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Married Again Saturday 19th June 2022 Zee World updates

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On Married Again 19th June 2022: Married Again 19 June 2022

Scene 1:
Location: Yash’s house.
Arti says that she knew something was wrong when she saw the bowl was also not theirs. Arti says that someone’s wanting to kill yash. Suraj says how is it possible that someone got the chhole for them and placed it on the dining table and they didnt even see the person. She thinks that till now everyone was thinking that radha wanted money from suraj in lieu of akash, but what could be thje reason that is forcing her to kill everyone in the family. Arti says that she’s sure that radha did this and she would go confront her right now. but yash and prateik tell her not to overthink and overstress about it. But arti is adamant that the bowl is not from their kitchen sets. Gayatri says that they had a set like this in their kitchen that she had sent in the store room and one of the servants must have brought it back. Suraj too asks her not to worry as its not healthy for her and the baby. Yash and everyone ask her to rest, wile she thinks that she’s sure that radha is behind all this and she would bring it out in front of the whole family.

while she rummages through the store room, she finds a bowl similar to the one, that she suspects rdha got, but not the same and this confirms her doubt that radha had brought this. Just then ansh comes and asks for permisiion to sleep in with grand pa and granny and hear stories and go to sleep. Arti consents and then gets startled at hearing a sound and is scared for yash’s safety.

She runs to the room and finds him alright with a chair toppled over. Sensing her anxiety, yash presumes that arti must have thought it was another attempt, by radha to claim his life. He asks her to forget and not worry herself over it any more. Arti says that she wont let anything happen to him, but is still worried. Yash says that they shouldnt worry as they would fight off this trouble together as a family, and that suraj has also increased the security around the mansion. He also comforts her that he has the faith, as long as she’s beside him, nothing can happen to him.

Scene 2:
Location: At an isolated place
A tantrik gives a knife, ridden with evil chants confirming radha that this time, her efforts and plans wont go down to waste, and that this time she would get what she wants to achieve this.

Scene 3:
Location: Yash’s house
In their room, while akash is having an awkward time with ishita alone in the house, radha comes in and starts waving the knife that she had got, around him for good luck, which akash understands. But he tells her not to worry unnecessarily as they dont have anything to lose, and that noone can do any harm. He says that the scindia’s should fear whose dignity would go down the drain after 4 days, when the DNA results are out. He says that they would have their compensation for the torture and sufferings all theses years. Radha thinks that she hopes that when the DNA test results are out, they might reveal a secret that she had kept in her heart, all these years. she thinks that she would have to something to keep this secret under wraps.

After everyone is asleep, radha sneaks out with a shawl and cautiously approaches the scindia mansion, with the knife in her hand, evading from the security guards. She enters the house through the window. she goes into yash’s room and ducks under the bed on yash’s side, seeing arti turning in her sleep. As she tries a second attemp, she again falters at arti turning, but in ducking, she hits on the side table and makes a nosie. She quickly runs behind the curtains and hides, before arti can wake up. Arti, startled, wakes up and goes out to find who was there that caused the noise, and comes back again inside to check if yash is safe. Arti’s screams wakes up yash and asks what happened. she tells what she saw and heard. Yash says that everyone was sleeping and she might have had a misunderstanding. But arti is adamant that she’s not hallucinating and that it was all real. yash calms her down and asks her exactly what happened. When she says that she heard a noise, yash says that if there had been a noise, then he too would have woken up but he didnt. while arti tries to make him understand, yash’s eyes fall on the knife sticking out from under the bed. He picks it up from under the bed

Yash and arti find the knife, and they are highly disturbed, while radha runs away from there before they can catch her. he says that someone haad come with the intention of killing them. Arti says triumphantly that she was right after all and goes berserk thinking that what would have happened if the person had been successful in his murder attempt. Yash calms her down saying that nothing would happen and that everything would be alright.

Gayatri shows the holy smoke around the house, after her morning prayers. She finds yash, and also blesses him with long and a healthy life. She asks him to wait while she goes inside to get something. Arti takes this time, to tell yash that they should inform everyone in the house. gayatri comes back and gives a CHADAR to yash saying that she had wished tha when her family would be oen again, she would send yash to take blessings from the lord. Arti tries to talk yash and gayatri out of sending him today only, after whats been happening in the house lately, but yash asks her not to worry and that he would do as gayatri had wished to be done, in front of the Lord. After gayatri leaves, yash motions arti that nothing would go wrong and that he would be fine, and that she shouldnt worry.

While arti is happily watching her kids, play and enact their parents, in their room, holding a piece of broken bangle, she suddenly observes it more and asks palak where she got it from. ansh replies that he got it from her room only. Arti is shocked to hear this. Arti thinks that its not a piece of her bangle and that noone in this house wears bangles like that. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

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