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Married Again Monday 28th June 2022 Zee World updates

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On Married Again 28th June 2022: Married Again 28 June 2022

Scene 1:
Location: Yash’s residence
Yash and arti go over to akash, and find him shovelling. Ishita stops them and taunts them for being so insensitive. radha thinks to herself that aysh shouldnt ask why she left him, as she cant bear the wounds that question would inflict on her. Yash touches her feet and asks for her blessings. She raises her hand in confusion but blesses him nevertheless. Ishita doesnt like it, buit radha says that a mother has endless love abd blessings to give, which just keeps increasing the more she spends it on her children. she blesses arti too. radha takes their leave and goes inside the hut. Akash, sensing what she wants, gives him the sweetened GUDH’s box, and she comes out to sweeten their mouths.

Ishita tries to instigate akash saying that scindia family is capable of buying off relations, and hence they wouldnt have come to maintain relations, and have come here to strike a deal, showing him the suitcase that yash has come with. Yash begins to talk addressing radha as a mother, but akash stops him in between saying that yash’s working as an agent to his father, and doesnt understand love and trust in the family. He asks what is the cost that they have decided to keep akash from getting his true identity. as aysh tries to place his hand on akash’s shoulder but he flinches away, throwing open the suitcase, to reveal nothing inside. Yash and arti both try to make them understand that they havent come here to buy them off, as relations can only be build and not bought. The real reason they have come here is to welcome the member that was long due in the family. Arti says that ishita has no reason to trust them, but still she shouldnt always be presumtuous to judge a person’s character. Yash too tells akash to pack his bags and come along with the. He addresses akash as his younger brother even if by half a day, and asks him to hug, to which akash complies.

Inside, suraj under the assumption that yash must have bought akash, thinks that yash had paid enough which akash has accepted as the price of the pain and torture he went trough. But he is shocked when yash tells him, that heeding to arti’s advice and getting the whole family together, he has asked akash to join them in their house, rather than try to buy him off. And that he’s waiting for suraj’s approval and welcome by his new family. arti too tells vidhi that akash’s wife is also waiting and that they should get ready to welcome her too in the house. Vidhi too complies. yash, then moves on to gayatri, and asks her to accept this truth now, instead of turning herself away from it as after all she’s just being returned her son, who she couldnt have 30 years back, and that it wont change the fact and that yash would always be her son.

Suraj wonders as to why is yash not understanding that in his bid to join relations, he is posing a threat to the existence of his old ones.

In the kitchen, Vidhi expresses doubts on arti and yash’s steps. She says that they didnt know of his existence for 30 years and doubts whether this is the right descision to shower such affection on him. Arti says that even when they came, they were strangers too in the family, but soon affection grew and they became an integral part of the family, and the same would happen with akash, over time. Vidhi still isnt sure if that would happen. Arti says that is might be difficult but not impossible. She asks her not to overthink and instead welcome him in the house. After arti goes, vidhi wonders that whenever they see akash, they would be

reminded of suraj’s mistake and the whole family isnt as generous and wont welcome them as whole heartedly and purely as yash and arti are doing.

Yash asks suraj to come alone and welcome his son as he’s waiting. Suraj says that he cant and that he would do whatever he feels like, just like yash has, and that yash cant expect him to favour his descision. He lashes out at arti too, saying that he cant and demands to know if he has lost the right to be a fatherly figure in the house, just because he made a mistake long time back. Yash and arti plead him not to talk like that ever again as he’s still the head with the same respect that they always had for him, and that he has the fullest right to scold them whenever and however they want. Suraj, finally pushed into a corner, gives in saying that they should go and get akash. Arti and yash are relieved to hear this. They leave to get akash. gayatri and suraj remain back. She goes upto suraj.

Vidhi does the arti and the rituals to welcome ishita and akash into the house. arti continues to try and maintain normalcy and comfort in this awkward situation. After they are welcomed, arti asks them to take blessings from the elders in the family. Gayatri, even aftre refraining her hand somhow gives in her blessings. Yash hugs akash, and goes on to take them insideApart from welcoming akash and ishita into the house, gayatri is surprised when arti welcomes radha too in the house. Just as radha is about to step in the house, she questions with surprise as to whether she too would be staying here. The whole family is tensed at this question. The screen freezes on gayatri’s disgusted face.

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