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Married Again Friday 18th June 2022 Zee World updates

Written by TALIBAN

On Married Again 18th June 2022: Married Again 18 June 2022, It begins with Aarti finding some Akash’s certificates. Aarti thinks “So it means Akash completed his studies here in Bhopal. He’s here for the last 30 years, in this town. So what brings Radha in our life now? Why did she remain silent all these years? I’m sure she’s lying! She’s up to something big, but i wonder what! I have to find more out.” Aarti begins to search the house for more evidence; she soon gets exhausted but doesn’t give up. She continues to search but finds nothing, he pallu gets stuck in the draw, so she gets pulled back and accidentally the photo of God falls down and Aarti sees some paper’s behind it. Aarti is curious and thinks “what’s this behind the photo of god?” Aarti sees yash’s photo. “This is yash ji’s photo.” Aarti has a flashback. Aarti is blindfolded by Prateik. Aarti says “Prateik bhaiya, what are you doing?” Prateik says “I got a surprise for my Gundi bhabi.” Aarti says “To see your surprise i must remove this blindfold. “Aarti removes the blindfold and opens the gift where she sees a collage of baby’s photo. “Whose photo is this?” Prateik says ‘This is my nephew and niece’s father…i mean Yash ji photo.” Aarti says “Yash ji?” Prateik says “this was when he was 15..” Aarti is shocked to see Yash ji’s photo and wonders what they are doing here in the house. Aarti thinks “why are these here? What does radha have to do with yash ji? She’s here to give Akash her rights. I can’t understand anything…she’s got yash ji’s photos while akash is her son. I have to find out and the day i do then all my problems will be solved.” Aarti takes the photos with her. (ermmm isn’t it clear? She just wouldn’t have yash ji’s photos out of the blue…radha has something to do with Yash ji. Maybe Akash and Yash ji were swapped when they were born…OMG! maybe they were born on the same day in the same hospital!)

Aarti arrives home, she hurts herself as she was in a rush, radha gets a hold of her and says “What are you doing? You’re going to be a mother soon, take care of yourself. Are you hurt? Maybe you pulled a muscle. Heat it with some hot water. Okay?” Aarti says “you don’t need to be bothered about me. I don’t need those people’s sympathy that want to defame my father for no reason.” Ishita arrives and says “Hang on Aarti. My mother in law helped you in the name for humanity. She didn’t pretend anything. But you said one thing right…the only relation we both share is of enmity, ma let’s go.” Ishita takes radha along with her.

Yash ji massages Aarti’s foot. Aarti says “are you angry with me?” Yash doesn’t say anything. “If you are then please scold me but don’t stay quiet like this.” Yash says “Aarti ji, what was the need to trespass to her house by jumping the window. It’s not right for you to do this all in this condition. But still…” (awww Yash ji is so adorable) Aarti says “what could have i done instead? I couldn’t see you worried like this. Everyone’s so upset ever since that lady has accused bauji. I am the D-I-L of this family and i have responsibility to keep this house away from problems. That’s why i went to find out what that lady wants and why she’s here. I found these photos of yours when I was there. What were these doing there? We need all the answers right?” Yash says “we’ll find all the answers soon. The DNA report will be here in a few days and we’ll find out what that lady wants and what she has to do with these photos.” Aarti says “but still yash ji. Lasting all those days with this restlessness and is not right.” Yash says you’ve started again Aarti ji. I’ve told you that you don’t have to think about this much. Let me get some hot water.” Aarti says “hot water? That lady said the same to.” Yash gets irritated and says “Again? I’ve told you to stop thinking yet you don’t! Please Aarti ji don’t think about much. Let me get some hot water, it’ll relax you out.”
Ishita takes water out from the well to fill out the buckets. (who keeps a well in the house?) she’s unable to lift them up, akash comes and helps her out. Ishita smiles lovingly, Akash says “what are you looking at? I took these buckets from you, didn’t gift you a necklace so don’t be too happy about it. And I got it because this water is for me; i don’t want anyone to be bothered about me. Self service you see.” Akash walks off; Ishita says “I’ve seen all types of necklaces…money was never a problem for me. What i always hoped for was love and i expect that love from my husband too. God knows when I will get it.”

