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On I do 1st July 2022: I do 1 July 2022,

Scene 1:
Location: Function
rahat extends his hand for haya to dance, seeing her tensed. she says that she wont be able to hear the music. But he asks her to feel it. Rahat and haya dance beautifully to a slow romantic dance number. all clap surprisingly. Meanwhile, one of the terrorists disguised as a waietr asks the others to take their position as its time. haya and rahat eye each other romantically, while the ladies take her away. the terrorists take their position. sezing their chance, an infiltration begins, and the terrorists come in direct combat with the amry personnels while rahat starts giving directions. rahat looks around for haya, but is stooped by a terrorist. Later on, the terrorist groups attack the party and capture rahat’s boss. rahat tactfully tackles them and rescues the officer. the officer leaves to look outside, asking rahat to keep track of the inside. But when he finds haya hurt and unconscious, he loses his sense of awareness, and goes to attend to haya. The terrorists take advantage of this and capture him, while he stands helplessly, two guns pointed at him from two ends. they ask him to get up. He stealthily tries to take the pistol and fires the light. the entire room gets dark and rahat seizes this chance to rescue haya as he carries her out in his arms.

Scene 2:
Location: In a shed
haya is brought in his arms, by rahat in a barn. He places her on the hay and asks her to get up. but she lies unconscious. He lights a lantern, and then comes with it to haya. He finds that she is cold, and desperately calls haya to ask her to wake up. He frantically rubs her hands to get her warm and then takes off his coat to keep her warm and sung, as he drapes it around her. He keeps asking her to wake up, but in vain. To give her more warmth, he takes her in his arms to give her body warmth as he lies tensed and awake, concerned for haya.

Scene 3:
Location: Hospital
Sanam and tanveer wait impatiently as the operation continues. It finally gets over. The doctor comes and says that the operation is successful and that she would have to be kept in observation for some days after which she can be taken home. the doctor leaves after sanam thanks him. she enters the ward and is distraught to see dilshad, bedridden and unconscious. She remembers her time with dilshad and gets emotional. she takes her hand and starts crying. tanveer comes and places a hand on her shoulder. Sanam thanks profusely for having saved dilshad’s life. tanveer says that she cant let her family member be grieved like this. sanam says that she wont ever be able to repay back the debt. tanveer says to sanam that she can give her an option, to repay back the debt of the favour that she did to her, in this life itself. Sanam desperately asks whats the way out, as she would do anything, for someone who saved dilshad’s life. Tanveer asks her to think as she may ask anything. sanam swears on dilshgad that her wish would be sanam’s command as she cant ever do anything that would repay back the debt that tanveer has on her.tanveer tells her to marry her son, and she is shocked, but she is apalled when she mentions that she wants sanam to marry ahil. sanam is shocked.

sanam walks distraughtedly in the lobby unable to think of where life has placed her at crossroads, as she remembers tanveer’s demand. she is unaware of her surrounds as she isnt able to believe that this is happening to her. She asks god what kind of an examination thisis, and decides to call haya, but doesnt get through. she thinsk maybe haya isnt back yet from the function. She remembers her promise to tanveer and resignedly sits on the sofa not knowing what to do. Sanam finds tanveer coming to her, and is tensed. tanveer asks if she has thought enough, as she knows that this is very difficult for her, and any other girl, to agree to marriage at such short notice. She says that she knows that she doesnt get along with ahil at all. tanveer says that she is helpless, as she cant let ahil marry nida and spoil his life. she says that she is doing all this to save her house, and she doesnt have any other option and that its only sanam who can save their house from being destroyed. sanam is overwhelmed. sanam tells tanveer that marriages are meant for life. tanveer says that what if this marriage isnt for life and is just for some time. sanam is surprised. She says that she is asking sanam for just 3 months for her life, as in that time, ahil would inherit all the property and she can divorce ahil after 3 months, if she feels so. sanam is shocked. tanveer says that this marriage isnt for life, just for 3 months and reminds sanam of her promise. she asks sanam if she can give 3 months of her life. Sanam is distraught, as she remembers ahil’s initial tortures and taunts to her. sanam finally tells tanveer that she apologises profusely but she doesnt think that this can happen. tanveer is shocked. The screen freezes on her face.

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