Illusion update Tuesday 8th February 2022

On Illusion update Tuesday 8th February 2022: Illusion update Tuesday 8 February 2022, Pooja’s mother in hospital tells Kabir that she will meet her Pooja and Rani soon. Kabir asks if Pooja is shrewd and arrogant from childhood or changed now. Pooja’s mother says Pooja is very kind and can go to any extent to help people, she used to even break her piggy bank to help people, Rani is very mischievous and used to trouble Pooja a lot. Kabir thinks Pooja’s mother has so much trust on her, but she has gone so rogue. At home, Pooja is busy in kitchen when Suman brings technicians and asks them to fix camera in kitchen. Pooja asks why they need camera here. Suman says she wants to keep an eye on Pooja and see if she tries to harm them. Once Suman leaves, Pooja walks out to get something when Rani enters and switches on gas silently and leaves.

Pooja gets busy chatting with Amma over phone when Jay walks out asking Sonali to get his wallet. She says she will get it. Jay yells at her not to act oversmart, nobody trusts her in this house. Suman walks into kitchen to boil water for her when Chanda types follows her and asks to get water for even her. Suman is about to light gas stove when Pooja returns and smelling gas runs and stops her, closes gas knob, opens windows and scolds Chanda if she couln’t smell gas and inform mummy ji. Chanda says she has not cooked food in her life. Suman yells at Pooja that it is her plan to gain her trust. Chanda yells with CCTV camera on, she cannot escape. Pooja walks to Rani and confronts her for switching on gas and trying to harm Suman. Rani denies, but on Pooja’s insistence agrees.

Chanda discusses with Suman that Pooja is very shrewd and may even file police complaint against them that they tried to kill her via gas leak. Just then police arrives. Chanda imagines police arresting her and Suman and starts her overacting drama. Inspector tells them that Pooja took back complaint against Dhruv and walks away taking Pooja’s signature. Suman thinks if she really changed. Jay says it is her conspiracy. Kabir returns. Suman tells what Pooja did and says she is confused if Pooja has really changed. After sometime, Dhruv calls Suman and plans to return home. She happily informs Kabir. Kabir thinks of checking if Pooja has changed and sensing her presence informs his aide that he will shift Pooja’s mother to a nearby house, then thinks he will see what she does. Pooja enters Kabir’s room when power goes off. She searches candle. Their hands strike and their eyes lock. Kabir gets conscious and says he found candle.

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