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Written by TALIBAN

On I do 2nd July 2022: I do 2 July 2022,

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Asma searches around for latif and azhar finds him for her. she asks about the box of sweets, and latif points at them, where azhar’s parents are greedily eating them away. they are tensed and shocked to find tanveer and instantly rush upto her to say how they have done all the prep, and how nida is getting ready. Tanveer is tensed to hear this.

while nida is getting ready and she finds tanveer standing at the gate, she asks her friends to leave. Nida taunts tanveer asking her how does she look, and how she doesnt stand a chancxe against her now, as she wont find another bride who would agree at such short notice and be a pwn in her play. tanveer asks if she actually feels like she can rule her, and tells her that she is a very new player at this game. she says that she hasnt lost from anyone, and knows very well to keep enemies in their limits. she tells nida that she is here as she has permitted her. nida asks her to remember that this would be her first defeat if she leaves. Tanveer is frustrated. Azhar’s mother comes in saying that the priest and the lawyer have come, who want the entire marriage to happen, before they hand over the property papers. The priest is taken care of by azhar’s father, when ahil descends down, along with azhar, remembering his past moments with sanam, and visily lost and tensed. the priest asks him what happened and asks him to sit down at his seat. the priest calls for the bride. She is brought down by nazia and shazia. ahil is super tensed and frustrated.

Azhar’s mother is impatient for the marriage. latif comes and taunts her about the gift. she glaots that she has got a thick gold chain for sanam. she barely escapes latif’s trap. Azhar’s mother asks for permission to start the rituals and she complies. the priest begins. Latif notices the trolley moving, and all are tensed. tanveer seems scared too. the priest begins with the rituals while tanveer excuses herself for sometime. she moves over to the table that is moving. The priest refers to the bride as Sanam, Daughter of Asad ahmad Khan, and asks her if she agrees to this marriage. hearing this name, all the ladies are shocked. Azhar’s mother point it out to him that its nida and not sanam. Azahra’s mother lifts the veil to find sanam underneath it, while tanveer has trapped nida with her mouth trapped. She is shocked, as she finds sanam who is equally tensed. She remembers her deal with tanveer, to which she finally agreed and even signed the nikahnama, and how she had done it. The priest asks sanam if she accepts the marriage and she says yes, much to everyone’s horror, as she remembers tanveer’s favour to her in saving her badi ammi’s life. Azhar’s mother tries to protest, but the priest shuts her up. she tries her husband’s number, but he doesnt pick up. rehaan finds the ladies happy and tells to asad that nida said yes to marriage. tanveer evilly asks nida if she is enjoying the marriage. Tanveer remembers how she she had hurt nida, when she was draped in the veil, and she had fallen unconscious. the ladies come and congratulate tanveer that the bride has said yes. Tanveer is happy and hopes that ahil says yes too.

As the priest professes and asks ahil about his yes to marrying sanam, he and rehaan are equally shocked qhile rehaan is shattered. all other men too are astounded. He looks from the priest to the bride, in bewilderment. the priest asks him again, saying that if he doesnt respond then it would be taken as his negative response. He repeats the question. tanveer waits with bated breaths, but she isnt able to hear sanam’s father’s name. rehaan goes and asks whats happeneing, and tanveer asks him to stay calm, as she is doing this for the best of the family. Ahil remembers sanam’s moments with him and rehaan excited at proposing her. Tanveer comes to him and asks him to say yes. Ahil,a sks about nida nd is told that she went away and said that he would tell him everything later on. tanveer says that whatever she would do is for his best and asks if he trusts her, and say yes for her sake. He says that he does, and tanveer asks him to do exactly what she says then. Ahil is super tensed. tanveer is distarught. The screen freezes on ahil’s tensed face.

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