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I do Tuesday 1st June 2022 Zee World updates

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On I do Tuesday 1st June 2022 Zee World updates: I do Tuesday 1 June 2022 Zee World updates, The Episode starts with Malhar breaking the wall and rescuing the three captive girls. He thinks he was right that someone is behind this wall. He asks Rao if they are the same girls who were missing. The villager asks the girl you are here. Malhar asks who is he? Girl says he is my Kaka. She tells them that Mastani Bai kept them tied here forcibly. Malhar asks the men if they understood now that Mastani Bai had kidnapped girls and kept them. He asks if they have an idea where did Mastani Bai take his wife. The ladies ask Mastani bai to hurry up with the marriage. Kalyani asks Mastani bai to leave her.. Mastani Bai/atharv tells her that this is just an acting and asks her to let this happen, so that he can take her from here. He applies haldi to Kalyani and tells the villagers that they will go to his Kuldevi temple in his village, then they will be called as husband and wife.

Kalyani is calm and silent believing Mastani Bai. Mastani bai ties her and thinks stupid Kalyani to believe Atharv bapat. She didn’t know that once he takes her from here, three people will die, one is Kalyani, other is of her baby and thirdly Mastani Bai. He takes her near the car and frees her hands. He says I will take you to your husband. Kalyani pulls his wig and tells that she is not that fool. She recalls seeing patlu’s tattoo on his hand and recalls applying it to his hand. She says it was all drama and you used to call me taking out Rachit’s voice calls. Atharv laughs and says you are so clever, you shall be ACP and not the constable (Malhar). He tells that you have understood everything lately. He says I became Atharv bapat from Atharv Beta when I returned from mental asylum. He says I liked to play this game as I want to ruin Kalyani and Malhar Rane. He says my plan will be successful and asks her to say bye bye to his baby, as very soon she will take out her last breath. He takes out a big and sharp knife and says very soon you will count your last breaths.

Kalyani gets scared and asks him to think about baby atleast, if not about her. He is about to stab Kalyani. Just then he sees Malhar coming there on the racer bike. Malhar kicks Atharv and makes him fall down. He stops the bike and tells Kalyani that he told her that he will not let anything happen to her. Atharv gets up and picks the knife. Kalyani asks Malhar to listen to her and tells that I want to tell you the truth. Atharv comes near them and stabs knife in Malhar’s stomach. Malhar writhes in pain and kicks Atharv. Kalyani holds Malhar as he falls down. She asks why did you come between us. Malhar says I said that I will not let anything happen to you. Kalyani asks him to take out the knife. Malhar takes the knife out from his stomach with much difficulty.

Kalyani tells him that she wants to tell him a big truth and tells that the baby in her tummy is of him and not of Rachit. She says she lied to everyone and tells that this baby is yours. She says that day, when I went to hospital. He tells everything about getting IVF done, Atharv blackmailing her as Rachit and then finding her pregnancy report in which she came to know that her life is risky. She tells that I couldn’t told you due to risk to my life and as I know that you can get the child aborted legally within 28 weeks. She tells him that she can’t let this happen as their baby is very much important for their Billu, that’s why I lied to you and all, but you was in pain and I thought to tell you truth, but this thing have happened. Malhar says how much you talk Kalyani and tells her that he thought her wrong again. He asks how did you get strength to do a big sacrifice in such a small age. He says Kalyani…I love you…Kalyani kisses on his hand. Atharv gains consciousness and and picks the knife from the ground. Kalyani sees Atharv holding the knife. She takes out gun from Malhar’s pocket and fires at Atharv on his chest before he could stab her.

Malhar shouts Kalyani. Atharv drops the knife and falls down unconscious. Kalyani gets in shock and drops the gun on the ground. Malhar asks Kalyani what did you do? Kalyani says I didn’t do anything. She says I did what I thought right. Malhar says ok, Kalyani and tries to get up. He turns Atharv and checks his pulse. He tells Kalyani that Atharv is alive and asks her not to worry. Rao comes there with Police constables. He asks Malhar to come, but the latter asks him to take Atharv first to the hospital and says he is alive. Kalyani ties cloth on Malhar’s stomach. She faints. Malhar lifts her and tells that I won’t let anything happen to you until I am alive.

Later in the hospital, Malhar comes to Kalyani. Kalyani says our baby. Malhar tells that he is fine and asks her not to worry. He says I will not let anything happen to you, you fired at Atharv in self defense, remember this. I will not let any case filed against you. Kalyani tells him that this baby is very important for their Billu. Malhar says I will not let anything happen to baby. Kalyani signs him to come near her and kisses on his cheeks. Malhar smiles. Song plays…..Shayad mere khayal me tum ek din…..

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