Illusion Thursday 10th February 2022

On Illusion Thursday 10th February 2022: Illusion Thursday 10 February 2022, Rani informs Chanda that Pooja did something to Suman. Kabir hearing that runs first and sees Pooja giving CPR to Suman and asking him to call doctor soon. Doctor checks Suman and says she got minor heart attack and Pooja’s timely CPR saved her. Rani gets jealous hearing thaat and her plan failing to ruin Pooja’s image. Doctor says someone should observe Suman for a few days. Kabir says he will. Pooja says she will and starts taking care of Suman. Suman wakes up and panics seeing her and shouts what is she doing here, if she wants to kill her. Kabir calms down Suman and says she was taking care of her and saved her life. Pooja runs out and cries. Kabir notices her and decides to reunite her with her mother. He informs about his decision to Jay who asks him to think again as they got back all their wealth. Kabir says he took this decision after much thought.

Chanda laughs seeing Rani slipping and falling and holds electric switch board. She gets electric shock and her hair get crimpled. Rani laughs on her next. Pooja grooms Chanda’s hair. Chanda praises her that she is not that bad.

Pooja does tulsi pooja in the morning when Kabir brings her mother Arundathi. Pooja emotionally rushes to hug her when Arundathi slaps and shouts why did she ruin PK’s family and betrayed them, she did not teach her all this, it would have been better if she was still mentally unstable, etc.. Pooja shatters seeing her mother’s behavior. Arundathi continues cursing and yelling at her. Rani acts as consoling her and takes her away. Pooja shatters more. Suman informs Chanda why Pooja married Kabir. Kabir enters and apologizes for bringing Pooja’s mother home without their permission. Suman says he did right, though Pooja is cruel, she cannot be deprived of her mother’s love, she will apologize Arundathi for the troubled she and her family faced by their family.

Pooja continues crying in her room. Kabir walks to her and says he or Suhani did not tell truth to her mother, he doesn’t know who told it, he just wanted to reunite her with her mother, it is up to her whether to trust him or not. Once he leaves, Rani walks in and reveals that she told whole cooked up story to their mother and brainwashed her against Pooja. She returns to mother’s room and continues brainwashing her against Pooja when Suman walks in and apologizes her for the trouble her family faced because or PK and says she had transferred a house and land in Arundathi’s name when she learnt about PK’s wrondoings and has those papers with her, she will transfer that property in Rani’s name now. Rani smirks.

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