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I do Tuesday 8th July 2022 Zee World updates

Written by TALIBAN

I do 8th July 2022: I do 8 July 2022

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Sanam is shocked while the lawyer is convinced at ahil’s confession, as he bares out why he likes sanam, her simplicity, her independance, her dreams, and hopes, her sense of right and wrong, and unfailing love to people. Branding hers as a heart of gold, he says that even if he didnt want, he came close to her and fell in love with her. rehaan is tensed, while tanveer smiles. Ahil continues saying that he has heard a lot about love, but never believed it, but today he is forced to believe all that, about love not following rules and logic, and being uncontrolled. Ahil asks the lawyers to get the papers ready, as thery both are soon going on a long due vacation for honeymoon. all are shocked. the lawyer apologises for his mistake. tanveer gives them permission to go to their room. Ahil extends his elbow to her, to go to the room. she is shocked, but places her arm around his, and walks along with him, passing by a disturbed rehaan. they walk up to their room, while all watch. tanveer asks the lawyer if his doubts are cleared, and if there is anything else that he would have to question. he again apologises and says that he would get the papers ready. he leaves. tanveer smiles, while azhar’s parents are tensed that tanveer might know that its them.

Ahil enters along with sanam, hand in hand still, while she is at discomfort. He throws the remote on the bed, and then takes her hand. Inside the room, ahil jerks sanam around, while she is shocked. Ahil tells sanam that she must be intelligent to know that whatever happened outside was a sham and pretense, and she doesnt need to believe it, and that from this day onwards she shall sleep in this room only. He says that there are lots of questions regarding this marriage, hence the drama and so to preserve the identity of the marriage, they have to do this. he reminds her that he may do all the drama, but she shouldnt forget her limits. Sanam says that she wont, and if his drama is over, she would like to be excused, as the lawyer would have gone by now, and she wants to retire to her room. She is about to open the door, when he stops her saying, that till all this is sorted out, she would have to sleep in this room only with him. She is tensed. He excuses himself to sleep. He takes off his shoes, and lies down, while sanam is shocked. she asks where would she sleep, as there’s just one bed, and no sofa too. He says that he knows, and tells her to sleep in the same bed, but with her face facing the other side. He turns around himself. sanam sits on the bed in disgust and then finally lies down. They lie down on the bed, each facing away from the other, going as distant as possible on the bed. they both feel chilly, and as they both get up to take the blanket, their hands collide, and an awkward romantic moment follows. but finally ahil takes the blanket, while she gives it to him, and wraps the duaptta around her, to escape the chill. ahil senses her discomfort and is tensed. He gets on top of her and shocks her, while asking whats her problem and if she cant sleep instead of tossing and turning around. she complies. He lies down yet again, while she too turns silently to sleep.

Downstairs, rehaan is tensed and expresses his concern for sanam being in ahil’s room for the night, while tanveer explains why is it needed. she assures him that sanam would dirvoce ahil in 3 months, and then she would be married to him, and still remain the bahu of this house. He is tensed. tanveer excuses to retire, while he eyes the closed door, of ahil’s room.

As ahil wakes up hearing the sound of the alarm, he finds sanam praying, while sitting on the floor, and is surprised and mesmerised as he is unable to take off his eyes from her, while she is obliviously praying. After she finishes, she gets up and finds him awake, asks him to come down on time for sehri. he complies.

Scene 2:
Location: Munisa’s residence
As munisa comes in talking on the phone, with shoaib, about how soon she would get him back in the house, she is surprised to find rahat staring at her. she cancels the phone, and asks if he got the note. He complies and clarifies that she had written ‘us’ and that created a huge confusion about she going out with dilshad. she clarifies that she had gone out with some friends for ID. He asks why didnt she tell that dilshad was in the hospital, and that she could actually be so careless to be partying when a family person is in the hospital. she asks whats the big deal, and that dilshad isnt of this hosue, and is just staying here, and its obvious for her at her age to be in the hosiptal, and she doesnt want to ruin her life caring for her. He tries to say, but she says that she doesnt care, and indirectly says that haya is instigating him again her, and he is talking like this to his own sister. she says that he would start behaving badly now, and she knows whats going on with him and haya, and that haya is nothing but a problem, and one day she would break his heart so bad, that he wont be able to recover. Hew is tensed. but they both are shocked, when they find haya, in tears listening to everything she said.

rahat comes to her room, and finds haya packing, and tries to talk her out of it. haya says that she saw what she had to, and that she is leaving this house, and that due to her, dilshad wasnt able to have been taken care of, and munisa and he have to bear so much, and henmce its in everyone’s best interests that she leaves. Rahat doesnt say anything, and leaves in a huff. She is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
While ahil is busy on the phone reprimanding employees for being slow and inefficient, and sanam getting irritated at all that, he tries searching around for somethings like the watch, wallet and glares, and when he doesnt find them in his anxiety, sanam silently keeps them on the bed. He is shocked as he continues finding them one by one on the bed. he looks at her surprised, as he catches her keeping the glares. He cancels the call and extends his hand for her to give it to him, but she places it back where she had found it, much to his shock. He takes it himself. The screen freezes on his face.

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