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I DoTuesday 17th May 2022 Zee World updates

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On I DoTuesday 17th May 2022 Zee World updates: I DoTuesday 17 May 2022 Zee World updates

Episode starts with Muni doisa wondering where her other bangle is … Her Perv husband remembers that he had gifted the other bangle to Haya in a frolicy mood.

In kitchen Sanam tries to coax information out of Latif about the prisoner in the house … Latif almost blurted it out but controlled himself at the last minute.

Munisa sees the bangle on Haya’s hand and confronts her. She is sure that Haya is a thief. Haya uses sign language to say that Munisa’s husband had given her the bangle. The husband tells Munisa that Haya is lying. Munisa slaps Haya.

Sanam is sure Aahil has something to do with the prisoner since he is definitely a jallad. She decides to ask Begum sahiba who is constantly counting beads on a rosary ( super

pious Billo rani) … She cannot

possibly lie. Sanam doesn’t get the chance to ask cos joker Khala Khalu has brought pest controller to clear pests in the house and are busy seeking permission from Begum Sahiba ( why does Khala Khalu call her begum sahiba , they are sisters after all)


Rahat tries to apologize to Haya since he didn’t realize that she was deaf and mute earlier. Munisa tells him to stay away from her …. She is not as innocent as she looks, says Munisa.

Billo rani asks Sanam to come to her room to serve tea. Sanam masters courage to ask about the BLUE room ( where a person is locked )! Billo is annoyed. Nazia comes to see mama and Billo gets away without answering the question about the prisoner in that room.

Billo is angry at Khala for letting Sanam get close to the blue room. Sanam at night sees some guy in blue uniform ( the exterminator) standing outside the mansion. She tells Latif about it .. Latif says he must be smitten by latif’s beauty.

next morning the exterminator comes with 4 more guys in blue uniform. Khala Khalu wants to get rid of some of them but they inform that Begum sahiba has already paid for them. Sanam accidentally sees some wire in the bag pack that the exterminator has brought. She realizes something is not quite right.

Ahil is talking on the phone, he yells at the exterminators for messing up the wire system in the house …

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