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Married Again Friday 19th July 2022 Zee World updates

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Married Again Friday 19th July 2022: Married Again 19 July 2022,

Scene 1:
Location: In the hotel room
Ishita turns back and demands for forgiveness, citing that she just did it out of love. ishita is asked by arti to get away from yash and her kids, as they are most important to her, and she wont let her ruin them. she asks ishita where is ayu. Ishita says that she can do anything she wants, but she wont tell her. Arti holds a showpiece and threatens to hit her with it, if she doesnt tell.

Ishita apologizes and tells arti about ayu, being the same child that pari and prateik have adopted. arti refuses to believe in shock, but ishita insists that its their ayu. Arti is in disbelief, telling yash that they couldnt even recognise ayu, being in their own house. Ishita stealthily slips away from there, distracting arti. Arti tells yash that they should reveal the truth about ishita to the family, before she does any other evil thing, and that they should get to ayu, before she harms him anymore. But they are shocked to find that ishita is missing from the room. Arti calls out for ishita and runs after her. Ishita runs away from there hurriedly, and gets into her car and drives off, while arti misses her by the fraction of an inch. Yash is told by arti, that they should hurry, home before ishita does anything else. Yash hugs her tight, and says that he loves her, and tells her that nothing would happen to ayu, as he’s safe, comforting her. yash says that at the time of marriage, he had promised that he would save hi\er from every trouble, but she has fulfilled the promise in true means, as if anything had happened today, he would never have been able to face her, and would have died. Arti asks him not to talk like that, as they would always be together, despite ishita’s attempts to destroy their love, in which she succeeded too, by taking their ayu away from them, and getting yash angry on arti. She says that with the grace of god, they have everything now, and would live happily forever.

Scene 2:
Location: Yash’s residence
Radha is disbelieveing about ishita, but also says that when everything has always been right to people who do right, and same has been meted out to arti too. She says that arti rightly found ayu, on the mother’s day, and therefore she couldnt have been defeated on today of all days. she blesses arti to be happy always. she says that on woman’s day, she has rightly proved herself to be the Best Mother and the Best Wife too. Vidhi comments on the coincidence, that ayu had to be adopted after his kidnap, by pari only, and come back to their house. pari is visible upset. Evereyone is very happy about the recent happenings. The kids get ayu for cheering up arti. Pari is sadly looking. Arti talks to ayu saying that he always used to quiten up when he came in her arms as he recognised his mother, but she apologiuzes for not having recognised her own son, even when she held him in her arms.

Seeing this, pari leaves from there. Pratiek too joins her. Pari is distraught in her room, and in tears. Prateik tries to console her, but pari goes on to say how she has been deprived of her happiness, just to giev arti her joy back, and that noone’s even bothered of her sadness. Prateik tries to make her understand that they may have adopted ayu, but his real mother is arti, and they dont have the right to take her away from ayu. Pari says that she loves him very much. Prateik says that if she loves ayu truely, then she would want him to be with his true mother, and wouldnt want him to seperated by his mother, blinded by her own motherly affection. pari quitens down hearing that.

Vidhi asks where ishita went, and why didnt they hand her over to the police. Pankaj too agrees. But yash says that she wont be a trouble anymore, as she’s this wise, not to be such a fool. arti too agrees, but wonders how would akash feel, when he knows about ishita’s true face, as he’s deeply fallen in love with her. They dont realise that akash has actually heard all that, having come into the drawing room, without anyone’s notice. they are all shocked. Arti tries to clarify that it wasnt yash’s fault, and ishits was behind all this. But akash goes straight upto yash, and with folded hands apologizes for ishita’s mistake. He says that he isnt such a fool, to find yash’s fault in all of this. Yash hugs him, and pankja too consoles akash. He comes to arti and says that noone can break Ram- sita, and ishita was a fool not to have understood this. Radha says that she’s proud of him, being her son, and blesses him. All are happy.

Pari comes down and addresses arti. Prateik too comes with her. She tells arti that she’s very happy that arti has found her ayu back, and that she was living in loneliness, and finally a mother-son duo found each other. pari insists that she’s happy, and after all, ayu isnt seperating from her, and will be in the same house, in front of her eyes. Pari says that she has a request, and if she can hug Arti’s son Ayu once. As pari extends her hands out to hold ayu, arti is in a fix what to do. Seeing this pari retreats her hand away. Arti calls her, and asks how could she think that for holding her own son in her lap, she needs someone’s permission. pari is overjoyed, when arti says that not just once, she can hold him thousands of times, and raise her, and says that he’s pari’s and prateik’s child only. She says that ayu cant have a better couple as parents than pari and prateik. Arti says that officially ayu is hers and prateik’s son only, even if all the kids live under the same roof. pari thanks her for this, and says that she infact is very generous as noone else would have been able to do this, as prateik’s always told her that noone’s like arti. She says that she refused to believe it out of jealousy, and also mistreated her, but she has proved today, that noone is as noble and true hearted as her. She says that noone thought that yash’s second wife, would win everyone’s hearst like this, but she surprisingly proved everyone wrong, and that this remarriage is not only a boon for her, but for yash and his family too. Arti says that she did no favour to anyone, and that if she gave them happiness, she got the same in return too. They hug each other.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road.
Ishita remembers yash’s stubbornness and refusal to accept her love, and arti’s confrontation with her and is very upset. She thinks that yash is just hers and not arti’s. She says that arti didnt leave any realtion for her to be with, and also made her stoop so low in yash’s eyes too. In her car, ishita thinks that she would never forgive arti for what she did, and that she would never let her live in peace. she decides that she would come back to destroy her life and have her revenge on her. She takes off her mangalsutra and throws it on the ground of the car. The screen freezes on her tensed avengeful face.

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