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Married Again Friday 4th June 2022 Zee World updates

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On Married Again 4th June 2022: Married Again 4 June 2022

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
Yash and arti are frantically searching for ansh, asking people and showing them his photograph. They hear the sound of a temple bell and decide to pray to the god for ansh’s arrival safely. They enter the temple and pray to the lord while the priest does the tilak. Arti and yash, both pray for ansh’s safety and his returning to them soon. They come out of the temple, tensed and upset and sit on the stairs, helpless and disappointed. A child comes to them with a pooja thali, and asks arti to extend her hand . When she does so, he tells that its his birthday today and gives them prashad and leaves. Arti breaks down thinking about ansh, while yash tries to comfort him and takes him from there.

Scene 2:
Location: Leonia Hotel
Ansh wakes up in a bed and looks around and starts screaming for his parents and not finding them, starts crying. He climbs down the bed, but its locked from outside. he gets back on the bed and finds a phone, and idals up yash’s no. Yash gets his call and is shocked to hear ansh’s voice. Ansh says that he’s locked in a room and asks yash to come and get him. Yash asks him if there’s a window and see if there’s anything outside and name if he recognizes anything. Ansh says that he sees a bus depot and a bigstatue. also people are coming and going with bags. Yash asks ansh to look around for menu or a writing pad. Ansh finds the menu and tells the first alphabets of the words LEONIA hotel. After that, the phone gets disconnected due to low battery of yash’s phone. They decide to go to a nearby booth and find out the address of the no, the call came from.

Yash and arti reach upto the hotel and find from the receptionist, that prashant had checked into a hotel with ansh and tells them the room no 602. The receptionist is skeptic to give yash and arti permission to go to ansh’s room but after talking to her manager, she allows them to go to ansh’s room and asks a butler to guide them.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
A person is shown riding a bike, carrying the key retrieved from prashant’s pocket.

Scene 4:
Location: Leonia Hotel
Meanwhile, the person riding a bike approaches the hotel too and goes towards the room 602 with the keys in his hand. Ansh is scared when he sees some unknown person barging into his room and approaching him. He forcibly takes ansh, and smothering him with his hand, takes him out of the room, and through the back door and outside the hotel.

Yash and arti barge into the room, to find it empty. yash thinks maybe they got the wrong room, but arti notices ansh’s chappals and points them to yash, he picks up the chappals and says to arti that ansh was here only. The butler comes in and tells yash that they saw somebody taking ansh out of the hotel forcibly. yash says that somebody else is trying to take ansh away from them. Arti finds a button and they conclude that the button belongs to that person who took ansh from the room. Arti is puzzled as to who could it be, that wants to take ansh away from them. Yash is overcome with a terrble premonition.

Scene 5:
Location: Yash’s house
The same person who kidnapped ansh, is shown approaching the Scindia mansion. He enters the house and is stopped by the guard, who tries to ask him who he wants to meet, but he pushes the guard away and goes inside the house. He buttons up his shirt and finds the top button missing. Nevertheless, he keeps walking inside the house, with audacity. He sits on a chair, and is approached by pankaj, who asks him about his identity and what caused such bravery on his part. The stranger says that noone in the world can possibly stop him and identifies him as akash. Akash tries to be oversmart and corny heroic in his demeanour. Pankaj asks him the reason for coming here. Akash tells him that he has come since he is needed in this house. Buaji tells pankaj that suraj has called him for the driver’s job and he says with determination that suraj would never let him touch his car. Akash says that he knows pretty much to drive anything. Pankaj says then tha is what he should do and leave since he’s not wanted here. But akash says that he wouldnt go till he meets the person who has called him here, referring to suraj. Pankaj keeps trying to argue that suraj would never let this man work for him in his house. But much to his amazement, suraj asks pankaj to give akash the car keys and tell him to understand his work from Ramdhar. The screen freezes on suraj’s stoical face.

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