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I Do Tuesday 25th January 2022

On I Do Tuesday 25th January 2022: I Do Tuesday 25 January 2022, Asad outside worried when he remembers Neil & Arjun telling him to confess his feelings to Zoya and not waste time.Asad waiting when they send Zoya and Asad thinks I should tell Miss Farooqhu… no Zoya and from today we will start a new life. Zoya comes…Zoya remembers Purvi telling her Asad wanna speak to her in private & thinks Asad wants to end all this and she should accept his decision.Asad looking at her says not to run away & Zo thinks today I have to face it…Asad as usual stammers comes near her and looks into her eyes…zo too gazes.

Daawat underway in Rasia’s house with Haseena and others…Haseena wants to know the reason for this daawat when Rasia says a big good news for all as Ayan & Humeira are married…all are stunned.Rashid questions Rasia and so too shireen & Badibee & haseena too without any celebration. Rasia says the wedding is over and she has proof and goes to get the marriage certificate.Rasia opens the file folder while Ayan & humeira remember signing the papers.

Rasia says both were ready so got them married.All are still shocked & no one is pleased.Rasia says from now on Humeira is Mrs. Ayan Ahmed Khan.Rashid calls this as cheating as wedding happened without anyone’s knowledge, he questions Ayan & Humeira if they got married.Rasia forces Ayan to accept his interest in the alliance.Badibee says she has full faith on Ayan & questions him but Ayan is speechless…Humeira tries to reason out with Rasia but she stops her and opens the file and shows the marriage certificate to all which turns out to be some crayon drawing & all are amused & baffled at her stupidity…Haseena bursts into laughter while Rashid too redicules and asks Rasia to stop the nonsense and see the paper, Rasia looks at the drawing paper & is shell shocked…Haseena says Rasia is going crazy & redicules her,Ghafur scolds Rasia on her cheap jokes.

Rashid says Rasia is capable of getting ayan & humeira secretly married and someone spoilt it for her & shireen questions as to why Rasia wants a hushed wedding.Badibee says Ayan & Humeira were so shocked which means they know nothing of this wedding.

Rasia is trapped in her own plan & Badibee asks Humeira to speak up as she had seen ink mark on her & ayan’s finger. Rasia acts like fainting to divert everyone’s mind… she is on bed & apologises to all as she thinks her death is near.Ghaffur asks her to stay calm & they leave her to rest. Rasia thinks she had a close shave today & wonders who changed the papers & suspects Badibee who comes & makes fun of Rasia.Badibee then narrates how she came to know about the file & changed the papers in time.Badibee says 5 more days for you to come on streets.Rasia is left worried.

AsYa staring and remember the dance sequence…Asad calls her Zoya and about to speak when Tanu comes yelling Jammy… Jammy… AsYa look in shock…Tanu’s dupatta on fire Asad runs to her and extinguishes the fire while Zoya watches his reaction in shock… Tanu pleads and Asad asks zoya to give shawl… Zoya remembers her childhood burn scene and stands still…Asad yells at her & Zoya finally gives him shawl & Asad uses it to end the fire & lifts Tanu in his arms and rushes off while Tanu looks back at Zoya.

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