Illusion Updates Friday 11th February 2022

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On Illusion Updates Friday 11th February 2022: Illusion Updates Friday 11 February 2022, Rani accepts that she brainwashed their mother and warns if Pooja snatches Kabir, she will snatch maa from her. While having dinner, Arundathi praises Kabir’s good qualities and feels sorry for Pooja’s wrongdoings. Rani smirks hearing that. Kabir asks if she will not give a chance to Pooja. Arundathi says Pooja troubled him the most and says she will never forgive her.. Pooja walks in. Arundathi gets up angrily saying she will not have food after seeing Pooja’s face. Pooja tries to stop her, but she walks away pushing her away. Pooja runs to her room crying. Kabir gets up and walks behind her, irking Suman and Rani. He walks into Pooja’s room and asks her not to hide her tears. She says she did mistakes and deserves this treatment, she did so much to get her mother back and her mother herself slapped her. Kabir says she is thinking in a wrong direction and should give some time.

Pooja walks to her Arundathi and requests her to beat her till she wants but forgive her, she realized her mistake by seeing Kabir taking care of Arundathi. Arundathi hugs and forgives her. Pooja wakes up from her her sleep and realizes it was her dream. She sees Kabir shivering sleeping on couch and drapes blanket on him. He holds her hand in sleep. A romantic song plays in the background. Pooja then walks to Arundathi and Rani’s room and pampers Arundathi while she is asleep. Once she leaves, Rani wearing Pooja’s clothes walks into Suman’s room and steals property documents.

In the morning, Suman cries that her property documents in which she transferred some of her property in Rani’s name are missing. Jay shows CCTV footage where Rani wearing Pooja’s dress stealing file and says Pooja has done it. Pooja walks in and Suman alleges her. Kabir says Pooja cannot do it and seeing footage says her face is not visible. Pooja continues pleading it is not her when Rani picks file from her cupboard and says Pooja stole it. Pooja says Rani must have kept it like she threw mangalsutra in garbage and brainwashed maa. Rani says she didn’t and acts pleading not to allege her wrongly. Kabir says he trusts Pooja and knows what Rani can do. He drags Rani towards door warning she cannot stay in this house. Arundathi tries to stop him folowed by Pooja accepting blames on her. Kabir says she has changed and he knows what she can do. Suman stops Kabir and says she will not let him send Pooja out and he is trapped by Pooja’s completely, if Rani goes even Pooja will go. Kabir leaves Rani and walks to his room. Pooja walks to him and asks why didn’t she send her out, she deserved punishment. He says asks her to get out and once she leaves his inner voice emerges and after a long confrontation says Kabir has fallen in Pooja’s love, so he is trying to protect her.

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