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Written by TALIBAN

On I do 9th July 2022: I do 9 July 2022

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Tanveer sits with some guests, when ahil comesd and says that he would come in the evening. the guests tease him for his marriage, and his wife, and when he gets tensed, they reprimand him teasingly for being shy. tanveer smiles. latif brings a necklace to sanam, and asks her to wear and receive tanveer’s guests downstairs, while she questions if this is really necessary. latif asks her to do as tanveer said, as she is waiting for her. As sanam descends, ahil is mesmerised looking at her. He pretends to be extremely romantic to her, and has fun when she is at discomfort, with him holding her hand. The guests are amused at this. He asks her to escort him outside, and sanam complies. the guests wish the couple luck and all the love in the world. Out of hearing range, sanam asks him not to get too close, as there is no lawyer to check on them, and hence asks him to stop the drama. Ahil says that he doesnt want mouths chattering against her, and asks her to continue with the drama, and kisses her on the palm, much to her disgust. As he leaves, she too refers to him as an endearment term, and rubs his hand hardly that it pains to him in a similar manner that he had done to her, and asks him to take care of himself, and call when he reaches. He too pinches her cheeks, to show love, but extra hard, so that it pains her. she is irritated. ahil leaves. sanam overhears guests gushing about their love, and tanveer talking about how lovable and amiable she is. the guests say that she too is very loving towards sanam, and asks what did the girl bring from her house. tanveer and sanam are tensed. tanveer clarifies that she doesnt have parents, but has been brought up by her badi ammi. As sanam is attending to the guests, she is tensed and hurt when the guests express their horror at her being an orphan in front of tanveer, and that she having no clue about her parents at all, and her background. they start reprimanding tanveer, for marrying ahil with a girl like this. tanveer tries to clarify, but stops when sanam starts speaking. sanam says that she does know about her parents. they insistently ask her to tell it then. Sanam says that her parents used to stay in Bhopal only, and got married here, and her father had a huge business, but her parents died when she was very young, and starts saying their names. tanveer is oblivious about what she is about to say, and her connection to her parents. She is curious and tensed. Just then her phone rings, and sanam picks it up seeing that its from the hospital. she attends to it and says that she would have to leave for the hospital rightaway. tanveer allows her and asks her to call if she needs any help. sanam leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: Munisa’s residence
While haya is packing, rahat and munisa come in. rahat asks her to say it. Munisa apologises for what she said, and asks her not to misunderstand what she said, and that her staying here doesnt bother her at all, and she can stay as long as she wants. she says that if she goes, she would feel that haya didnt forgive her. Munisa leaves tensedly. rahat and haya are tensed too. haya eyes rahat overwhelmed with emotions, saying that he shouldnt have done this, Rahat says that he wont hear anything, and asks her to please stay back, for his sake atleast. she eyes him emotionally, and then finally complies, getting him happy. he says that she cant go anywhere, as he wants her to meet someone special, and that shall be a surprise. He leaves, while she eyes him.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s office
Ahil is lost in the office, when rehaan comes in with official work. ahil notices him with a scrutinising manner, remembering rehaan’s equation with sanam, and how he came in between them. Rehaan continues nonchalantly. rehaan notices this and excuses himself. but ahil stops him, saying that he wants to talk to him. rehaan stays back. Ahil comes upto him, and then hesitatingly says that in the past few days, he had never imagined, that things and life would change so much. he says that he didnt want this at all, and wants rehaan to believe it. he says that he has realised, that rehaan is under a shock due to this marriage. rehaan turns and says that he doesnt want to talk in this marriage. Ahil tries to talk, but rehaan says that whats happening is for the benefit of everyone, and that he has full faith on ahil. ahil says that he knows that he is in pain. but rehaan stops him yet again. Ahil lets go of the topic. rehaan asks him what does he want him to say, and that nothing is okay, and what happened was wrong, and shouldnt have happened, and that these talks are futile, as whats done cant be undone, and that this is their life, and his destiny. ahil is shocked, while rehaan leaves in a huff. Ahil says that rehaan thinks that time would heal his wounds, but some wounds arent destined to be healed. Outside, rehaan thinks that ahil blames himself for all this, not realising that he is just a pawn in tanveer’s game. rehaan is disturbed.

Scene 4:
Location: Hospital
Sanam and haya wait anc=xiously outside dilshad’s room. The nurse comes out and tells sanam and haya that dilshad woulkd take some time to come to her senses. sanam tells it to haya. haya asks if she is okay. sanam asks why. haya asks how is she coping with this forceful marriage. sanam lies that she is very happy, and that the marriage was in haste, and everything is okay now and praises tanveer and her noble nature. haya asks about her husband. sanam remembers ahil’s stinging remarks, and his rude behaviour towards her, but still lies that he loves her very much and cares for her. She asks haya not to care for her, and assures that dilshad would be fine soon. sanam is tensed as she hugs haya.

Scene 5:
Location: On the road
When haya is walking on the road, with an umbrella, trying to hail a cab, and cites a boulder, she decides to move it away. she gets down to doing it. Just then, a person rides on the motorbike in huge speed, in a stylish and heroic manner, in the rain, skirting dirt and mud all over her, as she stands shocked, after she doesnt respond to his repeated beeps. the biker, in a bid to save her, too skids, and takes off his helmet in anger. He comes to her and asks if she’s deaf and all. she vents out his anger in disgust, by signalling. They have a signal spat, and haya storms ahead, giving one last angry look at him. the man too is angry.

Scene 6:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Ahil comes home to find the lawyer with tanveer, who has the papers ready, for his and sanam’s signature. tanveer says that she would be relieved once the property goes rightfully to ahil. sanam comes and sits down beside ahil, on his and tanveer’s insistence. Tanveer suggets that they should go to the property to view it along with the lawyer. ahil asks her not to worry as he would go. tanveer distracts him saying that he needs to spend time with his wife, and that she would do this herself, and insists when ahil tries to talk her out of it. The lawyer asks Ahil to sign his name after writing right below his father’s name. He is tensed hearing the mention of his father. Sanam notices that ahil is tensed, as he remembers his haunting memories of childhood, and is unable to compose himself and sign the papers. While sanam is tensed, he finally gets to signing. the screen freezes on their faces.

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