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Married Again Sunday 27th June 2022 Zee World updates

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On Married Again 27th June 2022: Married Again 27 June 2022

[vidhi pankaj scene]
Vidhi says whatever happens yash is this house son and he will remain even Krishnawas called yashodas son when devki gave birth to him then why cant the same thing be between G3 and yash’. Pankaj says but what about akash he is also our bro tell me truth’ can we accept him like we accepted yash the way we loved yash can we love him yash’.
[in G3 room]
G3 says I gave u gods place but now I cant trust my god that is u’. I cant promise u that’
[in hall]
Sp says glad u all are here’ a cyclone came ans destroyed a mountain’ today whatever happened that wont effect our family yash is this house son pankaj pratik he is your bro and this truth cant be changed’ and no one can change it’.Sp says we will and are together’and for that our thinking should be same’he says yash and yash cries and hugs him’.pankaj pratik say u r my bro and u will be we are 3 bros and hugs him’ bua says bhabhi what r u thinking this family is incomplete without u go and handle your family’.yash says mom G3 cries and says your my son my yash’.your my son and for someone else’s mistake I cant punish u trust me your my son’.bua comes and consoles them (aww emotional scene)everyone crying’
[Sky in garden]

He is angrily breaking a stick’ishita says why are u angry now u got your answers na and u will get what you missed in 30 years with extra amount’ just then radha comes and says this sin t right time’and I know he will get everything he deserves.. and you wont do anything to yash and she goes silent and says yash is my son but I have bought up sky also lovingly’ they are two pieces of my heart’i want both my sons to get their rights’
[Sp house]
Sp says I wanna tell u something’ he says whatever happened today wont effect are relation now just one calculation is left it needs to be done’SP says give that boy 1 crore RS and tell him to write on stamp paper that he has no relation with us he tells pankaj to call bank manager’ aarti stops this answer says why r u paying this money will u be able to give sky what he has lost in these years’. SP says yash and pankaj pratik are my sons’and relations are made by heart
Sp says I can see on your face that your not happy with my decision’ Sp says get the fact your in family so think about family’. He says yash go I want to get rid of them soon’G3 says I have a issue with you didn’t do right by getting truth in front a good DIL never does anything bad for family and u did the wrong’u got us on such a road where everyone has to differentiate between own and own (sorry didn’t get this line)’. SP says the amount is less to get the happiness back’
[Garden scene]
Ishita brain washing radha she says all are not like u they are not gud’ when the truth came out’ no one supported even G3 didn’t come forward and hug him’ mom is mom na radha says but it takes time to digest the facts a moms love cant change the road easily’a child is a moms identity and this cant change in a blink’.
[G3 room]
Vidhi asks what should I make for dinner’ just then yash comes he says u had headache why didn’t you call me G3 says u came na without calling’ he says close your eyes’ vidhi says see mom you had headache and yash who was sitting in other corner got to know about this’. Just then pankaj come she says here are 1 crore and stamp pare do as babuji said’.get this signed’yash thinks pankaj says think from your head not heart and close this matter forever today’.yash takes the bag’he comes out and aarti is standing there’.yash silent

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