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I Do Tuesday 8th February 2022

On I Do Tuesday 8th February 2022: I Do Tuesday 8 February 2022, Scene 1:
Location: Haseena’s residence
Ayan is shocked at such behaviour being meted out to his mother. He goes to chandbi but he closes the door. Ayan in very angry, saying that he would break the door, if she doesnt open. shirin reprimands ayan for being so brash, and asks him what he wants to do now. she is very angry blaming him for everything. He tries to console her, but he jerks him away, saying he shouldnt come close to her, and goes away. Ayan is super angry and says that he would break the door, if she doesnt open, and goes around breaking pots and other stuff. Chandbi calls and tells razia what he is doing. Razia is very happy, that shirin has been nicely insultedna nd this anger of his would make him her servant for life, which she wanted. She cancels the call. As ayan begins to go, he ses the car, that they had given Imran, after Haseena’s coaxing. Oblivious to everything that happened, Imran is getting in the car. Ayan doesnt see this. He finds a match and petrol, deciding to light the car afire.

Ayan puts Imran’s car on fire, while imran is stuck inside, vengeance written all over his face, as ayan unfazedly walks off, not knowing that Imran is inside. Imran is very tensed, as he gets up, and sees that his car is on fire, and he struggles to get outside, while ayan walks away.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence
pammi is ready with her photographer for the photoshott of Asad and zoya. Pammi asks for zoya. As the whole gathering awaits zoya’s arrival, asad wonders if she would wear the dress that he gave her. As zoya descends, asad is surprised at what he sees. Zoya comes down in a red suit, not the one the he gave her as a gift. while she is happy that she’s dressed as asad wants her to, asad is sad that she didnt wear his gift. They compliment zoya, on her beauty, while asad is upset. The shoot starts, with zoya and asad standing facing each other. The photographer adjusts them, according to the demands of the pics, getting them intimate, and holding hands. While zoya is enjoying his company, asad is angry. The photographer asks for a dress change, and asad wonders why isnt zoya wearing the dress he gave her.

Zoya comes wearing something else, while asad is still hurt, that dress after dress zoya doesnt wear what he gave her, and then says that he shouldnt bother so much. When the photographer asks what colour would she wear now, before zoya can answer, asad says white, and then regains his composure saying that it would match the background. Zoya is surprised while others are amused. She goes for changing.

As asad waits for the change of zoya’s dress, and dilshad announces that she indeed looks very beautiful in white, asad is happy(MITWA MOMENT) Asad turns around happily, thinking that she’s finally wearing what he gave her, but turns to find she’s not wearing that. He gets sad. pammi compliments her on her beauty. Zoya enjoys the shoot while asad is very upset, They wrap the session. The other members start clicking their photos while zoya leaves in haste, and asad is surprised and boggled.

Asad goes to Zoya’s room, and asks why didnt she wear the dress, and if she didnt like it. Zoya says that it was very beautiful. Asad asks why he didnt wear it. He says that not him, she’s emotionally challenged as she doesnt bother what the other person feels. Zoya asks what he feels. Asad fumbles, and zoya asks him to let be, as he wont be able to say it. Zoya says that she didnt know he wanted her to wear it. Asad asks if he didnt want it, then why would he give it to her. Zoya asks that he wants to see her in that, and leaves for the bathroom. Asad also begins to close zoya’s door after getting out.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Rashid consoles Nikhat that whatever happens, is for the good. She shouldnt feel bad at all, right now. He says that he knows that she loves him a lot, and can do anything for him, but the question right now, is if he loves her back. She says that she knows in her hear, that he does. Rashid says that then he too would come, and their love would stand the test of time, and Imran shall go against his family and come to her, and then they wont be seperated ever. Nikhat looks at rashid hopefully.

Shirin comes inside, and doesnt answer to anyone’s call, as they call out to her. Shirin remembers chandbi’s words, and locks herself inside the room. Nikhat and nuzrat and humaira are very tensed. She looks into the almirah and everywhere else, searching for something. she finally takes out a knife, thinking that it would do the needful. Rashid asks the girls what happened. Badi bi too comes. Razia also asks to open the door, or else shirin would so something. As ayan comes outside, on the porch, he too hears the commotion, and comes running inside the house. He starts slamming too on shirin’s door, asking her to open it.

Scene 4:
Location: Asad’s residence
As zoya comes outside, wearing the sleeveless dress, and donning a dupatta, covering her naked sleeves, asad gives a look at her. (MITWA MOMENT) He comes to her, and asks why didnt he wear this before. She takes off the dupatta, and shows her right hand, with complete burn scars, and says thats why. She says that she doesnt know when she got this, anbd how. Asad remembers zoya’s sister’s words, and zoya says that there’s some connection withn this, and her dreams, where everything is on fire, and her mother trapped in it.She says that she always keeps it in hiding. As she begins to drape the dupatta back, asad stops her. Holding her hand, he tells her that she doesnt need to hide anything, as she’s very beautiful with it all. Zoya is overwhelmed hearing him say this. She has tears in her eyes. He lovingly caresses her cheeks. The screen freezes on their faces.

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