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Married Again Thursday 1st July 2022 Zee World updates

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Married Again 1st July 2022: Married Again 1 July 2022

Scene 1:
Location: Yash’s residence.
Yash is at a loss for suraj’s arguements. Suraj says that he wont let the kids have akash’s influence. Suraj says that this boy wont live here. Yash says that akash isnt at fault, and his upbringing is and assures him that he would teach him manners and family values. Arti too asks for his confidence in them, to be able to mould akash into a member of their family. He says that one day, suraj would be proud of him.suraj gives him 7 days to be able to bring about this change in akash’s personality, or else he would be thrown out of this house, without any arguement. Buaji too supports suraj for giving them this final chance. The family disperses off. Gayatri sits silently and starts crying. As she leaves, arti says that they would have to make akash understand for the sake of gayatri, who hasnt even hugged akash even once. yash too supports her, and thanks her for lending her upport.

Arti comes to radha to feed her. She refuses saying that she realises the impact of her mistake 30 years back, and that she is equally guilty towards yash and akash. yash asks her not to feel apologetic and not regret and let bygones be bygones. They should look at the time ahead, which they can change and get the whole family to give akash a position in their hearts. Yash just says that it would require some time. Radha praises gayatri’s upbringing, saying thats responsible for yash having such compassion and love for everyone in his life. yash too agrees but comparing their situation to Lord Krishna’s whose mother had sacrificed her love for the baby, for his better upbringing. Radha says that ven though she isnt his true mother in the real sense, she still feels a sense of pride in being yash’s mother and hopes that akash too would one day have the same manners that he has.

Akash reprimands ishita for trying to get close to her, but she is undeterred which irritates him all the more. He, all the more, becomes harsh on her, retorting at her upbringing. He calls himself as ill mannered and illiterate, used to living in dirt and cant stay dressed as sophisticated people. Ishits simply picks up the strewn sheets and starts arranging them again. He grabs her hand and breaks a bangle, pricking her hand and causing her pain. She flinches away from him.

Ishita finally gives in to her anger, and she too starts throwing things around saying that even she can be arrogant and egoist and once she is determined to achieve something, she would get to the bottom of this. She says that he might break non living things, but cant break off their relation, even if he wants to. He says that he has seen her kind of manipulation, on tv serials, but she should know that noone would ever be able to change him from what he is now.

Seeing this from a distance, gayatri curses radha saying that she has moulded akash into her own form and that she cant see him like this. She says that for 30 years, she was ignorant, but now she cant see him suffer and that she would have to do something about this.

Yash asks arti as to what is to be done to change akash. Arti lightens up his mood, saying that if she can convert her NO NONSENSE husband into a funny guy, moulding akash wont be a big problem for her. He too feigns taking insult into this, and pretends to be hurt. Arti, all the more teases him reminding him how nitpickety he used to be, yash finshes her sentence saying that he has also told so many times that she shouldnt look at him like that, as he gets lost in her eyes. He gets romantically intimate with her, while she smiles. Their romance is interrupted by the kids coming in from school. The kids ask what they were doing which they stoped seeing them. Arti says that they were talking about the kids only.

Palak tells arti about the project work that she and ansh have got, and how they are tensed about it and start discussing as to how to do it. The topics given are, saving electricity, afforestation, and spending quality time with family. while yash is explaining the topics to the kids, Arti gets an idea and tells yash that she has found a way to reform akash and mould him into a true, mannered member of this family. she decides on the family topic, and the kids leave thanking them for helping. Yash says that he’s proud at himself for having remarried, as if he hadnt, then who would have helped him in getting justice for his brother. She too agrees saying that for a relation to succeed, faith and company are required definitely, which they already have, and hence they wont have a problem in getting through this.

In suraj’s room, Gayatri says that for 30 years, suraj hid a dark secret of his, and now that he has an expectation from akash to mend, he has been given only 7 days, to rectify a mistake for which he’s not to be blamed. She curses radha too fr what she had done. But says that she had no fault, then why should she suffer. suraj asks if its a question or a complaint. She says that its just the sadness of a mother, who sees her own son suffering for no fault of his. When suraj asks why is she saying this now, gayatri retorts saying that a mother has the fullest rights to fight for the rights of her son. she says that for 30 years of torture, suraj has just granted 7 days to akash, which is wrong and highly unjust for akash, on suraj’s part, and that she doesnt approve of this. Suraj retorts that he doesnt need to know whats right or wrong for him. Gayatri too confronts him saying that he didnt remember anything when he consummated with radha, and that all the rules and obligations are for the women only, and that the male have the freedom to roam around. suraj is tensed and leaves the room. The screen freezes on gayatri’s face.

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