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I DoWednesday 18th May 2022 Zee World updates

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On I DoWednesday 18th May 2022 Zee World updates: I DoWednesday 18 May 2022 Zee World updates

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Sanam gets dilshad’s call, and informs her that haya is safe as she finds her approaching towards the haveli. Meanwhile, Maqsood calls someone and tells that the time has come for the implementation of their plan. While ahil and other afmily members are busy, mnaqsood points the gun at them and he, along with his team, get the entire family captive. Ahil asks whats this nonsense. Maqsood says that this haveli is now captured by them. all are shocked and scared. Meanwhile, Haya is about to enter inside when sanam comes and takes her to the lawn to sit unaware of the danger that looms inside. Meanwhile, inside ahil stealthily takes the phoner, but one of them stops him and takes the phone in lieu of his sisters’ safety.


In the lawn, Haya is tensed. Sanam notices this and asks if everything is okay and if she is treated nicely, as she looks very lost. haya doesnt complain. Sanam explains her enormous workload here due to which she hasnt been able to come. Sanam is about to enter inside when she finds the people captive inside, while one of them calls up someone and says that the work has been done. Ahil unable to take it any longer, engages singlehandedly in a scuffle and is about to overpower the situation, when their boss comes in claiming to be a terrorist, says that they finally shall prove their existence and be taken seriously once they explode this haveli. Ahil tries to enter into a scuffle, but the boss gets ahil helpless at the point of the gun. tanveer pleads not to hurt ahil. ahil vouches for his mother. The boss smirks at the situation, that ahil wants to sacrifice for the country, and the mother wants to sacrifice for the son, and tghat everyone shall die today, the question being who would die first. He starts going to everyone with his gun pointed at them, while they all are scared and finally settles on tanveer, when ahil says that he should leave his family and his mother, and take his life instead. the boss says that they should take his life first then.

Sanam tells haya that something is definitely wrong inside, and that they have to do something. haya offers to call the police, while sanam leaves to call someone frpom the outside. She almost collides into someone, seeing who she is shocked.

While the terrorist is about to shoot ahil, Sanam comes in a Burqa dramatising, to be the lover of ahil, and saying that she wanted just an apology from him, and nothing else, but if that doesnt happen, then so be it, and that she would die herself first before seeing her husband die. ahil is shocked to see sanam like this. The boss says that he hasnt been sent by her brother and ass who is this brother she is talking about. She shows them towards the door. They identify the person as Captain Virat aka Akshay kumar. Ahil and others are shocked to see him too. Virat manages to beat the hell out of the terrorists, but their boss activates the bomb and then tells virat that its over. Virat tells ahil to get evereyone out of the haveli as its been planted with bombs. Ahil complies. Virat manages to retrieve the bomb and diffuse it safely and grab hold of the master terrorist, as he continues to threaten.

Meanwhile, Sanam finds movement in the locked door. She says that they have to rescue that person too and rushes towards there. Tanveer is tensed that she might know the truth and referring to that captive person as Badi Begum, she rushes after sanam, so as she doesnt get to know too much. but sanam manages to open the door, and is shocked to find an old woman lying down on the bed, muttering in semi conscious state. she places her hand at the woman and she is shocked and scared to see her. sanam identifies herself and asks her not to be scared as she works here only as the cook. Meanwhile, ahil finds tanveer on the stairs while she is concerned for that room, ahil rushes to save her, while tanveer is frustrated that she isnt able to stop ahil from seeing the person thats been locked from so long. Ahil refers to that lady as Badi Ammi, and rushes to sanam’s aid as she finds her supporting badi ammi. they both get her down the stairs, past tanveer asking her to come down too. tanveer is very tensed.

While virat captures their boss, the police too comes in with haya, who nab the terrorists and take them away. sanam thanks virat, while he compliments profusely for their bravery, especially sanam and ahil. He explains the way terrorists function as sleeper cells, while all listen intently, to his work and his job profile. ahil is shocked that he is a secret agent, while virat says that even his family doesnt know it, to keep them out of danger. Ahil says that he was on holiday. But then sanam recapitualtes how she had collided into virat, who’s ahil’s childhood friend, and then asked for help, while virat says that when he was talking to ahil, he got to know of the disturbance in their house and came here. He hugs ahil happily.

Azhar’s mother, latif and sanam lie her down on the bed, while azhar’s mother tells sanam to come along now, for her to rest. sanam doesnt want to leave, but is insisted by azhar’s mother and latif to rush along and finish the remaining work. She resignedly gets up, but her hand is held by badi ammi. Sanam says that she feels that she wants to say something. Azhar’s mother says that for years, she has opened her mouth just to eat, and never to speak, and hence they shouldnt get her angry. Thery leave along with sanam. tanveer comes in, seeing who badi ammi is scared. tanveer closes the door, while badi ammi keeps lying down. The screen freezes on tanveer’s tensed face.

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