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I Do Wednesday 26th January 2022

On I Do Wednesday 26th January 2022: I Do Wednesday 26 January 2022, Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
Zoya and everyone else is very tensed, about tanveer’s condition. asad reprimands her for being so slow in giving him the shawl, when she does everything else in such a haste. Dilshad defends zoya, saying that she must have been in shock, and hence she isnt to be blamed. Asad is about to say something but quietens seeing zoya’s sister standing behind her.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Razia asks humaira to bury her too next to her parents. Mamu asks her not to talk like this. The doctor says that she needs rest for the next 7 days, for the anxiety that she is going through.
Razia remembers badi bi’s warning.

Razia asks him to fulfill her last wish, which is humaira’s

Badi bi says that she understands her pain, but nothing can be done for the next 7 days, as she isnt well, and hence they cant have a celebration. But razia is adamant. Rasshid asks whats the hurry, anbd why is this so important

Razia says that she wont and is still adamant.

Badi bi reminds rashid what had the dcotor said, that what the doctor had told razia says that she deosnt need injections, shirin, in her innocence too asks her not to worry.
razia finally turns to ayan, and asks her for the same. Ayan remembers razia’s lie, and says that she wont as he is not so insensitive, that they give importance to her condition, other than the engagement. while razia is very angry and tensed, badi bi is very pleased.

Razia tunrs to hasena for her next conspiracy. Haseena is surprised at razia’s proposal. Razia asks her not to be surprised as she must have also given this thought. Haseena says that when imran was born, she was waiting for her daughter in law. She says that she is waiting for nikhat who would come and get to serving her. Razia too agrees on this, and says that she was born to be a mother in law. She says that she would make nikhat cry huge tears, as she would torture her real bad. They together concoct an evil plan.

Whiel nikhat, nuzrat and humaira are dancing away, haseena, hanging in the lobby, thinking about torturing nikhat, finds them dancing. She stops the music, and they turn around to find haseena standing there. Nikhat immediately composes herself and adjusts her clothes. haseena taunts nikhat, asking her not to drape a dupatta, when she has already been so shameless as to dance. Nuzrat tries to defend, but haseena asks point blank, what is this, and insults her for being so shameless. As she leaves, nikhat is in tears. The other girls compose her.

Scene 3:
Location: In the hospital
Dilshad asks zoya to go inside and find out, as asad soon would come back after getting the medicines. she agrees and startsv walking.

In her ward, Tanveer thanks the doctor, for her advise as she did exactly what she had been told to do. Lying in the hospital bed, Tanveer tells the doctor that she had a fire proof gel on her body, hence she wasnt scathed by the heat of the fire. She says that she suffered minor wounds, but thats too less a price to pay for what she expects to achieve and she tells the doctor that now she knows what to do, and that is that family members waiting outside should never know the truth. Zoya sees her from the window, and is surprised, seeing tanveer completely comfortable around the doctor, after her panic attack earlier, when the doctor had come for her checkup. Tanveer says that noone should know that she’s pregnant, and promises a hefty amount to her for doing this. Zoya wonders why didnt the doctor tell them that she’s regained consciousness. As she enters inside, the doctor says that she was just coming outside to tell them. asad too arrives.

The doctor says that its a miracle that she survived and soon she would recover from the incident. When asad asks if she’s conscious now, she says that tanveer is still not conscious. This completely boggles zoya. The doctor says that she however would soon regain consciousness. Zoya says that she just now saw tanveer talking to her. But the doctor says that she’s been sleeping. Zoya finds tanveer sleeping with the oxygen mask on. When she continually tries to prove her point, Asad as usual doesnt believe her. The other people arrive too, and the doctor tells them the same too, and ask them to wait outside.
As they leave, tanveer opens her eyes with a vicious smile.

Scene 4:
Location: Asad’s residence
Asad gives tanveer medicines and asks who di this to her, and that she shouldnt hide it any longer, so that he can help her. He says that she could have died on what happened. She says that she cant tell this to anyone. But on his coaxing, she says that she cant hide anything from him, but…and is about to say something, when zoya comes in and interrupts them. She asks how is she feeling, and gives her juice. When tanveer doesnt take it, she places it on the bedside, asking her to rest instead and drink later. As she tries to take the sheet, her hands collide against asad’s. (MITWA SAD) Asad shifts the sheet on tanveer, while zoya refrians her hand away. She again asks tanveer to drink the juice, but asad asks her not to bother tanveer. she says that dilshad has sent her here to look after tanveer. But asad says that she isnt needed. zoya says that tanveer might need something. Asad says that he’s here for that.(MITWA SAD) Zoya agrees and goes. Asad too follows her, excusing himself from tanveer.

Asad stops zoya, in the hallway and says that he didnt want to say this in front of tanveer. Zoya thinks that as usual, asad insulted her in front of people, and now wants to apologise alone. She asks what does he want to say. Asad says that he doesnt want her near tanveer. she is shocked. Asad clarifies that tanveer doesnt feel comfortable around her. Zoya asks why would she do that, when she knows that she’s her friend, and that he might be his oldest friend. Asad tells her how she stopped talking, when zoya entered. Asad says that she was burning, and zoya was just looking on, and hence she doesnt trust zoya’s friendship at all. Zoya
still arugues. She tries to show him the truith, but asad is adamant that she should stay away from tanveer. He leaves, while zoya is hurt. Her sister watches this from above. The screen freezes on her face.

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