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I do Tuesday 15th June 2022 Zee World updates

Written by TALIBAN

On I do 15th June 2022: I do 15 June 2022, The episode starts off with Sanam saying that there is no lack of servants in this world and that if she wasn’t here then someone else would have taken my spot. Ahil then immediately turns around and grabs on to Sanam and says how do you know that you not being here makes no difference for me and that you aren’t a servant for me. Ahil ask you want to know what I am for you, but in fact Ahil asks Sanam that what are you in my life? He goes on to say that everyday when he looks into her eye he doesn’t understand anything. He ask Sanam why? Ahil tells Sanam that you are an idiot and goes on to say that he loves her, but immediately stops as soon as he sees the ring on his finger. Ahil remembers that he is engaged to Nida.

Ahil pushes Sanam away and walks out. Sanam follows Ahil all the way outside and tell him to at least listen to her. Sanam says that she can take care of herself and that she can also go home on her own. Ahil then drives away. Sanam then says that first he saves her like an hero and then leaves her alone in this place. Sanam cries a little but then Rehaan places his hand on her. Sanam thanks God for sending Rehaan. Sanam says she was scared and tells Rehaan what happened.

Haya is cleaning the house while the doorbell rings. Munisa answers the door and there is a army officer who came to invite Rahaat to a event. Munisa takes the invitation and says she will give it to him. The army officer then asks to meet Rahaat, but Munisa says you can’t as he isn’t here right now. Haya wonders why Munisa lied. The army officer leaves and then Munisa crumbles up the invitation and throws it in the trash. Haya goes to pick it up from the trash and Munisa looks on. Munisa then tells her that you think you know Rahaat better than me. He will never go to any function. Munisa then takes the invitation again from Haya and crumbles it and throws it in the trash can.

Ahil is driving around the city at night and is questioning the fact that he is engaged to Nida, but why can’t he accept this fact. Ahil finally pulls over and then questions himself. If he is going to marry Nida then why doesn’t he have any feelings in his heart for her. He closes his eyes and has flashback of Sanam playing in the playground at the farmhouse with the kids.

Rehaan and Sanam are sitting on the stairs at farmhouse. Rehaan says good thing Ahil reached you on time otherwise what would have happened. Sanam tells Rehaan that she is okay and to stop worrying. Rehaan doesn’t believe this and Sanam hugs Rehaan to assure him that she is alright. Ahil from far away looks at Sanam and Rehaan hugging. He is shocked to see this.

Nida is in her room. Azhar’s parents come in to her room and talk to Nida to assure her that they are on her side. They tell Nida that be careful of Tanveer as she is very clever and has her eyes all over the house. Azhar’s father then sneezes which scares Nida and causes her nail polish to drop on her feet. She gets angry and goes in to the restroom to clean up. Tanveer then knocks on the door. Azhar’s father then hides behind the sofa and Azhar’s mother stands straight while she looks worried. Tanveer then goes on to talking saying that I know that you are upset that Ahil sent you home alone and that he shouldn’t have sent you home like that. After the Nikhaa don’t worry everything will be alright. Tanveer then asks Nida not to be angry at her but to talk to her at least and extends her arm out. Nida comes out of the restroom and says “Ami”. Nida tells Tanveer that no one else was here. Tanveer then tells Nida that do not wait up for Ahil to eat dinner as she doesn’t know when he would return. Tanveer then leaves.

Haya is in Rahaat’s room putting his army uniform on his bed. Rahaat then walks in and ask Haya what is she doing with his uniform. Haya then hands him the invitation. Rahaat reads it and then throws it back on to his bed and tells Haya that he cannot go as the army was something of his past life and that it cannot be part of his current life. Haya refuses to believe that and then tells Rahaat that he is an excellent officer. Rahaat then tells Haya that his previous lover was taking her last breaths and was calling out his name and he couldn’t save her at all. Rahaat then tells that it is the duty of an army officer to save people and that if he couldn’t save his own wife how can he be part of the army.

Sanam and Rehaan finish hugging as Ahil is looking at them. Rehaan finally turnaround and sees Ahil waiting. Sanam looks at Ahil and has a shocked look on her face. Ahil crunches his knuckles together into a fist without letting others know.

Haya is inside her room tying up a yarn. She notices a paper that was slid under her door. She picks it up and it says “the function only allows couple. Will you be my partner”. Haya then opens her door and sees Rahaat standing on the other side of the hall by his room. Haya then talks to herself that she will definitely go with him.

Latif is offering Nida some breakfast, but Nida is refusing to eat anything. Latif tells Nida that Tanveer has instructed him to feed Nida something. Nida says that will Tanveer decide everything what I have to do now? Nida says that Tanveer’s words may be important to you guys, but not for her as she is to be this house’s daughter-in-law and she will do what she wants to do. Tanveer hears this and is shocked. Tanveer tell Nida not to worry as her Nikhaa is tomorrow. Nida replies back to Tanveer that she has a reason to worry that her husband to be has left her alone and hasn’t come back for the night. She has no idea where he is, what he is doing, or whom he is with. Nida then goes on saying that you don’t have any good news for me and even insults Tanveer saying that even if something happens you wouldn’t be able to see anything that is happening. Tanveer then gets a little angry but controls her temper. Azhar comes to tell Tanveer that Ahil has arrived. Ahil walks in to the house with a very sad and depressing look and right after that comes Rehaan and Sanam.

Tanveer asks Ahil where was he all day and Nida then interrupts Tanveer to hug Ahil which shocks Sanam a little and makes Tanveer angry. Nida tells Ahil that she had to come home using public transportation. Rehaan tells everyone that if Ahil hadn’t come back to look for Sanam then she wouldn’t be hear. Rehaan explains that she was stuck in the washing machine and couldn’t get out. Tanveer is shocked and asks how did this happen. Asma asks Sanam how she is? Nida then tells Asma that not to worry that these kind of things happen to servants. Nida then tells Sanam to get back to work. Sanam then replies back that for all the remaining function she will put all her hearts work in to it. Sanam then walks away and bumps her arms on to Ahil. It makes Ahil look at her even more.

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