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Married Again Friday 11th June 2022 Zee World updates

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On Married Again 11th June 2022: Married Again 11 June 2022

Scene 1:
Location: Yash’s house
Yash tells arti that the kidnapping has been done by a family member. Arti is shocked to hear this and asks if he’s sure. Yash says that he’s right since the talk that he had with his family about a fake marriage reached the kidnapper so fast. Arti asks that who could be behind this. Yash says that he too has a doubt about that and rules out all members of his family. He then settles on the name, buaji that sets arti also to thinking. Yash altogether expresses his concerns about her. Arti remembers buaji’s stinging words about the past week. She too agrees with yash but doesnt understand why she did this. Yash says he too is boggled at that but he would try his level best to reveal that person, and if that doesnt happen, they would then be seperated forever from each other. Arti holds his hand and says that she has the fullest faith, and that nothing like that would happen.


Yash holds a sari, and looks at the moon, sitting by the pool. Arti comes by him and she too stares at the moon. Yash says that life has placed a strange dilemma in front of him, and that he doesnt know what to wish for, whether he should do this to get ansh back, or should he wish that this night never ends and finishes here, so that he never seperates from his love. Arti says that she also doesnt understand if the moon is getting them closer, or warning them that time is running out. Yash holds arti’s hand. He drapes the sari in his hand over her head and looks at her romantically. As he leaves, she holds him back and hugs him, as he spreads out his arms for her. They both cry out their hearts. Yash signifies that arti is more beautiful than the moon, just to get a smile on her face. Yash wipes the tears off her face and again sits down by the pool. She too sits beside him and they both look at the pool longingly.

The next morning, buaji is all prepping up the house for yash’s marriage and has got the whole family busy. Gayatri asks vidhi to give yash the shervani that he needs to wear for the ceremony. Vidhi says that she wont be able to do this, since she wont be able to bear his sadness. Arti too comes in, seeing the preparations with a heavy heart, much to arti’s pleasure. Buaji takes the shervani and gives it to arti, asking her to give it to yash so that he’s ready for the marriage. Arti is shocked at such callousness on buaji’s part, but she takes it silently.

Arti comes to their room with the shervani and sees yash staring into vacant space, looking all lost. She places the shervani on the table. Yash turns around and is shocked to find the shervani.

A drunk prateik says in rue, that they have to celebrate yash’s marriage and that they would do, by drinking alcohol. They did so much for everyone in the family, and now they are helpless seeing yash and arti seperate. Pankaj says that they tried everything that they could but there’s nothing that they can do. Prateik however still argues that they didnt try their best. Pankaj tries to stabilise him and calm him down.

Palak and payal say that now thay are happy that ansh would come back and they would all live and play as a family. Shobha tries to smile for the kids. When the kids go out to play, shobha is distressed that they dont have any way to get yash and arti out of this mess, and get them togther and that she cant tell the kids that the family that they are wishing for, is breaking off today. Dubeyji asks Shobha to compose herself and takes her out.

Yash starts the marriage rituals with Vidhi, while everybody looks in sadness. Yash gets a message on his phone, congratulating him on the first ritual of marriage being completed successfully. Further, it says that the gift he has to give to Ansh, he should place it by the other gift, at a certain location, and that it would reach ansh. Yash complies, much to buaji’s pleasure who has been watching in glee. A teary eyed Arti looks at buaji, who is having the time of her life.

While Yash is gazing at his picture with arti, Suraj comes in and tells him that the girl’s family have arrived and soon the rituals would start for marriage. He says that Yash tried his level best to support arti, in the best husbandly manner possible. He says that in all of this, the girl he’s getting married to, doesnt have a fault and therefore, he should see to it, that he doesnt do the girl any kind of injustice. Suraj tells yash, that he expects from his son, that just like he has stood by Arti, he would stand by his third wife, Ishita.

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