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Written by TALIBAN

On I do 8th June 2022: I do 8 June 2022

Scene 1:
Location: Munisa’s residence
At the dining table, all sit down to eat, while hay waits with crossed fingers for rahat. munisa asks if she is waiting for someone. Dilshad says that haya called rahat to eat with them. Munisa is surprised, and says thsat he never ate with them and hence wont come. Haya is disheartened. dilshad says that attitude changes over time, and maybe he changes due to something. haya eyes rahat’s closed door. Munisa again reminds her that he wont come and she would give him food in his arms, and asks them to begin the foiod. As haya continues to watch the door, she is thrilled, as she finds rahat coming out stealthily, uncrossing her fingers, due to her wish having been fulfilled. rahat walks to the dining table stealthily, shocking munisa. Dilshad smiles and is surprised too. haya sits down.

After dinner, rahat helps haya keep the leftover food in the fridge. After she is done, he eyes her. she asks if he needs water. he says that he wants to talk to her. they both sit down. He says that he knows that she is doing this to keep him happy, and draw him out of his loneliness, and hence he complied today and he didnt want to hurt her. he says that he knows he has to move on from his past, but the memories are a part of him now. He syas that she is doing this to get him back, and repay for what he did for her, but his wife also took away the rahat that she wants to see now. He tells her that nothing would vchange now and if she continues trying, she would be disappointed in the end, and he doesnt want that. he asks to be left alone in his memories. As he gets up to go, she stops him by placing her hand on his, and shakes her head in denial. She signals him that friends can never accept defeat. He is overwhelmed.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Ahil is frustratedly drinking thinking about his engagement, when he notices that the ice is finished. He vents out his frustration at latif, hollering at him, to get ice for him. sanam hurriedly comes and he gets surprised. he resignedly puts the glass ahead and sher puts one ice cube and he eyes it and continues asking for more, until it finally spills out of the glass and falls on his hand. Sanam offvers to clean it up, as he never told her to stop. He throws it in the pool, and turns to her. Ahil, in his frustration, takes sanam with her arm and jerks her around. She is shocked and in pain, while he clutches at her arm, and asks if she has to be told and explained everything and she doesnt understand some things on her own. She eyes him tensed, and asks why is he so angry at such a small thing. He is about to tell her, but then asks her to leave, as she wont ever understand. He gets in a rage, shocking sanam, asking her to leave rightaway. she rushes and runs from there, while ahil is frustrated. Sanam, while running falls in rehaan’s arms and seeks solace in rehaan who comforts her while she is crying and distraught. Rehaan finds ahil drinking and presumes what must have happened. He asks her what happened. she continues to cry simply. rehaan eyes ahil with tension.

In his room, tanveer asks rehaan why is he talking about all this now. he says that this isnt normal, and she cant do this to ahil and force him into marriage, as ahil doesnt want to do it. She says that ahil has himself agreed to do this. He says that he doesnt find it okay, and asks if she is hastening, so that ahil can get married and then she can find some other way to get the will. she says that she wont let it go to the trust as she has sacrificed a lot for this, and she wont let it go in vain. she says that she would see to it that it goes to her heir and noone else. he asks why should they sacrifice ahil’s life for this. She asks him not to get emotional, as she isnt spoiling ahil’s life, as nothing would change, and he has got the wife that he wants, and nida is his best childhood friend. He points out that it isnt ahil’s love. she says that idiots marry for love and ahil isnt one, and whatvere she is doing for ahil is right. He asks what if he loves someone else. she denies anything like that to happen, as she knows it very well. she asks him to go and rest, and not bother himself over ahil. he leaves, while she is tensed.

Outside, sanam eyes the moon, and asks the Lord, that she never understands what he wwants and why is it happening, what is. she says that she tries hard to stick to her work, but keeps ending up in problems, and that she doesnt have the sense and courage, to understand everytime whats the reason behind all this. she says that she doesnt know why is she still stuck here. rehaan comes and says that if the Lord wants her to stay here, then it would be something good. Sanam tries to fumble, but rehaan asks her to let out her anger in front of her friend. He asks her whats she doing here. she says that she likes it here. He asks her to rest as she would have hectic days from tomorrow. she says that she would go in sometime. He asks if she wants to see the falling star. She surprisingly asks how does he know. he sayus that he too had this childhood habit. She also reminisces about her childhood and its memories. rahat eyes him overwhelmingly. She gets aware of this and apologises for boring him. But he takes an interest in her innocence, and they both decide on having an icecream together. But her dupatta gets stuck in the waistband of his watch. she takes it off, while excited at the prospect of icecream, and rants about what a great cook she is. Ahil gets extremely upset and tensed, as he watches form hiding, rehaan tending out to sanam, having a hearty banter with her. Meanwhile, ahil is continuously drawn to sanam, while she continues to work in the haveli, upseeting him all the more as he notices this change in himself.

Tanveer thinks that rehaan is very innocent to think that ahil has fallen in love. She says that rehaan doesnt know that she has taught ahil everything, but has never taught him to love someone. she says that for him, emotions to surge for somneone, is having fertility in barren land, which is impossible. She smiles evilly.

Nida wonders that the ring should have been a bit more extravagant, so that all know what house is she getting married into. Nida says that this is just the beginning and that after marriage, all of this is going to be hers only. Azhar’s parents who hear her say all this, are frustrated and shocked too. Azhar’s parents tell her that they called her at the last minute, and she just got plain lucky. nida says that she knows how to harbour an oppurtunity, and that she has suffered many things from ahil since college, and bore his tantrums and irritating mood swings, and that now her wait shall finally onvert into money. The screen freezes on nida’s evil face.

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