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On I do 16th June 2022: I do 16 June 2022,

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Festivities are on in full swing, to perform the rituals of ahil’s and nida’s residence. In his room, while ahil is getting dressed and looks for his mobile, he finds it in his jeans, where he also finds the taveez that he found in the farmhouse, which had fallen off from sanam’s hands, and in instantly drawn back to memories of their intimate moments there, and then remembering rehaan hugging sanam, he tightens it up in a knot, he gets frustrated. he takes it and keeps it back in his wallet. tanveer startles him by coming and then saying that she feels very insufficient today due to her blindness, as she cant see him as a groom, and that he would actually look royal in that attire at his wedding tomorrow. Ahil is tensed. Sensing it, she asks him whats upsetting him and asks him to share it with her. ahil diverst her saying that she shouldnt ask him this again and again. he leaves. she is tensed. He comes back and apologises for being rude. Tanveer says that she knows he is very tensed. he says that he is feeling weird, and then cheers her up saying that he is looking one in a million, in the dress and attire that she chose for him. He hugs her and says that its amazing. tanveer smiles. He asks her and she too says the same,and reminds him to wear one important thing on her request and thats his smile, which is much more essential, and is indeed one in a million. he complies. ahil gets a call and excuses himself. tanveer thinks evilly that he may smile all that he can, as she wont let him smile after the marriage, when he signs off the property in her name. She says that after that, she would stop the drama of being a perfect mother and an ideal mother in law, thinking about her angst against Nida.

While all are dancing and making merry, tanveer stops them asking them to begin with the mehendi ritual, by selecting the design first. nida is frustrated. sanam gets badi bi in a wheelchair. while selecting the designs, nida finds herself distracted eyeing sanam dressed nicely. They all suggest designs, while tanveer asks them to select something sophisticated and elegant. Nida expresses her fury at them all making tanveer select the design from the one, who cant even see. tanveer is furious but makes a happy face, and says that the right is rightfully hers to select, and asks her to fulfill all dreams that she has of her marriage.

Meanwhile, rehaan calls sanam aside, saying that he got something for her, something very trivial that he saw by the side of the road. sanam is surprised and asks whats it. when he opens to reveal a gajra, she is excited, saying that she loves them and the scent of the fresh flowers and thanks him. as she dons the gajra, he eyes her overwhelmingly. She surprises him by asking him to assist her. He complies. ahil watches from a distance, and is shattered and unable to see them together. He crushes the flowers. nida finds ahil tensed like that, and is concerned. She calls out to him, asking him to come down and select the mehendi design for her. He says that he isnt interested and that he would come back after finishing an important work. Tanveer stops him saying that its his marriage, and she wants his participation in all rituals. Ahil agress, angering nida, and satisfying tanveer, at winning over her. he comes down the stairs, followed by nida. she taunts nida, by asking her how obedient is ahil. Nida is tensed. tanveer asks them to begin with the merriment. Nazia suggests something in tanveer’s ears and she starts singing and dancing along with asma. while tanveer is about to slip, sanam catches hold of her, and tanveer involves her too in dancing. Ahil watches them, as tanveer and sanam dance together, in circles. Rehaan amusingly continues watching sanam as she dances, while ahil looks at her in bewilderment. All clap, while nida doesnt like it. as all compliment sanam, nida is tensed.

The ladies ask tanveer to begin the ceremony, by first putting the mehendi on nida’s hand. tanveer says that its tradition for the husband to put the first shagun of mehendi. they all search around for ahil. Asma tells tanveer that ahil is going up. tanveer is tensed. She hollers at him and asks him to come down and start the ritual. ahil says that he had told her that he doesnt want to do it. He leaves. tanveer is tensed, but asks them not to bother as she would herself get him down. she leaves for his room. Azhar’s mother asks latif and sanam to serve the guests. they comply. tanveer asks ahil why isnt he participating in all the rituals. Ahil says that he doesnt like them and that this isnt a real marriage, then why bother with all the rituals. tanveer says that this marriage cant look unreal too, as that would drain all her efforts in vain. ahil says that he agreed due to her, but not to push her any more. While tanveer tries to convince ahil with the mehendi in her hand, ahil begins to say something, but his hand accidentally collides into the mehendi bowl, and it falls from tanveer’s hand, and down the balcony, and onto the floor, and the mehendi skirts all around. tanveer asks ahil why he did this. Azhar’s mother too expresses shock that this is a bad omen. Nazia notices the mehendi on sanam’s hand, and points it out to everyone, that the mehendi which was to be Ahil’s shagun in nida’s hand now adorns Sanam’s hand. All are shocked. The screen freezes on nida’s and ahil’s shocked face, seperated in the middle with sanam’s baffled face.

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