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I do Thursday 3rd June 2022 Zee World updates

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On I do Thursday 3rd June 2022 Zee World updates: I do Thursday 3 June 2022 Zee World updates, The Episode starts with Malhar telling Trilok to become donor and tells that he will do anything. Trilok asks him to send Kalyani to his house tomorrow. Malhar hits him angrily and warns him not come infront of him, says your life is in danger. Trilok says Moksh’s life is in danger for now. Malhar says I am enough for you and you can’t harm my son. Trilok asks him to keep his mind calm and go home. He says when Kalyani comes to know about her abortion, you have to face her. He asks Malhar if he is shock and tells that he has done a research. Malhar says your death is in my hands. He goes out of the wresting ring. Trilok smiles. Aaya Police plays….Malhar walks out.

At the hospital, Anupriya and Sarthak are in the hospital with Kalyani. Sarthak asks Malhar if Trilok Marathe is ready to become the donor. Malhar says I couldn’t talk to him today, will talk to him tomorrow morning. He asks Anupriya if everything is fine. Anupriya tells that Doctor said that Kalyani will get consciousness by morning. Malhar keeps his hand on her head and cries. He asks them not to tell Kalyani about her abortion, says I will tell her. Anupriya says how she will felt when she comes to know that her baby is aborted. Kalyani gains semi-consciousness and calls Malhar ji. She asks him to take care of their baby, nothing shall happen to baby. Malhar cries badly. Kalyani says my Malhar ji never break my promise. Malhar cries. He asks them to go home and says I will be with Kalyani. Anupriya says I feel that you shall go home as Maa ji can’t handle Moksh alone. Sarthak tells that Swara got mentally unstable and asks him to go home. Malhar hopes that Kalyani understands his helplessness and forgive him. He kisses on her forehead and calls someone, asking to get information of someone. Trilok is in the car and tells that until Kalyani comes to me….Malhar talks to Moksh and apologizes to him. He asks can you imagine your life without your Aai. Moksh nods no. Malhar tells that he will find a way, Trilok is not a good guy, tells that how to tell Kalyani that her baby is aborted.

Kalyani recalls Atharv telling her that both she and her baby will die. She gains consciousness and asks them if her baby is fine. They say yes. Nurse is about to tell her, but Sarthak assures her that her baby is fine. Kalyani tells that she is stupid and says when Malhar ji promised her, then her baby will be fine. Peon comes there and gives bouquet to her. Kalyani says my Malhar ji does something romantic sometimes. She gets the note and asks them to close their eyes, as she will blush and it will be awkward for them. She opens the letters and starts reading..it is written that he felt sad to know that she has aborted her baby, asks her to stay strong and that he will not let anything happen to Moksh. Kalyani cries and asks who is this Trilok? She asks them why Malhar ji broke the promise? Anupriya says he didn’t do anything wrong. Kalyani cries and goes out.

Malhar comes there and asks why did you step down the bed. Kalyani pushes him and asks why did you betray me? She says you have killed our baby, knowing he was important for Moksh. Malhar says I was helpless. Kalyani says you have promised me. Malhar asks her to listen. Kalyani says nothing is left now. She asks if he will keep up his promise this way. Malhar shouts and tells her that he can do anything to save her life. Kalyani asks him if he forgot that she was carrying the baby for Moksh, says he can die. Malhar saves her when the box falls down on her. He says Moksh is my son also, I will save him. Kalyani says I don’t trust you, now our ways are different. She says today you have broken your promise and our relation. She says she will take care of her son and will bring donor for him without his help. Malhar tries to stop her. She locks him in the storeroom of the hospital and goes out. Sarthak opens the door. Malhar comes out and asks who told Kalyani? Sarthak says we didn’t tell her. Trilok Marathe sent a letter to Kalyani, in which he asked her to meet him. He asks how did Trilok comes to know about her abortion. Kalyani comes to Trilok’s house. The Servants shout and get scared seeing her.

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