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I do Wednesday 26th May 2022 Zee World updates

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On I do Wednesday 26th May 2022 Zee World updates: I do Wednesday 26 May 2022 Zee World updates, The episode begins with Tanveer threatening Khala-Khalu to remember where the will papers are. Khala asks her why is she so desperate fr the will. Tanveer scares them with a knife saying both of you didn’t do your job properly. Khalu-Khalu says we did inform you when we saw Badi Begum with the will. Tanveer recalls Sanam’s words & asks have you heard of something like red wall, salahuddin . Khalu gets scared & says burial ground. Khala Khalu says twelve years ago we ran after BB to the cemetery but by the time we gt hold of her, she had hidden the box.

On the other hand, Sanam reaches the spooky cemetery at the dead of the night. The goons also reach there but she hides. They start to find her & then begins the hide & seek between the men & Sanam.

In the Mansion, Tanveer says that I have to retrieve the will. BB hates me. I have to think of something else to get the box. Just then Aahil comes there. Tanveer tells him that she wasn’t getting sleep. Aahil says I will bring you milk. She says let Sanam bring it, why are you taking the trouble. Aahil says anything for my mother ! He adds that Sanam has gone out. Tanveer wonders where did Sanam go.

At the cemetery, the men are still unsuccessful in tracing Sanam. While she hides from there, she stumbles on a coffin by the name of Salahuddin & thinks that BB wasn’t blabbering meaningless words. She then feels that something is buried next to the coffin & prepares to dig it out.

Badi Begum hopes that Sanam finds that box. Then a flashback is shown how Khala-Khalu chase BB to the burial ground but she manges to hide the box near Sallahudin kabr. BB resolves that Tanveer wud never ever get the box.

Back to the present, Sanam gets the box, opens it to find an envelop. She tries to escape but is caught by Tanveer men. Tanveer tells them on phone to take the envelop from her hand & bury her in the burial ground itself. She tells the men that she would be reaching there right now & Sanam shud be buried before that! Just then Aahil calls out to her. Tanveer is alarmed whether he heard her talks.

Aahil doesn’t hear anything & comes in the room with a glass of milk. Tanveer is relieved but he asks her whom she was talking to. She replies there are some thing that I have hidden from you, which can pose a threat to you. And I don’t want that you fall in danger. So I have taken care of everything & will reveal to you when the right time comes. Do you believe me? Aahil says when you weren’t there, I was all alone but now that you are here, I can have no threats. I believe you more then myself. Tanveer tries to send him off to his room saying that he needs rest. Aahil says I’m restless during the day & I don’t get sleep at night. She says if you try, you will surely fall asleep. Aahil says I want you to make me fall asleep like how you used to when I was a child. Tanveer thinks I need to go to the cemetery ASAP to get the will but Aahil is not letting me go.

Sanam tries to free herself from the goon’s grip but fails everytime. The other goon is digging the ground to bury her. Sanam is shell shocked. She tries to break free but bangs her head in the tree & falls unconscious.

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