he would even come back or not. Sohan is very angry. arti thinks that if he didnt want to marry, then he should have told her before only. The screen freezes on arti’s tensed face.

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