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Married Again Saturday 12th June 2022 Zee World updates

Written by TALIBAN

On Married Again 12th June 2022: Married Again 12 June 2022

Scene 1:
Location: Yash’s house
Yash is sitting tensed in his room.

Akash is going around running errands. He picks up Yash’s gift for Ansh and leaves, before anyone can see. He gives it to someone, who leaves.

Yash thinks that he doesnt undertsand if the kidnapper’s opened the gift and seen. A teary eyed arti comes and tells that Yash has been called downstairs for the pious circles around the fire, for completing the marriage rituals. As she leaves, he asks if she wont wish him good luck. Arti turns around surprised to hear him say that. He comes to her saying that this is the biggest exam of their life and if this they pass through, then nothing can seperate them ever. He tells arti that the gift contains a chemical cricket ball, which will change the person’s body colour, the minute they touch the gift, and by that they would identify the kidnapper and the person behind all this. Arti hugs him tight. He says that Arti always says that truth always triumphs and nothing can stand in the way. He says that if their love is true then they would definitely win. Arti says that her courage and support lies in him, and she doesnt want to grow weak. He says that it would never happen since they would find it out. Yash gives arti a bluetooth device keeping one for himself, so that whever any of them gets any info about the kidnapper, they would inform the other. Prteik comes in telling that yash has been called by suraj, but breaks down into yash’s arms saying that he cant see them seperating and that he shoudlnt agree for this marriage. Pankaj too come sins aying that suraj is waiting for yash downstairs and takes prateik, asking yash to come down soon. Arti takes yash’s turban with a heavy heart, and places it on his head.

The kids pray to the lodr that they dont need a new mom, and are very happy with arti, as she doesnt behave liek a step mom, and that they want to live with her only. Yash and arti see this,a nd with joined hands embrace the situation. Buaji sees them and taunts arti saying that she has never seen a woman who takes her own husband to the pandal, to get married to someone else. She says that it must be hard for arti and that she would relieve her of this pain, since she is a human being after all and cant see anyone in pain. She takes yash while arti stays with the kids, who tell her about their prayers. arti kisses them out of affection.

In the pandal, Yash is searching around for anyone with changed colour of the skin and is disappointed that noone looks like they could have kidnapped Ansh. He keeps looking around for his family, to notice any difference. He notices and tells Arti, that Pankaj isnt around whereas Arti tells him that Pankaj might be angry at them, but he cant do something like this. Yash asks him not to be emotional and go search around for Pankaj since they dont have much time. Meanwhile, Vidhi gets Pankaj’s call, who says that he cant come to the mandap, in this condition. This alerts Arti who thinks that Pankaj might have had a reaction to the chemical. Vidhi decides on the phone, and tells Pankaj that she would meet him instead. She comes upto him and says that he could really not have been able to go the mandap like this, since his buttons are broken. While vidhi goes to get a shirt, arti wishes that noone should see a day like this, when they have to doubt their own family members. arti tells yash that pankaj is innocent. While the priest proceeds with the rituals, yash is tensed about his plan’s success. The priest calls out for the bride to be brought to the mandap. Much to arti’s sadness and gayatri and yash’s family’s tensions, the girl is brought to the mandap by her family and a seemingly happy buaji. Arti is distraught to see this. The priest starts the marriage rituals with the girl and Yash, who is looking around restless, while Ishita looks expectantly at her.

Arti finds Pari going away stealthily, and has a doubt on her. She runs upto her, hoping that she be proved wrong and faces her, searching for the chemical’s reaction on her body. finding no change, she asks pari, why is she crying. Pari breaks down saying that she cant see this anymore and that she no more have faith on the lord since he always seperates people who love each other. arti tells her not to worry since she has the fullest faith that god wouldnt seperate them from each other. As the rituals happen with yash and ishita one by one, arti is reminded of her own time, and she’s feeling as if everything in her marriage is being erased. The screen freezes on her sad face.

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