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Married Again Saturday 26th June 2022 Zee World updates

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Married Again 26th June 2022: Married Again 26 June 2022

Scene 1:
Location: Yash’s residence.
The whole scindia family is parading akash, with smeared face. Yash is told by arti to stop this drama. yash says that its not a drama if the family is happy. Arti says that even he knows that akash doesnt belong outside the family. Yash says that they had decided that they won talk about this. When arti says that he knows the half truth, he demands to know about the whole truth.

Yash tells arti that they would have to forget that akash is the illegitimate child of this house. Arti breaks down saying that akash indeed is the legitimate child of the family, whereas he is suraj and radha’s son. Yash is shocked to hear this. She says that whatever he thought of akash till now, is actually his identity and his is akash’s. yash cant believe this and goes berserk. Arti says that he might find this difficult to digest but this is the truth. Yash says that she’s drunk and then throws water on her face, asking her if she’s in her senses now. Arti swears on her kids that she’s speaking the truth. She then goes on to tell the entire story to the family, as they are drawn towards yash and arti, hearing yash shout. She says that she heard it from radha. The whole family is shocked to hear this. She asks how could she stay quiet hearing this. She says that she’s in full senses. She wont let this injustice happen that akash is denied his rightful place in the society.

Arti goes over to akash and takes off the shoe necklace, while everyone stands puzzled. She apologizes for everyone in the famile, while the scindia family is angry, saying that what happened to him as very wrong. she takes akash upto gayatri saying that he is her son. Gayatri is confused while radha is distraught. Gayatri too reprimands her for having gone mad. Arti, with folded hands asks her to accept akash, and hug him, and address him as her son. She takes him to suraj and pleads him also to accept him. She pleads him to give the rightful place of akash in the family. Pankaj too reprimands her for speaking nonsense. Arti says that she’s speaking the truth, and that whatever be the reason and background of him having 30years of a different environment, they should accept him back. She says that she cant see injustice and she wont budge till he agrees to accept him. Yash is speechless and he and gayatri are overwhelmed with emotions, while others are still confused.

Vidhi says that she never thought suraj was capable of this. she wonders what is gayatri going through right now, with her faith being shattered on her husband. Pankaj says that she needs to stop, as whoever suraj is, he’s after all a man who made a mistake. He says that suraj did this to save the family, not to betray them. Vidhi says that he’s thinking like a man, and if he ever tried to put himself in the shoes of the woman whose whole life had been shattered, he would understand the dilemma.

Suraj says that this is the only, first and last mistake of his life. gayatri stoically asks him not to clarify himself, as she has always understood what he said or even didnt tell her. She tells him that she wont leave him and fulfill her duties as a wife till even the last minute. she says that as a child too, all girls have been taught that they have to treat their husbands as Gods, and always remember that the husband cant do any wrong.

In his room, yash is distraught to have known the truth. Arti comes looking for him and is upset to see him like this. she sits beside him and places a hand on his shoulder, which yash takes in his hand and says tha he wishes that all of this was false. Arti comforts him by patting him on the chek, saying that she too wishes the same. She says that still the truth wont change anything, as relations dont change overnight. she says that gayatri wont ever consider her as a stranger, as he has always been and will always be Suraj’s and gayatri’s son.

Vidhi says that he might ignore his father’s mistake, but how can he forget gayatri’s pain. Pankaj says that what should he do now, turn away from his father branding him as a criminal. Pankaj says that its difficult for him also to understand and come to terms with the fact that where yash stands today, that is akash’s rightful place, and the love and relation that they share with yash is actually akash’s. Vidhi too is disturbed to hear this. Prateik too is disturbed. Prateik says that yash always was, is and will always be their real brother and that no truth can change this fact that he is the son of this family. Vidhi too supports prateik’s opinion.

Arti too convinces yash that nothing would change as all of them would still love and be affectionate towards yash as they always were. She says that only one more relation would be added, the long seperated son of this family who will be whole heartedly welcomed into this big generous family, and that then they would all live like a big happy family. She says that this is what defines a family, and therefore they shouldnt have any regrets about it. She says that she knows it would be difficult but that he should not give extra thought to it. She again hugs him close to her, while he sits motionless unable to speak. The screen freezes on yash’s sad face.

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