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Married Again Monday 7th June 2022 Zee World updates

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On Married Again 7th June 2022: Married Again 7 June 2022

Scene 1:
Location: Yash’s house
Yash is shocked to find suraj giving a bag and ansh’s clothes to somebody on the other side of the door. But then finds out that it is the inspector, who has
been called by suraj to give ansh’s clothes, so that the sniffer dogs can have the whiff of his clothes and trace him sooner. He realises his mistake in his presumption and when suraj returns, he apologizes. Suraj doesnt say anything and leaves.

Yash reprimands himself for having doubted suraj when in fact he too was finding out about ansh. He tells arti too about his prejudice against suraj and what he had just seena nd is filled with remorse at his mistake. Arti says that it is great frustration when you find out you hav ebeen wrong about your near ones. Arti says that she understands what he’s going through but have faith that whatever happenes, happenes for the good, which in this case is that suraj still loves and hs great concern for them just like he used to do earlier and they too respect him in the same manner as they did before. Yash takes arti’s hand saying that he was sad and like every time, she supported him yet again. She is complimented on her positivity saying that he is incomplete without her and ask if she would forever be with him and she nods in a yes. He thanks her for this.

Arti is sad looking at ansh’s photos in the album. Yash too sees her like this, and taking the album from her and keeping it aside, he puts arti to sleep and then walks to the window and sits in despair.

The next morning, akash is shown talking on the phone saying that he has done what was wanted and that he would go check up on the kid from the back door as told to. As he enters, ansh who was awake pretends to be asleep. akash comments that given his will, he would give ansh back to his mother but his job cant be influenced by such emotions and that he should leave, after finsihing his job. he videoshoots ansh and then starts the laptop to make a cd out of it. Ansh opens his eyes, puts aside the rubik’s cube, finding akash busy in his own work of dubbing for the cd, that it doesnt look like, his parents care for him, or else they would have done what was asked for them. Meanwhile ansh finds keys and recognizing them to be of his dadaji’s car, he decides to place the detector alarm so that everyone including his parents can come looking ou for him and rescue him. As expected yash hears the noise and comes close to the car, but before ansh can shout out to him, akash puts his hand on ansh’s mouth. Yash comes upto the shutter behind which ansh is kept captive and is about to open it up, but just then, akash stops the detector siren, which diverts yash’s attention as he starts thinking who could be behind this playing around with the car keys. As yash goes away from the shutter, akash gags ansh to stop him from making a noise and scares him into silence.

Yash spots akash, placing the cd on a table in his house but doesnt see his face and chases after him, missing him a few times and finally catches up on him and grabds him from behind. But akash breaks himself free and climbs against a wall and yash, though he threw a glass bottle at his feet, finally loses him, panting to grab his own breath.

Yash puts in the cd with arti and the dubeys watching. In it, akash’s voice booms out saying that today he might be sleeping in peace for now, but ansh wont live to see the next day if they dont do what he tells them to do. He tells yash to divorce his wife and that the papers have already been prepared for their convenience. They are shocked to hear it. Arti and yash look at the papers. He also tells them that yash should divorce arti in the next 24 hours and get married to the gil of suraj’s choice in the next 7 days, if they want to see ansh alive. Arti is in a daze to hear this. yash comforts her saying that she shouldnt be scared as what he wants will never happen. He says that he would get ansh to them in the next 24hours and asks arti if she trusts him. She says that she does but cant ignore this too. Yash hugs his wife and the screen freezes on his tensed face.

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