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Married Again Sunday 6th June 2022 Zee World updates

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On Married Again 6th June 2022: Married Again 6 June 2022

Scene 1:
Location: Yash’s house
As the inspector leaves, arti asks dubeyji to be strong for them only. Buaji comes in saying that this is the reason that they have come to this big house and if they rae comfortable in this big house. Shobha retorts saying that happiness isnt bothered by the size of this house. yash takes the dubeys and arti to his home. After they leave, buaji reprimands akash for standing there, and asks him to go take care of the expensive cars with great caution without causing a scratch.

Akash, sneaks into a room and goes to ansh, who is scared to see him. akash gives him jalebis but he refuses saying that he wants to go to his parents. akash asks him to have breakfast and gives him toys too to play along with and not cry, since he cant see that. Ansh still says that he wants to go to yash and arti. akash gives him a rubik’s cube saying that the minute he solves it, he would be taken to his parents. Ansh makes him promise it and gets into solving the puzzle.

Downstairs, everyone is having breakfast, but gayatri refuses to eat. Pari advises saying that she shouldnt harm herself, due to arti’s plight and giving arti’s example that she too is coping with ansh’s loss and that gayatri should take a lesson from her. Prateik too says that they should be with arti right now. pankaj asks him to stop talking and eat. But prateik still argues that relations dont break by meer saying. Pankaj says that its true that arti is in great trouble, but they shouldnt forget what she did with them by lying and that she’s responsible for what happened to ansh. Pari says that she doesnt think that arti is wrong here, and that she hasnt distanced yash from his family, rather its yash’s good will that he stands by his wife in such difficult times. Their conversation is interrupted by suraj coming on the breakfast table. As he is about to sit, he gets a call. Suraj tells somebody on the phone, that he should do the work at the exact time, when yash leaves for the house. Meanwhile, akash, saying yes to someone on the phone, leaves a cd in the drive way, and yash going out of the house, sees the cd and is puzzled. He ha a notion that it might contain info about ansh. Akash sees this and says to the recipient on the phone that yash has found the cd.

Yash rushes to his room and immediately gets on to play the cd on his laptop. The cd has a video of ansh sleeping on a rug. The whole family is emotional to see this. A voice comes saying that ansh is alright and being taken care of nicely. But that they have to give him something in return for ansh, and they dont want money, but that which is most precious to yash. What they hear next, enrages everybody in the family as to who could be behind this absurd joke. yash says that he knows who’s behind this and takes arti along with him and barges into suraj’s house and reprimands him saying that what he wants would never happen. He says that suraj wants to take away arti from yash, and even wanted ansh’s custody to be snatched from arti and when he didnt succeed in that, he got ansh kidnapped too. He says that he never thought his dad could stoop so low. Pankaj says that has he forgotten who is he talking to. Yash says that when elders dont act mature, young ones have to raise their voice. When gayatri asks what is he talking about, yash says that the kidnapper didnt show his face but told them that the condition to give ansh back to him is that he would have to leave arti and marry someone of suraj’s choice. When gayatri comments on the absurdity of it, yash says that suraj might try anything but he would never succumb to anyone’s condition and that he would never leave arti. As for ansh, he says that he doesnt want anyone’s help in finding ansh. Saying so, he leaves with arti while gayatri ponders on what just happened. Suraj continues eating with his brain processing things.

In the night, arti and yash are very upset and sad, staying awake. Arti is apalled to see yash like this. She comes to yash, feels their child in the belly, and starts talking to it, saying that he should tell his father to relax as he doesnt listen to her, and asks him to tell yash that he shouldnt be sad for if he is, then who would support them. Yash comes and says that he’s sorry and that he shouldnt be weak like this, but apologizes that he’s not strong like arti. Arti says that when their child feels scared, he hugs arti tight and the fear goes away, indirecting telling yash to do the same. Yash gets into her arms and arti comfortingly pats him. arti says that as long as they are with each other, they arent alone and would defeat any problem that coms their way. seeing arti hiccupping, he asks arti to sit down while he goes to get water for her. as he leaves, she thinks that she’s getting hiccups since ansh is remembering him.

Ansh is busy solving the rubik’s cube in the hope that it would get him closer to his mother.

As yash is walking out getting water for arti from the kitchen, he sees suraj in His room taking something out from the almirah, which looks like kid’s clothes. yash wonders where is he going with ansh’s clothes and concludes that suraj jas in fact, hidden ansh somewhere and is going to give ansh’s necessary belongings. Yash, watches suraj going out of the house and handing somone a bag and ansh’s clothes. The screen freezes on his shocked face.

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