Prateik and SP are working, but SP isn’t impressed and says “what is all this?” Prateik says “but this is what the client wanted.” SP says “our work is to give our client 10 times better than what they expect. This is what makes us difference. What is this?” Prateik says “what can we do in order to impress the clients.” SP says “call yash! He can tell you 1000 different ways. YASH!” Prateik says “true, yash bhaiya knows what to do.” G3 is happy, SP stops. Yash arrives and says “yes bauji.” SP hands over the laptop to Prateik. Prateik says “bhaiya i made this presentation but bauji didn’t like it. Please help out with the changes.’ Yash looks at the presentation and suggests Prateik some changes, and asks SP to have a look at it once. Prateik says “this is what dad wanted. You did it without even asking him.” G3 says “a son is a father’s shadow. How can yash not know what his father wants. You can be harsh but i can see what’s in your heart. You’re pining for your son right? Yash, your father not only called you because he’s in need, but it was a cry for his son because he is aware of his son’s capability and has faith that his son will understand what he can’t say. How long will you hide your love? Just listen to your heart…” Yash says “bauji has always taught us that the family should become one when there is a problem.” Aarti says “yes bauji, let’s face this problem together. Only you haven’t faced this insult but the entire Scindhia family did, and we have to deal with this together.” SP says “handle your work and responsibility soon yash” Yash is happy. “the client asked you to handle this. We’ve already delayed things and it won’t be right to delay it longer.” Prateik wishes yash all the best, Yash leaves, SP says “G3 tells Aarti to return to her room.” SP leaves, Aarti is in tears. Prateik says “so bhabi shall we have a competition in the kitchen?”

Aarti is in her room, and looks at her an yash ji’s photo all lovingly. (YAY! They are back in the room.) Yash arrives from the back and lifts her up and excitedly spins her around as he says “I’m so happy Aarti ji. You know dad forgave us and we’re with our family.” Aarti says “I know but please put me down yash ji. I’m feeling dizzy.” Yash says “Oops…sorry Aarti ji.” Yash puts her down. “Aarti ju you know what bauji wants for dinner?” Aarti says “Cholle (Chickpeas) they are your and bauji’s favourite.” Yash says “yes! And ma’s already gone to cook. “Aarti says “let me go and help. “Yash holds her hand. “Yash ji let go off me.” Yash says “NOPE!” Aarti says “your intentions don’t seem noble to me…you and bauji have solved all the issues, don’t you want me and my mother in law to solve our issues?” Yash backs off and says “I don’t want that…I’ve understood very well that it’s not easy to pacify the ones that are angry with us. Ma has gone to cook and now you too go and help her out.” Yash leaves, Aarti says “this is what i wanted…i wanted to see that happiness on your face. I know you happiness lies within this family. I will not let this smile disappear from your face. I have full faith that you and I will overcome all the issues. And that radha and her son won’t come in between all this.”

Everyone’s eating dinner happily, radha is watching this from the kitchen window. Yash and SP say “WOW! Cholle cooked by ma.” Everyone share a little giggle. G3 says “these two just enjoy eating cholle so much.” SP says “where are the kids and pankaj?” G3 says “ansh wanted jalebi, so everyone went out.” Yash asks for more cholle, Aarti goes and gets more.” Radha passes by the window. Aarti is curious. Yash says ‘Aarti ji they are here.” Aarti sees the bowl and says “but that isn’t ours and nor have i seen this before. Radha?” Yash pours some in his bowl; Aarti goes and throws away the bowl. Leaving everyone shocked. G3 says “Lizard?”

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