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I Do Tuesday 22nd February 2022

On I Do Tuesday 22nd February 2022: I Do Tuesday 22 February 2022, Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Ayan is shocked to see vikram with the girl, who he still thinks is humaira. Ayan asks for rajni, that she’s called outside, and she instantly agrees and goes out with ayan, boggling him.

Ayan and rajni enter the house awkwardly. finally, he apologises saying that he had lied as noone was calling her. Ayan says that he doesnt know why he got out of that place. Rajni says that its okay. They look at each other intensely, which is broken by vikram’s call, who asks about the person who had called Rajni. Seeing them silent, he demands an answer. rajni says that she was called by razia, as she’s sick, and she has to go to tend to her. vikram asks her to go, and tend to her, as they have a whole life ahead, and she should spend as much time as she can with them. She looks at ayn, and then enters into the room, while ayan is tensed. She opens the door, and finds razia sleeping. She enters stealthily and closes the dorr behind her. Ayan too leaves from there. She is very tensed inside, however oblivious that badi bi is under that bed. Badi bi tries hard to attract her atention towards her. She tries to catch on her sari.

Razia wakes up to find Rajni sleeping beside her in the bed, and is shocked, what is she doing here. She curses herself for not having closed the door. she checks on badi bi lying down, and finds that she’s trying to reach out to rajni’s feet, to get her to notice her. But razia stops her, by shifting her away. Razia thinks that if rajni wakes up, her plan would be crushed, and as it is, its time for people to wake up. She begins to strectch her bed, and take badi bi out of her room.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence
As zoya is seeing his childhood photos along with dilshad and nazma, where dilshad is telling zoya about how he hated clothes in his childhood. As asad comes, zoya breaks into her poetry:

Mulk ki tarikh kahegi ki aap mulk ki shaan the…
Log to jawaan ho jaane ke bad bante hain, aap toh bachpan mein salman the…!!!

Asad is at discomfort, while zoya teases him by not giving him the photos, and jumping on the bed, to evade him, also threatening him that she would put these photos on the net, so that his friends can know about his childhood. Asad says that he too would go and look for her pics, and nazma too helps him in this by saying that they are in her wardrobe. He runs outside, with zoya rushing after him. dilshad stops nazma to go after them, so that they have some alone time.

As asad runs outside, zoya pretends to have a sprain, to divert asad’s attention and run away instead. But asad grasps her, and they are in a tight romantic embrace, that makes them overwhelmed with desire.(MITWA MOMENT) She says that she’s in pain. Asad says that he’s sorry, but zoya says that she too is sorry, for befooling him, and runs off. While zoya is laughing, asad enters her room, and shuts the door and starts surfing through her stuff. Zoya asks him to come out, but he doesnt. Zoya is very upset that asad is seeing her things. Asad comes out and says that he’s very disappointed in her, and that she shouldnt have hidden the fact, that hair oil factory was working due to her, as there’s too much oil in her hair in the pics. zoya asks him to be better mannered and not be pokey. Asad says that she’s the last person to be talking about manners.

He teases her in the same way that she had done earlier. zoya gets on the sofa with the chappals, to irritate him, but asad is unfazed and she comes down to snatch it from him, while he teases her by intentionally not giving it to her. Finally some papers drop out. Asad teases her, while he reads that she has prepared a list of the things that she would get her future husband to do. Asad reads it first and sees that the first wish is to have berakfast in bed, prepared by her husband. Zoya threatens to go, and asad is unfazed by it. as she begins to go, he asks her if this wish can actually be fulfilled. Zoya says that these wishes are completely opposite to his character. She says that these are crazy wishes of a stupid girl. he says that its his responsibility to fulfill them. (MITWA) Zoya compares him to Wolverine, and that he being an action type person is able to show his macho and bravery, he wont be able to do what can be done by a romantic hero only. She says that it wont be possible for him, and leaves, while asad is smiling.

When zoya wakes up the next morning, by the sound of tha alarm, she does her prayers, while someone opens her door, and stealthily walks inside. she is shocked to find asad with the breakfast tray, and she thinks that she’s seen a dream. She pinches asad to actually believe it. Asad says that the first wish on 16 years old zoya, is finally fulfilled, and also compensate for all that he has misbehaved with her. zoya has tears in her eyes, but asad asks them to save as she would cry after eating the disgusting pizza that he has made. She gives him a slice, and some cheese is stuck to the corner of his mouth(MITWA) and zoya wipes it. A sweet romantic moment follows. Dilshad voice comes and pretends to be horrified as to whats all this. Zoya immediately goes out.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Razia stuffs badi bi’s mouth all the while cursing on her and spitting on her. finally her breath gives away, and she stops to find out how to take her out of the house now. While she is rambling, Razia is shocked, to find badi bi, wheeling her bad, with her hands, on a sliding slope, and as she desperately tries to rush to stop her, she is shocked when she finds that vikram collides into badi bi, and is shocked to see hr in such a state. razia is unable to react. Razia stops vikram from shouting, and in the grasp, she finds him stealing jewellery from the house, and is shocked at this revelation. vikram is ashamed and speechless. But he says that he too has found her truth, pointing to badi bi. razia is shocked. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

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