Illusion Updates Wednesday 22nd February 2022

On Illusion Updates Wednesday 22nd February 2022: Illusion Updates Wednesday 22 February 2022, Jay asks Kabir to sign company joining documents and Kabir is about to sign them when Pooja stops Kabir and asks him to check which papers are these. Kabir checks and is shocked to see property papers. Rani smirks thinking this is what she wanted. Kabir asks Jay to tell he didn’t do this. Jay shouts if he cannot see he did it and he wants 50% property. Kabir asks if he has gone mad. Jay says Kabir is under Pooja’s control who wants property in her name. Kabir tries to slap Jay.

Jay shouts he has gone blind in Pooja’s love. Chanda types interferes and says her son is right, she wants her property share and will move from here with her children. Suman asks what is she telling. Chanda types says Pooja has trapped dadaji, Kabir, and even Suman may fall in her trap and kick them out of house. Suman shouts at Kabir that she wants Kabir to finalize divorce formalities and kick Pooja out of this house before whole family splits and verbally abuses Pooja.

Jay walks out of house to lawn when councilor goons try to torture him for getting councilor’s daughter debarred in copying in exam case. Kabir comes to Jay’s rescue and trashes goons. One of them pulls knife and is about to stab knife when Pooja interferes and holds knife getting severely injured. Kabir tries to catch goon and they run away. Kabir then nurses Pooja’s injury and asks why did she risk herself, what if goon had stabbed her in stomach. Pooja says there was no other option to save Jay and Jay’s life is more important than hers.

Jay hearing that tears property papers and apologizes Pooja for misunderstanding her. Chanda types also apologizes Pooja. Rani on the other side brainwashes Suman that Pooja planned this attack on herself to gain family’s sympathy. Chanda types brings Pooja to Suman and requests her to forgive Pooja as she has changed. Kabir also requests her. Suman says Pooja can stay here, but she will go from here and its her final decision. Pooja says she will go from here right now without divorce finalisation and Suman doesn’t have to leave her family.

Pooja walks to her room and packs her bags with teary eyes. Kabir enters and says she cannot go. Pooja insists not to stop her. Kabir says she cannot take decision alone as always and his life is also related to her. Pooja insists to let her go. Kabir asks if she wants to leave him alone in pain.

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