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I Do Tuesday 15th February 2022

On I Do Tuesday 15th February 2022: I Do Tuesday 15 February 2022, Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
Zoya is very angry seeing this. Tanveer says that its bad luck for the bride’s veil to be on someone else before the marriage. Zoya asks her to shut up, and taking the dupatta, she asks tanveer to leave as she has to get ready for her marriage. Zoya asks her to shut up.

Meanwhile, dilshad again coaxes asad to profess his love to zoya. Asad remembers their conversation on the roof. He says that he thinks that she knows. dilshad is upset that he still hasnt confessed. Dilshad corners him, and asks if he said I LOVE YOU, and asad says no. He says that he cant meet her, then how to convey. dilshad says that she doesnt know why the television was invented if not for this. Asad hesitatingly goes, while dilshad wishes him luck.

Tanveer says that she should get used to taking what she has already used, just like her husband, which she would use before giving to her. Tanveer says that she would celebrate the wedding night with him. Asad calls up zoya, and she talks in front of tanveer. asad says that he wants to tell her something, that he has wanted to for a long time. Zoya asks why is she hurrying as they have their whole life ahead of themselves, and that she would listen to what he has to say, after marriage when only they would be alone. She cancels the phone. She asks tanveer to get out, so that she can be ready. tanveer leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Shirin and badi bi are talking about how they werent allowed to go and meet razia, in the hospital. Badi bi says that its the ICU, and noone is aloowed when they are conducting tests, and its best that way only. shirin agrees and goes to her room. Badi bi smilingly thinks that razia is getting the treatment that she deserves, and it would surely get her brains right.

Rashid remembers Dilshad’s bet, and the way she disinvited them. He wonders if he deserves to go. Badi bi comes and tries to tell him, that since he’s the father, its his right to be there. He says that he has lost this right long back, and he doesnt want any sadness to engulf asad in this moment of happiness. Badi bi says that asad might also be thinking this, but many years down the line, both he and asad would regret that they werent with each other, on this day. She says that she has full faith that dilshad wont stop him fropm going. Rashid agrees to go, and badi bi is happy. shirin, hearing this, from a distance, is upset.

Scene 3:
Location: A ward in mental hospital
Razia is going mad amidst mad people, in the mental hospital. Razia is very frustrated, and she tries to ward them off, while innocently trying to claim that she isnt mad. The nurse says that everybody thinks this, and that she wont ever leave here. As the nurses go, razia keeps threatening and wailing severely, that she doesnt know who is she talking to, and that she should be taken out from here. Razia resolves in the name of humaira, that she would destroy badi bi. The mad people again begin to disturb her. she takes off her wig and gives it to a mad person, and is frustratedly thinking of a way out.

Scene 4:
Location: Asad’s residence
Whiel dilshad is going through the preparations, she instructs the people, to switch on the lights that went off. As aasd comes dressed, he forcibly sends off dilshad to relax and get dressed herself. As asad comes out, she sees zoya dressed in the dupatta, and fully dressed, and donning jeans underneath, her wedding lehenga. As zoya tries to duck so as not to be seen and asks him to go, asad asks which kind of a bride wears jeans under her bridal wear. She says that she doesnt wear what kind of bride wears what, but she would as she’s comfy and asks him to leave. He says that he’s going, and asks him to go also. as they cross, she inadvertently falls into his arms.(MITWA MOMENT) She says that its bad luck to see him. He says that then she should drop her habit of falling into his arms. Zoya says that these collisions have led them to the love, that has resulted in marriage. She reminds him that dilshad says its bad luck if they see each other. He holds his hand, and turning towards her, says that nothing would be wrong now, as nothing not even fate can come in between them. Zoya shyly leaves.

Asad comes in his room, and finds ayan in the window. ayan says in a poetic manner:
Chadta hai tawa jispar, chulha woh garam hai,
Aaj dulhan se jyada dulhe mein sharam hai..!!!
Asad asks why the haste in his engagement. Ayan changes the topic and praises the preparations. He asks asad if he’s serious about this marriage. Before he can answer, they find the girls too, coming in through the window, to congratulate him on the marriage. Asad tells humaira that she’s very courageous to be marrying ayan, who is so difficult to control. they tease him about zoya, and the way she mistreats him. Asad asks who told them. They look at ayan, and he starts giving clarifications to asad that he didnt. Ayan asks asad to hurry up, as zoya is in the habit of running away. Nikhat says that noone can run away from a groom like asad. As dilshad knocks on asad’s door, asad and the others are tensed. He opens up, and says that she should go and he would come. Dilshad is surprised to find ayan and the girls there. She curtly wishes them, and says that she would leave, and that he can come with his brothers and sisters. She smiles at them, relieving them too.

Scene 5:
Location: Mental Hospital
Razia is given electric shocks, and she is distraught, and asks the nurses to let go of her, for God’s sakes. As thre nurses leave, razia is shocked by tanveer’s presence beside the bed. razia calls her tanveer, which surprises her, as she’s used to being addressed as Billo Rani. Razia, in the mental hospital, asks tanveer to take her out from here somehow. Tanveer says that she would take her from there, and she has made plans for that too, but she too would have to do something for her in return. Razia asks what is it. Tanveer smirks while razia is puzzled. Tanveer asks her not to be scared, as its in her favour too, as she knows her well, that she wont do anything without expecting a favour. tanveer asks her to come along as she has to destroy someone’s happiness, and achieve her mission. The screen freezes on tanveer’s evil face.

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