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On I do 9th June 2022: I do 9 June 2022

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
While nida is dreaming about inheriting ahil’s will, azhar’s parents discuss that nida is going to get the will and thaen the money shall be theirs only. azhar’s mother is concerned for tanveer and her evil ways. nida says that tanveer doesnt either have time left or option, as she wont find a girl who ahil would agree to marry and hence ahil would now definitely get married to her only and once it happens, she would show everyone their limits, be it tanveer or the servant, all would have to be under her.

rehaan is lost in Sanam’s thoughts and their encounters and has a smile on his face. he turns around and is surprised to find ahil smiling at him, asking why is he smiling alone. rehaan diverst the topic. but ahil insists, saying that when a person smiles in solitude there’s a story behind. rehaan says that there’s no story for now. ahil gets tensed and says that his eyes say that he is waiting for one, and then tries to ask whats he hiding from her. Reehaan says that he didnt hide anything from him, but what about ahil himself. ahil asks whats he hiding now. rehaan asks if he is happy with nida and loves her. ahil gets tensed and walks away. Rehaan asks if he is waiting for anyone. Ahil remembers his encounters with sanam. rehaan says that his silence speaks for him, and asks him to think again and not a story that his heart doesnt want to hear. ahil says that the irony of love is, that stories arent picked by them, but its the other way round. He says that they shall see what lies in store for both of them. Rehaan complies. they both leave, both lost in thoughts of sanam.

The shopkeeper shows various dupatta styles. Tanveer feels the embroidery of the wedding dupattas sent for choosing, and says that just the feel can say how intricately the design has been knit and how wonderful the lehenga would look. All compliment tanveer’s choice. Nida snubs her off saying that feel cannot compensate for what can be seen and maybe if she had sight, she would have seen it and then she wouldnt have liked it. tanveer is irritated at this. azhar’s parents too are shocked. nida says that the colour is very gawdy and tghe colour wont suit her too. tanveer manages to smile and asks her to tyhen select one for herself. Tanveer asks asam also to choose one for herself. Sanam comes in with tea. Nida sees her and gets an idea. She asks sanam to be careful showing her the steaming cup of tea, taunting her that the least expensive of these clothes cost more than her yearly salary. sanam feels insulted and looks at ahil, who is tensed too. nida sees ahil and goes onto ask him to select one of the dupattas for her. Ahil eyes sanam and then says that he would do so later. But tanveer requests him to stay back, so that nida isnt hurt and asks him to help nida select a dupatta. Ahil is speechless. He passes by sanam, holding ahil’s hand. As sanam is about to go, nidfa stops her saying that she would try it on her, and then select. Ahil and sanam both dont seem too happy. Nida makes a mannequin out of Sanam, as she tries on different dupattas on her and asks ahil about his choice. Sanam’s eyes well up in tears, while ahil is extremely uncomfortable. nida notices this and then sees sanam. Nida turns her around so that snama isnt able to face him. Finally ahil gets irritated sensing sanam’s discomfort and asks nida to stop this, surprising her. All are tensed. He leaves hastily, while nida is tensed, sensing which tanveer smiles. sanam takes off the dupattas, and then eyes her in disgust and leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Dilshad is happy with haya, at finally having orders for their embroidery work. While they wait on the road for public transport, rehaan, in his car spots them and stops his car. dilshad says that they shall manage. He says that he too is going there only and insists on dropping them. they drive off. dilshad tells about haya’s embroidery, and how she had designed sanam’s wedding clothes. rehaan is shocked but is relieved when he hears dilshad saying that it didnt happen. he gets very happy, and says that god must have kept something better. he asks what happened. Dilshad complies with rehaan, that he wasnt meant to be her husband and that sanam, being brave could face all this, otherwise anyone else would have been shattered. She says that she wishes sanam finds a good guy and she settles down soon, and laments that god should have made more good people like him. rehaan is happy from within.

Scene 3:
Location: Munisa’s residence
Munisa talks to shoaib, on the phone, lamenting that she too misses him bad and how haya has started luring rahat too. She says that she would soon try to find a way to get haya out and his entry back in the house. she cancels the phone. Munisa turns around and finds haya behind, excitedly showing her the new embroidered suit. She likes it and then is upset to know that haya has made something for rahat too. haya complies. Munisa says that rahat wont wear it, and if she had to make anything, she should have asked her first, instead of wasting her time. she leaves while haya is hopeful.

Scene 4:
Location: Ahil’s residence
tanveer asks asma to describe the choice of nida for the dupatta. asma says its very beautiful and that its light blue. Tanveer gets tensed. tanveer comments that the colour of the wedding attire has to be red only, owing to traditions. nida taunts tanveer that she doesnt have any fashion sense at all, and that red is completely out of fashion, and girls wear anything they like. tanveer tries to make her agree but nida stops her and says that its her marriage and hence she should decide on the colour of her wedding dress. tanveer is frustrated. she gets emotional and says that she just wanted ahil to gte married according to traditions but she is okay if she doesnt like it, and that nida can choose whichever colour she likes. She leaves, asking asma that she is okay and not to follow her. azhar’s parents are tensed. tanveer is stopped by ahil, which shocks azhar’s parents and nida too. they turn around, while ahil wipes the tears off his mother’s face. He asks azhar’s mother to choose the same dupatta that tanveer likes. She complies. nida tries to argue but ahil stops her. Ahil says that his mother is more than god to him, and that his would be wife would wear the same dupatta that tanveer chooses. tanveer smiles evilly and thinks that she is an old player and that she wins either which way. Nida thinks that tanveer shouldnt mistake it for her victory as she would change the game soon. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

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