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Married Again Sunday 20th June 2022 Zee World updates

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On Married Again 20th June 2022: Married Again 20 June 2022

Scene 1:
Location: Yash’s house.
Ishita is arranging the sheets, when she finds a piece of cloth, thta she identifies a sthe one, in which radha had kept the knife and wonders where it went.

Akash compliments radha for giving such a good massage while she tries to tell him to keep cool and not lose temper. As ishita comes and talks about the knife and the cloth, radha tells her that she gaev it back to the baba that she got it from. Akash too tries to tell ishita not to question his mom again, or else he would personally teach her a lesson. Radha apologizes to ishita and says that he’s like this only and that she shouldnt mind his behaviour.

Arti confronts radha for poisoning the food, and then trying to murder, and asks why is she doing this. Ishita and akash too tell her not to talk nonsense and point allegations at their mom. Arti says that she has eveidence this time, and shows the bangle peice that she had found, which matches radha’s bangles and reiterates the entire scene. ishita remembers that radha had lied about leaving the knife back. ishita however, confronts arti saying that they distrust everyone, sinc ehte break everyone’s trust, as how yash had played with her emotions to get back her child. Arti says that now she would not keep quiet and that she would go to court. she picks up the glass that radha was drinking water in, that she has her fingerprints now and once they match the ones on the knife, she would see to it that she’s proven guilty of her crime and gets her punishment.

When akash tries to intimidate arti by saying that she wont be able to get his mother punished, yash stops his hand. Yash and akash get into a scuffle with each reprimanding the other for accusing their family. Gayatri too comes and asks them to stop. Arti and ishita try to get them away from the scuffle. Radha too tries. finally yash gains over akash, but ultimately akash is slapped by radha, who says that he shouldnt dare to take anyone’s life, as that is now she has brought him up. pankaj too takes yash inside. Arti says not to pretend that she’s noble and a good mother, by slapping her own son. She says that had she been a good mother, she would not have tried to kill yash. And once she proves that she’s guilty with the fingerprint match, even akash wont be able to help her.

Ishita tries to attend to akash’s wounds, even aftre he insists that he doesnt need hishelp. But she sternly says that she’s his wife, and that she has a right on him. He warns her that she should never try to get a right over him. radha comes in and asks what happened, and when ishita complains, she tells akash to listen to his wife, and that in the meanwhile, she would get medicinal herbs, telling ishita that she worked at an ayurvedic store, hence knows about medicines. After she’s gone, ishita instigates akash to show this anger on where he needs to, and not on his own people. She tells about yash going out today, and instigates him to avenge his insult and wounds, and the blood with yash’s blood. He gets boiled after hearing this and goes out. ishita thinking of yash at theri marriage pandal, thinks to herself that he would never be able to forgive yash for that insult. when radha comes in and ishita tells her where he has gone, she goes berserk and reprimands ishita for letting him go and runs outside to stop him. He is stopped by the guard who has orders from arti, not to let the woman leave the house. But she breaks free, and the guard shouts out to arti and when she comes, he tells her that she broke free. When arti sees radha sitting in an auto, going for the peer baba’s mazaar, she is scared that yash might be in some trouble, since she too is headed that way. She is determined to save yash.

Scene 2:
Location: At the Peer Baba’s mazaar and yash’s house
Yash arrives at the mazaar. He gets out of the car and enters with the holy sheet. Akash follows with a container wrapped in cloth. yash prays that peace resides in his family and he has come to pray for the well being of his family today. Akash too comes close to him while he circles around the holy place. Akash lifts the lid to reveal a venomous snake in the container. yash is told to tie the holy thread, and his wish shall be granted. He goes towards the wall and akash follows him.

Arti picks up the gun from a shelf in her almirah and leaves in the car. All the while she is driving, she thinks that she shouldnt get late, as she is still very far from the mazaar, and hopes that nothing should happen to the love of his life as the Lord is with them.

As yash is praying for his kids and their long life against the holy wall, with his hands placed on the wall, after having tied the thread, akash thinks that yash can pray all he wants, but noone would be able to hear him and that he would have to die today. He lifts the lid and gets the snake close to the hand. yash is oblivious of this entire conspiracy. The screen freezes on akash’s vicious face.

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