Illusion Updates Wednesday 16th February 2022

On Illusion Updates Wednesday 16th February 2022: Illusion Updates Wednesday 16 February 2022, Pooja walks into Kabir’s study room to check files and informs him that she will go and check them in her room. Kabir nods yes. Pooja tries to open door, but it is jammed. Kabir tries to open door and they both slip and fall. Their eyes strike and they feel nervous. Rani stuck in Kabir’s room with Ranjit fumes that she wanted to spend time with Kabir, but is stuck with Ranjit. Ranjit tries to impress her in vain.

Chanda types thinks of checking and opens door. Rani walks out of room. Chanda types sees that and Ranjit inside room and asks what was she doing in Kabir’s room with Ranjit. Rani says she came here to get candle and saw Ranjit trying to hide here fearing Kabir. Chanda types asks if she is telling truth. Rani yells at her and says Kabir must be in study room with Pooja, let us go and check. Chanda types opens study room and sees Kabir sitting on chair studying file and asks if she needs anything. Chanda types says Rani provoked her to check on him. Rani lies it is Chanda’s plan and drags Chanda from there. Once they leave, Pooja comes out of her hiding behind the door.

Kabir walks to Pooja’s room with bed tea. Pooja is surprised to see that. Kabir says he is waiting for her to wake up since long and feeds tea from his hands. Pooja wakes up and realizes it was her dream. After sometime, Pooja calls orphanage representative and hands him over money bag. Jay questions her and warns that wealth belongs to even them and he cannot spend a penny without their permission. Kabir enters and says he gave her permission. Suman yells Pooja is trying to loot money before divorce and make them bankrupt.

Kabir stops her and sends orphanage representative. Suman continues yelling at Pooja and Kabir takes Pooja’s side. Another man enters and informs them that Pooja handed over papers in suitcase instead of money. Pooja asks how can it be, she gave money. Rani smirks thinking she sent her aide and changed suitcase. Suman yells she told already it is all Pooja’s plan. Man walks away saying Pooja has helped them a lot in the past, but they cannot associate with her anymore. Pooja tries to convince everyone that she is innocent, but Suman continues yelling.

Anuradha also verbally abuses and slaps her. Suman then walks into Kabir’s room and says she told him that Pooja is untrustable and asks him to do whatever she says from hereon; they need to get back their money somehow. Kabir says he know how to get it back. He walks into Pooja’s room where she asks if he thinks like others that she stole money. Kabir says he trusts her more than herself and even if she tells him, he will not believe that she can steal money; he asks her not to try hard to prove herself innocent as nobody will trust her until she proves it practically.

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