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On Married Again 14th June 2022: Married Again 14 June 2022

Scene 1:
Location: Yash’s house
Arti doesnt know how to respond to Bauji. Buaji reprimands dubeyji for doing this to her own daughter and her husband, and says that he doesnt deserve to live. she says that anything might be said, but he cant still consider his daughter inlaw as his daughter. She tells that yash has had so much respect even aftre prashant’s episode and got them back

shobha says that she doesnt what helplessness drove him to this and that he cant be let off the hook for this and being his wife, both of them deserve punishment. she says that they dont deserve to live in the society and that they deserve to be behind the bars only and urges them to call the police. Dubeyji says that shobha isnt to be blamed for this, as she doesnt even know that something like this was up. He says that prashant’s death and his attatchment to his dead son, drove him nuts, and that he stooped to differentiate between right and wrong. he held arti responsible for his death and had assumed that if prashant couldnt get his love, then he wouldnt let arti get hers and that he was ebhind the divorce and the talk of a second marriage. He again clarifies that Shobha isnt to be blamed for this and that he’s ready for punishment. He asks arti never to call a selfish person like him her father, and asks her to always be with a true mother like Shobha. He says that he wishes everyone should get a mothger in law like shobha. She says that when she has been with him through thick and thin, he wouldnt face this punishment alone, she would definitely be with him to face punishment together. Arti says that something must be amiss in her love and respect for him, therefore this happened. Dubeyji says that he is to entirely blame that he idnt value the love and respect that they gave him and he did this to them. Arti asks him not to talk like that since he gave so much love to ansh, brought happiness in her life by remarrying her to yash, and that she would have done anything for his happiness, had he just given her a hint of the sadness and pain he was going through. Buaji again taunts arti and shobha for being so sensitive and crying their hearts out and forgiving each other, but what about the pain that yash was given due to this. She says that she’s sure yash wont forgive him. All eyes turn to him. He says that he understands their pain of losing their son and that he doesnt like anything worse than seeing his elders with folded hands in front of him. He says that he too is their son and that he isnt in a position to punish them. Shobha commends this step of theirs saying that they proved that the relations of the heart are stronger than blood relations.

Just then, Ansh comes running into arti’s arms, who is super happy to see him. She says that now they would never part and would forever be together. Ansh is also welcomed by his sisters who tell him how much they missed him, and that they have kept jalebis for him. Ansh too says that he missed everyone and asks yash if he would now play wiht him and the girls, to which yash nods in glee. After the kids leave, Dubeyji says that he doesnt know how to face them now and asks for their leave. when aysh asks where are they going, shobha says that they deserve punishement and the only resort is that they go on a pilgrimage but tells them that they would definitely return back.

Yash says that they too need to apologize to the daughter and their family, that now he wont be able to marry the daughter. Suraj and gayatri too tell him to face the fact that they would never forgive him, for its unheard of, that a girl returned as a maiden, after finishing half of the rituals and gayatri asks him to leave along with arti and the kids and that theyw ould manage here. yash says that he wont be that coward and run away from this responsibility that is entirely his fault and that he would get down on his knees and ask for forgiveness if he has to. He asks arti to come along with him to face the girl’s family. Akash sees all of this and thinks that he too would enjoy the high profile drama of he high profile people.

Ishita’s father is very angry that he would see that they dont get away with this. when he sees them arrive, he all the more turns into rage. yash says that he wont be able to marry and that just a sorry wont suffice for what she suffered through. He introduces ishita to his family, arti and the kids and tells her that he has a responsibility towards them. He says that he cant marry her and make her his wife sinc he cant shy away from his responsibility. ishita asks him why did he say yes, when he had a family. He says that he had a big helpless compulsion behind saying yes and goes on to tell her the entire story. He says that he’s guilty of leaving her stranded at the aisle and says that he’s ready for whatever punishment he gives her, saying that whatever he did was for his family. Ishita’s father says that he cant dare to spoil his daughter’s life for his own family’s sake, and gives her a gun and asks her to fire point blank at yash for what he did to her, much to yash’s family’s horror. arti pleads to the father not to do something like that. Ishita loads the revolver and points it at yash. The screen freezes on Arti’s tensed face.

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