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On Married Again 2nd July 2022: Married Again 2 July 2022

Scene 1:
Location: Yash’s residence.
Buaji while working, starts thinking to herself, that for new to be accomodated, either the old has to removed or a new place made for the new things. She thinks that now the same thing applies to the scindia family, while she watches the drama. Buaji thinks that yash and arti may have taken the challenge of moulding akash, into the culture and manners suited to the Scindia family, in just 7 days, but once the time period gets over, everyone would know who would win and who would lose, once the result comes out, and that all of arti and yash’s efforts were in vain.

While under the shower fully clothed, ishita wipes off the sindoor off her head, thinking about what yash did to her on her wedding day, and how akash married her, and after that started taunting her. she breaqks down thinking, that dremas already placed her in a diffiocult situatiuon to live the real life, but thinks that all of this is entirely to be blamed on yash scindia.

While yash and arti are sleeping, they are woken up by a noise, which yash goes out to find out about, but doesnt find anyone outside. He hears someone crying at a distance. he goes over to find ishita, crying to herself, with a bandage on her right arm. He comes upto her and asks what happened that she’s sitting here, at this time of the night. she tries to mumble saying that she didnt get much sllep. He notices the bandage, that she tries to cover up. He says that he cant say that what life did to her would be alright, but can say to have faith on god, and that he isnt a stranger to her pain, and that his words fall way short in front of her pain. But he says that he promises her that he wont let her have any pain or trouble. She says that he’s wrong as words of sympathy from him, worked as healers, as he understands her pain, and thinks of her, and she felt nice at that. She says that at this time in the night, he came to her and she’s thankful for that. She says that yash and arti would definitely be able to sort out her life and her problems, and that they are lucky to have found a life partner, who understand each other so well, and are with each other all times, in times of trouble and happiness, and that all arent as lucky like them. Saying so, she leaves, leaving yash in introspection.

The next morning, gayatri begins the morning arti, along with the rest of the family. Akash too disinterestedly joins the family in the temple. Ishita is happy and stands beside him. All start the day taking in the holy flame, and taking blessings from the elders.

The kids ask the elders not to leave, as they need a family photo for the school prject. Yash gives everyone positions in the photo. As radha, and her family begins to leave, arti and yash ask them to stand on their positions too as a member of this family. The family is surprised but doesnt say anything, as radha too joins in the photo. Anash clicks their photo, but sees something, and calls on palak and both start to laugh at this. When asked, ansh says that everyone is in good clothes, except for akash who is wearing clothes like the servant. While arti tries to scold ansh for behaving like this, buaji taunts ansh, scolding him, but humiliating aksh too in its garb, saying that ansh should get yash’s clothes for aksh so that he stops looking like a servant.

Gayatri too scolds ansh and vents out her anger at him, that even he didnt have the sense to wear good clothes, or dining manners, then how dare he has the right to compare akash to a servant. She is almost about to hit him. When ansh apologizes to her, she says that he should rightfully ask for apology from akash. Gayatri finds everyone staring at her for her strange behaviour, but noone says anything. Ansh apologizes and finds solace in arti’s arms. Gayatri leaves in frustration, while arti and yash look at each other.

Ishita asks akash that had he listened to her earlier, then the joke wopuldnt have been on him today. But this angers him very much, saying that he wont change for anyone, as he doesnt find any fault in these clothes. Ishita says that she likes him like this only, but he would have to bear the taunts and that she wont like. As ishita keeps provovating him, he says that they need mony to buy new clothes, and what does she expect him to do, go and ask for money from his father, for clothes and other amenities. Ishita says that her father is waiting for her to just call up once, and ask for money, and he would send it immediately. Yash standing in the door, says that they dont need to do any such thing, and gives akash a credit card saying that he can spend as much as he likes, asking ishita to take him to the market and help him use this card. Saying so, he leaves for his room.

Arti gets cricket gear for yash, telling her that according to the kids’ project of spending time with their family. But seeing him tensed, she asks whats bothering him. He says that he cant forget ansh’s face when he felt so bad at being scolded by gayatri. she says that ansh’s mood changed the minute they talked about cricket match. She says that gayatri and ansh share a sweet and asour relation, and that ansh understands gayatri and her anger very well. She tells yash that they shouldnt bother about such things, as when reaching out for an ulterior motive, they have to make some small sacrifices in its wake, which should not bother them at all. Arti says that right now their prior aim is to get akash the requisite position in the family, and get him a place equivalent to the other members of this family. Yash listens to her intently. She says that once that happens, everything would be alright. The screen freezes on her face.

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